Rapid Growth Online Marketing Review – Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Rapid Growth Online Marketing ReviewHas someone tried to pitch you the Rapid Growth Online Marketing opportunity lately?

Rapid Growth Online Marketing is a really popular and new opportunity that is making it’s rounds on social media among network marketers.

Now, first off, let me make it clear I am NOT promoting this business opportunity as an affiliate or distributor.

I have all the facts about this business in my Rapid Growth Online Marketing review so you can learn the full truth about it!

Is Rapid Growth Online Marketing a scam?

Can you make an honest business with Rapid Growth Online Marketing?

Let me show you in my review of Rapid Growth Online Marketing.

Read on for all the details.

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Rapid Growth Online Marketing – What Is It??

The latest company getting my full review treatment goes by the name of Rapid Growth Online Marketing, and as the story goes with many of these MLM setups, you won’t find any background information present anywhere on the Rapid Growth Online Marketing website.

Rapid Growth Online Marketing’s domain name (rapidgrowthonline.net) was first registered on March 10 of this year (2017), the owner is listed as Kevin Campbell, and there’s also an address listed in London in the United Kingdom.

Following even more research into this matter, I was able to learn that the address being used with the domain registration is actually being used by a multitude of other businesses.

In addition to this, there’s also not a lot of information to be found on Kevin Campbell outside of his involvement with Rapid Growth Online Marketing.

Along with this information, it’s also worth noting that there is a certificate for, “RapidGrowth Online Marketing” on the company’s website. However, the certificate that’s shown is extremely blurry and looks fishy to say the least.

The certificate indicates that it was issued to someone by the name of Mary Grace Oloya Cezar on the date of March 8, 2017, and it was done so by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry.

After doing a search through the DTI website, it became clear right away that the certificate being shown here is completely false. There’s no listing for Rapid Growth Online Marketing to be found, and this also means that it’s still unclear as to who Mary Cezar is and how she’s involved with the company.

Rapid Growth Online Marketing appears to target a demographic in the Philippines, and seeing as how the “contact us” page for the company’s site shows an address in Cavite, Philippines, it’s quite likely that the UK info provided with the domain registration is false as well.

Rapid Growth Online Marketing Scam

The Product Line For Rapid Growth Online Marketing

When it comes to Rapid Growth Online Marketing’s product line, the main thing that’s being sold is something described as a, “mangosteen fruits extract” supplement.

The product is described in more detail in the following manner:

“Mangosteen has been a part of the traditional medicine for a long time. The health benefits of mangosteen are known since 18th century and it has been proven that these benefits are not just mythical.”

If you want to buy a single bottle of these supplements (of which there are 60 capsules in it), you’ll need to shell over 1600 PHP (equivalent top $31.75 USD).

Although Rapid Growth Online Marketing does give this pricing information, it appears that you can’t actually purchase it as a retail customer.

What Should I Know About The Compensation Plan?

Moving along to the compensation plan, Rapid Growth Online Marketing affiliates can get involved with ROI plans and something called, “group commissions” that’s paid to them in the form of a 3×10 matrix.

ROI Plans

Starting out with the ROI plans, affiliates can invest as much as 3 million PHP (equal to $59,541 USD) in order to get an ROI that’s advertised to be as much as 4.08 million PHP (or$80,976 USD) after a total of 12 months have passed.

There are numerous investment levels to choose from, and as you’d find with most opportunities along these lines, choosing to invest more will allow you to earn more through the offered ROI.

Residual Commissions

As for the 3×10 matrix commissions, these break down to Rapid Growth Online Marketing’s way of paying out residual rates.

Affiliates can earn on as many as 10 levels of recruitment, with lower levels (e.g. 1, 2, 3) paying the most when compared to the higher levels.

How Do I Join Rapid Growth Online Marketing?

Joining Rapid Growth Online Marketing requires you to pay an affiliate membership fee, but unfortunately the company does not indicate the cost or price of this fee at the time of writing this review.

However, what we do know is that you’ll need to invest between 500,000 PHP and 3,000,000 PHP if you’d like to have a chance to earn the ROI that’s being offered (between $9,923 and $59,541 USD respectively).

Is Rapid Growth Online Marketing Really A Scam?

Have you been hearing that Rapid Growth Online Marketing is a scam?

Have you heard Rapid Growth Online Marketing is legit?

It can be hard to tell with so many different people telling you different things.

So, what’s the truth – is Rapid Growth Online Marketing a scam or is it a good business?

I would say it’s not really a scam. There are a few things you should be aware of before joining.

The best way to be successful is to be prepared going in, and have a plan to market yourself.

If you want help marketing and making money, see below.

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Conclusion for Rapid Growth Online Marketing

In the case of Rapid Growth Online Marketing, we’ve got an MLM entity that’s created a product that’s entirely irrelevant in order to push a compensation plan that’s littered with lies and fraud.

The supplement that’s being advertised isn’t actually sold as a regular retail product, and is used instead as a way to get people to join as an affiliate and invest a giant lump of money to get an advertised ROI.

Here’s the big problem with that.

This means that the only money coming into Rapid Growth Online Marketing is coming from affiliate investments.

Investments being used to pay ROIs owed to other members results in a Ponzi scheme, and in the case of Rapid Growth Online Marketing, that’s exactly what we’re dealing with.

The admin(s) behind the company will likely profit, but everyone else will be left to lose out.

I hope you got all the details you needed to make an informed decision in this Rapid Growth Online Marketing Review.

Bears of anyone trying to sell you something in their review articles.

If you do want to proceed with Rapid Growth Online Marketing, make sure you know how to market properly.

My FREE training below will help you.

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