QuiAri Review – Legit Or Scam?

QuiAri ReviewHave you been paying attention to all of the hype for QuiAri?

If you told me someone had pitched the opportunity to you lately, this wouldn’t surprise me. It’s making all the rounds on social media lately.

Next, I want to tell you that I am neither an affiliate or distributor for QuiAri – I want to give you an unbiased opinion.

Is it a scam? Can you trust QuiAri?

Read all about it in my QuiAri review so you can learn the full truth!

Does it deliver on the promises in the marketing materials?

Let me explain in my review of QuiAri.

Let’s carry on.

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What Can You Tell Me About QuiAri?

In this review, I’m taking a look at an MLM opportunity by the name of “QuiAri.”

QuiAri is based in the niche of nutritional supplements and is running its operations out of Florida in the United States. Furthermore, the company’s CEO and Founder is that of Bob Reina.

If that name sounds familiar to you, that’s because QuiAri is not Bob’s first rodeo in the MLM space.

Bob Reina originally made an appearance as the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 and focused on selling “communication packages” for a healthy $1499. Talk Fusion was ultimately found to be a recruitment-focused opportunity and was hit with a class-action lawsuit in 2015 for its business practices. Per the lawsuit:

“The majority of Talk Fusion’s products are individually available for free (or at much lower monthly rates than Talk Fusion) on the Internet, through commonplace programs such as Skype, YouTube, and Google.

The supposed path to financial prosperity through the Talk Fusion Opportunity is not based on selling videoconferencing technology.

Because Talk Fusion’s prices and signup fees are extraordinarily high, retail sales are not feasibly profitable.

With their “business opportunity” inherently based on Associates endlessly pursuing to recruit new Associates — Talk Fusion does little to encourage or reward retail sales.

Indeed, the compensation paid to Associates is almost altogether unrelated to retail sales.”

The lawsuit was dismissed in 2017, and to this day, it’s unclear why this happened. Talk Fusion continues to be in business in 2019, but looking at Alexa traffic rankings, the only big source of traffic comes from Indonesia as it accounts for 23% of all the visitors to the Talk Fusion website.

With Talk Fusion appearing to be on its last legs and not having much of a worldwide presence, Bob has returned with QuiAri.

QuiAri Scam

Does QuiAri Offer Any Products?

On the product line side of things, QuiAri promotes a variety of nutritional supplements. All of the supplements being sold contain the flagship ingredient of the maqui berry.

Per the QuiAri website:

“We searched far and wide for the world’s next breakthrough in health and wellness, and we found it!

Deep in the pristine Patagonian region of Chile, the maqui berry has a nutritional profile second to none.

It delivers up to 5 times more antioxidant power than any other previously known superfruit.”

There are two supplements being sold, including the QuiAri Shake and QuiAri Energy. The former costs $80 for 28 servings while the latter retails for $45 for 60 tablets.

Alternatively, you can buy QuiAri’s Kickstarter Combo Pack and get both supplements for $125.

What Kind Of Compensation Plan Does QuiAri Have?

Shifting gears to talk about the compensation plan, this pretty much revolves around affiliates selling nutritional supplements to retail customers and recruiting more people into the company as other affiliates.

On the retail side of things, QuiAri affiliates get a $25 commission for each Kickstart Combo Pack they sell. In other words, you get $25 for selling someone on a $125 nutritional supplement pack.

Recruitment commissions are where the real money lies.

When you recruit a Starter Pack affiliate, you get a commission of $50. Manage to recruit a Lifestyle Pack affiliate, and you’ll get a $100 commission.

Residual commissions exist, too, and these are paid using a binary system.

What Is The Cost Of Membership With QuiAri?

If you want to join QuiAri, the base affiliate membership fee is $25/year.

The Starter Pack mentioned above is $250, whereas the Lifestyle Pack sets you back $500. The only difference between these two packs are the QuiAri products that come with the, (and the commission potential for whoever is doing the recruiting).

Should I Be Worried About A QuiAri Scam?

Every business opportunity on the web has good reviews and bad reviews – so is QuiAri really a scam?

Is there a QuiAri scam or is this business legit?

If I am being honest, I’d say it’s not a scam, but there are some important points to be aware of.

Learning the business weaknesses and having a strong marketing strategy is what will make you successful.

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Conclusion for QuiAri

As you can see, QuiAri is pretty much just another recruitment opportunity from Ben Reina.

The nutritional supplements do exist and can be used for retail sales, but the real money-making comes from affiliate recruitment.

Opportunities like this can be quite risky, but if you have the desire to do this sort of work and are OK with the risks involved, QuiAri could be worth a look. It’s not the cheapest recruitment company to get started with, but if you get enough people to join, it’s possible to earn some decent money here.

I hope you are finding the information in my QuiAri Review helpful?

Some of the other reviews I saw had very little details, so I am hoping I gave you everything you need here.

If you’re wanting to become a member of QuiAri, make sure you take the time to develop a marketing strategy.

And, my FREE training below will help you do that and make money!

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