How Sherlock Holmes Can Teach You Online Money Making

sherlock holmesRecently, I was watching The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes tv series, the ITV granada tv show from the 80s with Jeremy Brett cast as the detective.

And it got me thinking.

Watching the sharp sleuth and his assistant (Dr Watson) solving the murder mystery of the episode got me thinking about how solving murder mysteries can be similar to making money online.

Now I’ll try and explain in the post below.

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Running An Internet Business Is About Solving Puzzles

I watch a lot of murder mystery programs.

All sorts of things like Sherlock Holmes, Jonathan Creek, Poirot, Miss Marple and many others, and I noticed that the process they all go through it similar to the process of making money online.

I’ll give some examples.

When Sherlock Holmes is solving a mystery, he has to go through a lot of different trails and theories.

He has to go through down a lot of different metaphorical paths to really discover the truth on what’s going on.

And really, for the online/internet marketer who is just starting out, they have to do a similar thing.

So, for starters, they have to look at all the different gurus and decide who is trustworthy and who they want to follow and run with.

If you are a beginner, you have to look at just what exactly is going on, because the whole process of running an internet business can seem very mysterious at times.

I think this is because the whole online money making concept is “intangible”.

When you create an income for yourself (seemingly from thin air using the internet), the process is brilliant, fantastic and even magical.

But it’s also mysterious for those who are just starting out.

To remind yourself of this, try speaking with your friends who don’t know anything about things like “capture pages”, and you will get some completely “blank” looks.

Yes, what you deal with is complex to learn and sometimes “not quite real” for the struggling newbie trying to start an internet business.

In fact, it’s easy to question whether there is a real way to make money online because everything is so confusing.

sherlock holmes jeremy brett

Learning Who To Trust

Just like in a murder mystery detective program, the beginner has to figure out who is trustworthy, and it’s exactly the same for Sherlock Holmes and/or Jonathan Creek.

Those detectives need to listen to the suspects of the case and not take anything at face value. They have to work at avoiding deception.

The beginner internet marketer also has to discover who is trustworthy.

There’s lots of people who make money online but there are a lot of “sharks” in the internet marketing niche, as well as lots of great people of course.

A good way of telling them apart is that the “sharks” talk about making quick cash online instead of working hard. They sell the “magic bullet” rather than the process.

The smart beginner has to realize which guru is trustworthy within the online marketing, internet marketing ,affiliate marketing, or even the network marketing space.

They have to figure out who is actually worth following.

watch sherlock holmes

This is what I went through

I’ve been through this myself.

I’ve followed a lot of different gurus in my time, and a lot of them did not deliver what they initially promised.

Of course, I also followed mentors who I owe everything to, because they showed me the light at the end of the tunnel, and how (exactly) to get there.

Now, it’s my job to help other people get through the dark tunnel of internet marketing.

I’m a young guy now, and I started young, so one of my main goals for the way forward is to show other young people how to learn this online money making stuff early on. I would like to show how teens can make money online simply by working hard and learning the core skills.

My advice for you, if you’re a beginner to online marketing, is to just be careful about who you follow, because it is a mystery to start off with, and you need to make sure that you follow the right person.

And you too, will be like a detective.

You will be like Sherlock Holmes, Jonathan Creek, Poirot, Miss Marple, or another detective.

You will be a detective trying to figure out how the clues add up, and eventually it will be worth it because you’ll have figured out how to make money online.

Once you know how to create a full-time income from the Internet, you can quit your day job and focus on your online brand. Life can be fun again.

But it involves delving into the mysterious internet marketing world and taking it one step at a time.

To gradually learn what to do.

You will need to learn all sorts of skills that can be applied to pretty much any business:

Things like how to brand yourself, how to build an authority blog, how to drive traffic and how to create a high converting capture page (with something like Leadpages).

But to start with, you’ll likely feel like you’re running around in circles, constantly chasing your tail.

You’ll have to figure out who is worth trusting, and this will lead you to making money online.

sherlock holmes quotes

Conclusion: My Closing Advice

My final advice for you is to simply get stuck in.

Yes, it will be difficult to start off with, but once you have mastered the various skills, it really is quite simple and the ultimate path to freedom.

Imagine not having to work a full-time job again because you can earn from home.

And imagine creating “automated” income from the Internet every single day and having true leverage with your marketing.

Mysterious aspects of life can sometimes be frightening, but also exciting.

I recommend getting excited about learning this “internet marketing” thing and not looking for shortcuts all the time.

A lot of people want easy ways to earn extra money but they don’t want to do the difficult stuff. Therefore, you should do the difficult stuff so that you succeed instead of them.

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So, if you really want to make legit money online, get your magnifying glass out (like Sherlock Holmes) and get to work. 

online money makingI hope this post has entertained you and given you a new perspective for running your internet marketing business.

Are you enjoying the process of problem solving, or do you find it frustrating most of the time?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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