RIIAB Feeder Matrix Review – Learn the truth!

riiab feeder matrix reviewNormally, when I get pitched the latest business opportunity (or system), it’s through Facebook.

But the other day, after I sent out some “free training” to my email list, I got a response which was a blatant pitch – an unsolicited link.

So I did my usual thing of researching the opportunity in question.

And the opportunity/system in question is RIIAB Feeder Matrix.

Now, I am NOT promoting this as an affiliate. This is my RIAAB Feeder Matrix review pulled together from the research I have been doing over the past few days.

So, you can learn the truth about it and make your own decision.

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What is RIIAB Feeder Matrix?

Residual Income In A Box (RIIAB) is owned by Randy Garrard and claims to be a downline builder.

riiab feeder matrix scamThe site shows many known disreputable MLM schemes touting the notion that through Residual Income In A Box, people will enroll in each of Randy Garrard’s downlines.

“The RIIAB Members work as a community to advertise or promote 1 website.

RIIAB then recommends multiple programs for the RIIAB members to join at a very small 1 time out of pocket expense per program”


Examples of such schemes advertised on RIIAB’s website are:

Randy Garrard partook as an affiliate in Paul Darby’s $28 gifting scheme as well, called YouGetPaidFast.

The Residual Income In A Box Feeder Matrix is a freshly debuted venture. The intention of the feeder is to garner new funds for affiliates to participate in on the many schemes Garrard lists on the RIIAB website.

One can now likely assume where this review will go…

But should you be curious as to the full review of the Residual Income In A Box Feeder Matrix MLM business opportunity, please continue…

The RIIAB Feeder Matrix Product Line

There are absolutely NO Retailable products or services with RIIAB.

Affiliates are only able to market RIIAB Feeder Matrix affiliate memberships themselves.

The RIIAB Feeder Matrix Compensation Plan

The RIIAB compensation plan pays existing affiliates to recruit new affiliates with a matrix-based compensation plan.

Commissions are tracked using three 2×3 matrices. Each Matrix functions as an independent cycler.

An affiliate is placed at the top of the matrix with a 2×3 matrix, thus having two positions directly under them (Level 1):

riiab feeder matrix compensation plan

The second level of the matrix is created by dividing each of the prior two positions into another two independent positions.

Third Level of the matrix divides positions from the second matrix level, thus totaling fourteen positions.

Affiliates are paid commission once all fourteen matrix positions are completed as seen below:

Phase 1 Matrix ($5.50)

  • pay $1 to unlock level 1/ paid two $1 payments ($2)
  • pay $1.50 to unlock level 2/ paid four $1.50 payments ($6)
  • pay $3 to unlock level 3/ paid eight $3 payments ($24)

Phase 2 Matrix ($57)

  • pay $12 to unlock level 1/ paid two $12 payments ($24)
  • pay $15 to unlock level 2/ paid four $15 payments ($60)
  • pay $30 to unlock level 3/ paid eight $30 payments ($240)

Phase 3 Matrix ($570)

  • pay $120 to unlock level 1/ paid two $120 payments ($240)
  • pay $150 to unlock level 2/ paid four $150 payments ($600)
  • pay $300 to unlock level 3/ paid eight $300 payments ($2400)

Joining RIIAB Feeder Matrix

There is no charge for RIIAB affiliate membership.

But, affiliates are required to buy $5.50 to $570 matrix positions in order to receive commissions and thereby actively partake in the MLM income opportunity.

Is it A Scam?

So, is RIIAB Feeder Matrix a Scam as many will suggest.

Well, this is quite tricky to answer.

I don’t agree (from an ethical level) because there are no proper products being sold.

However, I judge a scam as a situation where someone disappears with your money.

In this case, it’s just a shady business opportunity despite the plethora of RIIAB scam rumours you might hear about.

No, it’s not a scam but rather a business opportunity without much substance.

My RIIAB Feeder Matrix Conclusion

“Are you looking for the best Internet marketing opportunity? Look no further for RIIAB Feeder Matrix.

Earn more and more money over and over again by investing only $1!”

In light of the business models Randy Garrard makes a living in, one should not be shocked to learn that RIIAB Feeder Matrix is just a basic three-tier gifting scheme.

There are absolutely no products being marketed or sold for retail to any customers.

Rather, RIIAB affiliates pay between $5.50 to $570 to participate, which then enables them to receive payments from the affiliates they then recruit.

100% of the funds paid into the scheme are these initial $5.50 to $570 payments as again, no retail products are sold.

As with all cash gifting schemes, the very survival of the scheme depends on constant new recruitment of participants.

Once recruitment dies down along with it the influx of cash flow, so too dies the scheme.

Once recruitment of new affiliates and people buying in stops, the scheme collapses in on itself and it too stops completely.

The lingering funds in the stagnant matrix positions are collected by Randy Garrard.., and the business is closed.

Being that Garrard has likely experienced this himself several times in the schemes he has paid into, it is safe to assume he now knows precisely what he is doing.

Which is to say, he knows to take your money directly through RIIAB Feeder Matrix or after with one of the third-party schemes he will encourage you to join him under next time when he moves on.

If you do go and promote something like RIIAB Feeder Matrix, my best recommendation is that you learn how to market yourself online.

In fact, you should pick a better business opportunity that has proper products – see my training series and reach out for a recommendation.

Well, this is vital for any business opportunity (or any business for that matter).

And if you want help with positioning yourself online, feel free to grab my free training below:

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I wanted this RIIAB Feeder Review to be different than the other ones I saw out there. I saw quite a few unbiased affiliate reviews and they didn’t really give the substance of the program.

Bottom line is that any program such as this requires you to be able to market effectively. If you can do that, it might just work. However, it’s still unethical because there aren’t proper products.


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