Rush2Residual Review from Non Affiliate

rush2residual reviewIt really does surprise me at the number of business opportunities/money making systems launch per month and it’s difficult to keep track of them all!

And it’s also a huge shame that 99% of them do not work as advertised.

Now, you may have heard about this new one called Rush2Residual and you want to know if it’s any good or not.

Well, first of all, here is a warning.

Most reviews of Rush2 Residual are very biased! I checked. They just want to earn your commission.

I am NOT recommending Rush2Residual after the research I have done and this is an unbiased Rush2Residual Review for you to learn the truth about the program.

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What Exactly Is Rush2Residual?

The Rush2Residual website contains no information at all as to whom owns and manages the business.

The domain (“”) was registered on June 11th, 2015 with “An Fuller” listed as it’s owner at an address in California.

It is known that An Fuller was signing off support emails with Global Wealth Exchange Team until late 2014.

For those whom are unaware as to who Global Wealth Exchange Team are, they are a two-tier matrix Ponzi cycler.

For a $25 investment, affiliates can expect a $588 ROI per their advertisement.

Since their launch in September 2014, Global Wealth Exchange Team seems to have collapsed sometime in October the following month.

But in July 2015, An Fuller’s email address used to register was posted on a website called “Real Deal Donation eBook”.

The affiliates for Real Deal Donation eBooks bought in for either $33 or $139, which gave them access to an eBook library and enabled them to be paid $33 and $139 payments from new affiliates.

However, this email has recently been removed from the Real Deal Donation eBooks website.

For a complete review of the Rush2Residual MLM business opportunity, please continue…

rush2residual scam

What Are The Products Being Sold?

There are no retailable products and services associated with Rush2Residual. Affiliates can only market Rush2Residual affiliate memberships and no others.

rush2residual compensation plan

What About The Rush2Residual Compensation Plan?

Newly recruited affiliates buy $11 and $100 positions in two separate three-tier matrix cyclers.

  • $11 positions can only be bought in pairs, thus actually costing $22/ purchase

A 2×1 matrix size is used in the compensation plan, which means it needs two subsequent positions to be purchased before qualifying to earn commissions.

The following explains the two individual $22 and $100 Rush2Residual cyclers:

$22 Cycler

  • Matrix 1 (positions cost $11, must be bought in pairs): no commission, position cycles into Matrix 2
  • Matrix 2: pays $4, cycles into Matrix 3
  • Matrix 3: pays $285

$100 Cycler

  • Matrix 1 (positions cost $100): pays $10, position cycles into Matrix 2
  • Matrix 2: pays $19, position cycles into Matrix 3
  • Matrix 3: pays $500 and generates two new positions in Matrix 1 ($100 cycler positions)

How Much To Join Rush2Residual

Although there is no charge for an affiliate membership with Rush2Residual, in order to get paid any commissions earned an affiliate must purchase either a $22 or $100 matrix position.

Is Rush2Residual A Scam?

So, people already call most network marketing companies a scam as it is.

Even for businesses that have proper products that they sell on a retail basis (like Trivita for example).

So, for Rush2Residual, I’m sure people will also question the legality of it because there are no proper products.

Yeah, I think you will see some people saying there is a Rush2Residual Scam going on.

And it’s partly true because it is illegal to have a business opportunity without retail activity and the authorities do frown upon this. They class opportunities like this as illegal pyramid schemes.

Does that make Rush2Residual a scam?

Well, it’s certainly straying into an illegal pyramid even if it may not be a complete scam.

Either way, I can’t recommend it.

There are plenty of business opportunities out there with retail activity (and even these get called scams): things like Ariix and Herbalife which I have both looked at recently.

My Rush2Residual Review Final Thoughts

Despite the sudden ending of Global Wealth Exchange Team, An Fuller seems to remain in continued practice with the MLM world.

The launch of Rush2Residual seems to be An Fuller’s attempt to build new downlines in other MLM schemes that she is affiliated with.

A message on reads as follows:

“We are a cash & feeder concept we will be joining a few programs together as a huge team.”

One such feeder opportunity advertises itself as a “residual program” that costs $235 and pays “up for 6 months.”

Clearly, is little more than a Ponzi scheme that offers affiliates much larger returns on investment for their original start-up/ buy-in cost.

[Respectively: $578 and $529 ROI’s from a $22 and $100 investment]

The fate of Rush2Resiual is the classic ending to all Ponzi schemes: as soon as investment from new affiliates and recruitment stops, the company is then unable to meet it’s stated RIO obligations…

The collapse is exacerbated by way of the matrix stalling, just as an engine will sputter as soon as gas flow is interrupted.

Eventually, a point of no return is reached once enough matrices have stalled and now cause a company-wide collapse.

The only people whom come out alright in the end are those whom have stolen more than they invested with subsequent affiliates getting hurt.

I can never recommend promoting a business opportunity where there is no genuine retail activity taking place.

Instead of doing that, I recommend that you go through my free training series below. It will teach you how to market online and expose you to trusted business opportunities with quality products.

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