R2B Coin Gets Hit With Cease And Desist

R2B Coin ReviewIf you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll notice that R2B Coin has been getting a lot of hype.

Because it’s new, it’s getting a lot of buzz and if you’re in an online business, I am sure someone will push it on you at some point.

It’s especially popular on social media at the moment.

I do want to let you know that I am NOT affiliated with R2B Coin as a member or distributor.

My goal is to gather all the facts in one place for you so you can do your research – and it’s all here in my R2B Coin Review.

Is R2B Coin a legit business, or is it a complete scam?

Will I be able to build a business with it?

I tell you all about it in my Review of R2B Coin.

Read below to find out more.

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What Is R2B Coin?

Texas in the United States has recently been aggressive with targeting illegal MLM opportunities that pop up, and the latest one to be hit with its wrath is R2B Coin.

On January 24, 2018, Texas issued a cease and desist to the company. R2B Coin is reportedly based out of Hong Kong (at least according to its website), and its two founders are David Wu and Eddie Lo.

According to the Texas Securities Board, “the photograph used to depict Eddie Lo is the same photograph used to depict an individual named George Curry elsewhere on the R2B Coin website.”

In addition to this, the R2B website state that it is “managed by Williams Corporation Limited, an entity purportedly domiciled in Hong Kong and Dubai.”

Williams Corporation Limited appears to be a “licensed global firm”, a “licensed and brokered” operation, in addition to a “licensed securities dealer.”

Commenting on this, the Texas Securities Board says:

“These representations not withstanding, Williams Corporation has not been registered with the State Securities Board or with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority…at any time material hereto.”

R2B Coin Scam

For the record, there’s no indication that R2B Coin or any of its affiliates are legally authorized to offer securities in Texas or anywhere else in the United States.

I recently revised R2B Coin, and when doing so, concluded that it was yet another Ponzi scheme trying to cash in on the popular theme of offering an ICO.

Essentially, R2B is trying to recruit people to join, invest money into worthless points, and then get other people to do the same thing. It’s a business model that’s popped up a lot in the MLM space lately, and it’s one that usually results with most all affiliates losing out.

The Texas Securities Board conducted an internal investigation into R2B Coin, and when doing so found that the opportunity is being promoted to potential affiliate through “USA conference calls.”

This has resulted in the Texas Securities Board claiming R2B Coin of fraud, with some of the specific claims reading as follows:

  • Failing to disclose its assets, liabilities and other financial information necessary for investors to assess the risks associated with purchasing r2b coins (ie. proof of external ROI revenue generation)
  • Failing to disclose the identity and qualifications of its principles
  • Not disclosing the basis R2B Coin uses to set the price of R2B coin
  • Not disclosing the risk that any cryptocurrency exchanges or buyers and sellers on the free market may later set a price that is different from the price set by R2B Coin

Despite this, R2B Coin continues to claim that its points/coins are perfectly safe and that “if you study the history, only goes one way, and that’s up. We’re only going up. We never go down in value.”

With this cease and desist from Texas now issues, R2B Coin officially has 31 days in which it can respond to this. Should it fail to do so, the order will become “final and non-appealable.”

If any affiliates choose to keep promoting R2B Coin in Texas, they stand the chance to be hit with a fine of $5000 and up to two years in prison.

USI-Tech and BitConnect are two other similar opportunities that the Texas Securities Board has recently gone after, and R2B Coin likely won’t be the last.


Any Truth To The R2B Coin Rumours?

Any time a new business opportunity launches, you will always hear rumours about them being scams – so is R2B Coin a scam?

From reading above, you might already be thinking R2B Coin is a scam.

So, is it?

Is there a R2B Coin scam, or is it legit?

To be honest, R2B Coin isn’t a complete scam.

However, there are some red flags to be worried about, which I discuss in the conclusion.

See my tips below for helping to make money.

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And Now, My R2B Coin Conclusion


I hope you have gained value from my R2B Coin Review.

I have put all the details you need to know here, because all other reviews of R2B Coin have been fairly limited with details.

If you do decide to proceed with R2B Coin or any business, you’ll find my free training helpful – I will show you how to make money online.

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