Riway Review – But I’m Not Promoting It!

Riway ReviewHave you been noticing more and more hype for Riway lately?

This business is picking up a lot of steam, with people pitching it all over social media.

I want to tell you that I am NOT in any way affiliated with Riway.

I want to give you an unbiased opinion on Riway – is it a scam?

Is it legit?

Let me give you all the details in my Riway Review.

Will Riway deliver on all it’s promises?

Find out in my Review of Riway.

Let’s get going with the review!

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What Is The Riway Opportunity?

Taking a look at Riway, we’re dealing with an MLM opportunity that’s found itself within the niche of nutritional supplements.

Riway appears to be marketing itself mostly to the Asian market and notes that it has offices located throughout the following areas:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Japan

Lim Boon Hong is the CEO for Riway, and looking at his corporate bio on the Riway website, it reads as follows:

“With his keen business acumen and excellent management abilities, he continuously seeks to improve and insists on leading by example to establish Riway’s market leadership with a determined conviction as he sets his eyes on the global stage, so that everyone could have the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life of freedom.”

Following some additional research that I did on my own, it appears that Hong first launched Riway all the way back in 2008. Before that, Hong claims to have been an affiliate for Nu Skin.

Per one article that I found:

“the founder Dr Lim Boon Hong and his entourage (Claudia Ong and others) were mlm salespeople from Nuksin [sic], before this Enyouth, before Enyouth DW Group, before DW was Asayo.

They excel in pseudoscience health products such as biomagnetic products (matresses, bed pads) and such.

Plenty of youth people were taken in and cheated of their monies when they were in operation.

Their loved ones and families were not spared either as the target segment was naturally the new joiners in the MLM and their immediate family nexus.”

Riway Scam

What Can You Tell Me About The Riway Products?

In regards to the product line that Riway has to offer, the two flagship items include Puriter Placenta and Conscientious.

The Riway website doesn’t actually offer any specific details about Puriter Placenta and instead directs visitors to a YouTube video that is nothing more than a much of marketing mumbo-jumbo for the product. Nowhere in the video is it stated how exactly Riway works or how much it costs.

Thankfully, after finding a similar product on Amazon, I learned that it’s a type of anti-aging cream and made out of deer placenta from New Zealand.

As for Conscientious, Riway markets this as an “elusive elixir for the skin.”

Further copy on the Riway site reads as follows:

“Through years of extensive research and development, we have perfected the most exclusive and ultimate luxurious essence spray.

Each drop of CONSCIENTIOUS Essence is infused with potent high concentrations of the finest, purest and most botanical ingredients, directly from nature’s best onto the skin.

The ingredients work together synergistically to provide instant and revolutionary results which transforms the look of the skin.”

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What Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan?

When it comes to making money with Riway, this is done primarily through recruitment commissions.

After recruiting someone to join Riway, the amount you earn for your commission is dependent on how much the new recruit spends upon signing up and how much you spent on your own starting package when you joined. Bad problems with the plan though just like this program I looked at recently.

Residual commissions are also offered and handled using a binary system.

What Will It Cost To Join Riway

Want to join Riway for yourself? If so, you have four different starting packs to choose from that range in price from $375.68 all the way up to $2450.98.

Is Riway A Scam?

So, like with all business opportunities, you will hear things around the internet about there being a Riway scam or something like that.

And from what you have read, you may also wonder if this is legit or a complete scam.

So, what’s the truth?

Is there a Riway scam going on or is this legit?

Well, to be honest, Riway is not a scam or anything like that.

But there are some things to be aware of (see conclusion section).

That is how you will be successful.

See below for help with making money.

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My Riway Review Conclusion

Hopefully, you have found my Riway Review useful.

I wanted to give a lot of details because there have been other review of Riway which were a bit thin on the detail side.

No matter what happens, if you really want to succeed with any business, you have to learn how to market properly.

And, my training below will help you do that and make money!

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