Prosper Everyday Review from Non Affiliate!

prosper everyday reviewI’ve recently seen a lot of people on the Facebook groups hyping about this opportunity.

So this led me to do some research of it.

Now, I am not promoting this opportunity but I have found out a lot of information about it.

And you can learn that yourself in my Prosper Everyday Review below.

Learn about the products, compensation plan and much more.

And figure out if this is the right thing for you or not.

You can also see my video review below as well:

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The Prosper Everyday web domain,, was registered on July 18, 2015. Their alternate domain,, was registered on September 16, 2015. Both domains have their registration set to private.

Some digging turned up Stephen Seppinni as the Founder and CEO of Prosper Everyday.

Within the terms and conditions of Prosper Everyday, we find this:

“This website is operated by Digital Door, LLC, doing business as Prosper Everyday.”

Stephen Seppinni lists himself as the Founder and CEO of Digital Door LLC on his Facebook profile.

Back in 2012, Seppinni launched an MLM opportunity called Everyone Prosper. In 2014, Seppinni also launched Malibu Mastermind, which failed as an investment scheme.

What Are The Prosper Everyday Products?

Up for offer with Prosper Everyday is a variety of internet marketing digital products, along with some three-day courses.

  • Money Now – $100 – “The training will show you numerous proven ways to make thousands of dollars EVERY month.”
  • Purpose, Passion and Profits – $500 – “exclusive marketing training”
  • Membership Millions – $2,500 – “In this video based training you’ll learn how to successfully start and grow your own membership site”
  • Video Marketing Mastery – $5,000 – Video marketing training course over 3 days
  • Multi-Millionarie Mastery – $12,000 – “During the course of 3 days you’re guided from start up phase to how to grow your business and then multiple exit strategies”

I did spot one video on the Prosper Everyday site that still had old Malibu Mastermind logos on it, which indicates at least some of the materials have just been recycled.

prosper everyday scam

What About The Compensation Plan?

The MLM portion of the business is associated with affiliate recruitment, while the non-MLM commissions are based on sales.

prosper everyday compensation plan

Retail Commissions

Prosper Everyday pays out a 50% commission on all retail products that are sold to non-affiliates.

Straight-Line Cycler

In a straight-line cycler, an affiliate is required to purchase positions within a queue, and when enough subsequent positions have been purchased, a commissions is paid out.

These cycle positions cost $100, and an affiliate must then generate an additional two other $100 position sales.

As soon as these three positions are filled (which includes the affiliate purchase), 10 subsequent positions must be filled. At that time, and affiliate is paid a commission of $500.

Power Profit Lines

A residual commission is paid out using a “Power Profit Line.”

Prosper Everyday utilizes a 1-up commission using a unilevel compensation structure.

In a unilevel compensation structure, you are placed at the top of your unilevel team.

Any affiliates that you directly recruit are placed below you on level 1 of your unilevel team. Any affiliates recruited by members on your Level 2 are placed on Level 3, and so on.

Commission payouts, which are tied to the purchase of Prosper Everyday products, are $500, $2,000, $3,000 and $5,000.

This 1-up compensation plan pays an affiliate between $500 and $5,000 on every second, fourth and sixth commission passed through the upline.

Recruited affiliates are also required to pass up their second, fourth and sixth commissions, and their affiliates must follow the same pattern.

Once the sixth commission has been passed up, every fifth commission is then passed up, and this continues for the duration of the affiliate’s membership.

Also, each commission level must be qualified for separately, which means that an affiliate must either purchase each product, or make their three sales. If an affiliate does not purchase the product in order to qualify, the three commissions earned on the first three sales are passed up to the affiliate that recruited them.

How Much To Join Prosper Everyday?

An affiliate membership with Prosper Everyday is $39 per year.

Any Truth To The Prosper Everyday Scam Rumors?

Some people will undoubtedly say that there is a Prosper Everyday Scam going on.

But is this true?

Is Prosper Everyday legit or a scam?

Well, to be honest, it absolutely is not a scam.

However, I don’t recommend it because of flaws that it has (See the next few sections of this review).

If you do really want to make money in this industry (with this or something else), learn how to market properly.

And you can do that from my “free training below”

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And My Prosper Everyday Review Conclusion!

The real issue I have with Prosper Everyday is that the retail sales portion really seems to be something tossed together at the end.

In this pay-to-play environment, the retail sales has nothing to do with the MLM side of things. And even if the retail sales were more fully included in the compensation plan, why would anyone, besides a Prosper Everyday affiliate, would pay that kind of markup on a product?

The actual number of affiliates who qualify by passing up three sales is negligible, and nearly all of the qualifications are qualified by self-purchase.

That essentially makes this a product-based pyramid scheme, where you get paid to recruit affiliates, then charge them repeatedly for the products in the system. And it very much reminded me of Kairos Technologies which I looked at last year – another scheme where it’s just affiliates recruiting affiliates.

While it does sort of comply, Prosper Everyday is a very thinly veiled scheme.

As with all of these types of scheme, once new affiliate recruitment dries up, so does the money.

Malibu Mastermind, Seppinni’s other similar compensation plan with junk products, didn’t survive very long past launch. I would expect the same in this case.

Because of some of the crucial flaws, I don’t recommend promoting Prosper Everyday.

However, if you promote this (or anything), you really need to know how to generate targeted traffic and leads.

And so (whatever you do), I recommend learning that.

My free training series will help you with this.

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Hopefully this has been more helpful than other prosper everyday reviews out there. I’ve tried to give info on the comp plan, affiliate scheme and products.

For this or any other program, it’s down to your ability to generate traffic and then convert at a high rate.

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