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sisel international reviewOccasionally (well actually very regularly), one of my new training students tries to heavily pitch their business opportunity to me.

Obviously, they see that I am something of a “heavy hitter” with online lead generation and they want to recruit me.

This is what happened recently and the business opportunity I was pitched was Sisel International.

Let me be clear. I am not with this company and I don’t endorse it. This is a completely unbiased Sisel International Review for you to learn about the business before jumping in.

If you prefer to watch video, you can see my YouTube video review below:

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So, What Is Sisel International?

 In 1987, Thomas Mower, along with his wife Leslie D. Mower, founded “Images and Attitude,” and MLM opportunity. The focus of Images and Attitudes was the retail of health and beauty products.

In 1992, Images and Attitudes was renamed to ‘Neways,” and claimed that its products are chemically safer than other brands.” Neways experienced initial growth based on these claims, however soon found itself in trouble, and was required “to recall a weight loss product as it was found to contain a dose at medical levels of the prescription diuretic furosemide.”

Furosemide (INN) or frusemide (former BAN) is a loop diuretic used in the treatment of congestive heart failure and edema.

It is most commonly marketed by Sanofi-Aventis under the brand name Lasix. It has also been used to prevent Thoroughbred and Standardbred race horses from bleeding through the nose during races.

Along with some other diuretics, furosemide is also included on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned drug list due to its alleged use as a masking agent for other drugs.”

The company appeared to function smoothly after this recall, until 2003 when Thomas and Leslie Mower were faced with charges in relation to “not paying personal income tax on about $3.2 million.”

The charges faced by the Mowers were related to:

“cheating the Internal Revenue Service out of more than $1 million by failing to report millions of dollars in commissions they received from their company’s overseas divisions.

According to the government, Thomas and Leslie Mower failed to report $3.2 million of personal income collected as commissions from Neways’ divisions in the United States, Australia and Malaysia, ultimately saving themselves a tax bill of $1.3 million.”

The Mowers claimed in their defense:

“the money was actually meant as loans from Neways Australia to Neways USA, and that they did not personally benefit from the funds.”

The then-Director of Neways Australia testified that he was “unaware of any loans to the U.S. Corporation,’ and ‘he personally mailed monthly commissions checks to the Mowers’ attention to Neways’ Salem Office.’

The Mower’s defense attorney declared that because the Mower’s hadn’t used the “money like drunken sailors,” this unreported income was an innocent error and that no crime had been committed.

In March 2005, a federal jury disagreed and the Mowers, along with their former corporate attorney James Thompson (accused of doctoring loan documents), were found guilty. Thomas and Leslie Mower and James Thompson were all sentenced to jail time:

“Thomas Mower will spend 33 months in federal prison and serve 36 months of supervised release and pay a fine of more than $75,000.

Leslie Mower was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison, a $60,000 fine and 36 months of supervised release.

The former corporate attorney for Neways, James Thompson, was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to defraud the IRS. Thompson was sentenced to spend a year and a day in federal prison.”

Neways continued operations with new ownership and management. Thomas Mower went on to form Sisel in 2006 along with his Son, Tom Mower Jr.

Unable to end the theatrics, after Neways experienced wide success in Japan, Sisel and its distributers attempted to pillage the Neways distributor database and recruit members.

Three court rulings against Sisel and its distibutors were reported by MLM Watchdog:

“15 Feb 2008 – A federal court in Utah has issued an injunction against Sisel International, LLC and five of Sisel’s top distributors in Japan.

Among other things, the injunction requires Sisel and these distributors to return all of Neways’ distributor information in their possession and prohibits Sisel and its distributors from using such information.

In addition, the Court found that Sisel’s top three distributors—Koji Yamamoto, Fumiko Matsumoto and Toru Egashira—likely have breached their contracts with Neways by recruiting Neways distributors to join Sisel, and are now prohibited from continuing to recruit Neways distributors for a period of one year from each distributor’s date of suspension from Neways.

Neways alleged that Sisel and its Japanese distributors were misappropriating Neways’ confidential and trade secret information regarding Neways’ distributor network, and that the Japanese distributors were breaching their contracts with Neways by soliciting Neways distributors to join Sisel.

In May 2007, the same federal court ordered Sisel, its owner Thomas Mower, Sr., and several of its employees to return all copies of Neways’ product formulas, vendor lists, and distributor lists, and prohibited them from continuing to use that information.

Two months later, a Utah state court entered an order against Sisel distributors Jef and Patricia Welch restraining them from recruiting any present Neways distributor to participate in another multi-level marketing company.”

Cross recruiting is generally considered a bad practice in MLM, however it appears as though there are many instances of it occurring between Neways and Sisel after Mower left to form Sisel.

When establishing Sisel, Mower chose to base Sisel’s operations in Sarnen in Switzerland, as opposed to remaining based in the United States.

sisel international scam

What Are The Sisel International Products?

Extremely similar to the Neways product line, Sisel International retails a range of products including

  • Age reversal
  • Weight loss
  • Dietary supplement
  • Joint care
  • Skin care
  • Bath and Body
  • Dental care
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nail care
  • Home care
  • Sisel apparel and goods

It’s quite a varied product line and they include nutritional products similar to a company like Ariix which I looked at recently.

A 400,000 square foot nutraceutical plant is utilized by Sisel for manufacturing. While unable to confirm the location of the plant, I assume that it is located in the United States, possibly Utah.

Regarding their product policy, Sisel claims:

“At SISEL, we research the research to find exciting new discoveries in modern science, and bring to market spectacular products unlike the world has ever seen.

We are committed to the use of evidence-based nutraceuticalingredients, known to be of scientifically-proven biological value, in the most concentrated strength and form possible, combined with other synergistic ingredients to achieve maximum results.

Moreover, we strive to avoid potentially harmful ingredients found in common, off-the-shelf products and use only the most pure, potent, safe, and effective ingredients nature has to offer.

SISEL’s products are manufactured under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard, and are rigorously controlled to ensure the highest quality in each and every product we produce.”

The Confusing Sisel International Compensation Plan

While difficult to understand, I’ve attempted to break down Sisel’s compensation. Several of the aspects have been combined for simplicity.

Sisel includes four membership ranks within their compensation plan:

  • Bronze – 50 PV per month
  • Silver – 100 PV per month
  • Gold – 150 PV per month
  • Platinum – 200 PV per month

Please note that PV stands for personal volume, which relates to your sales. Sisel also includes an additional volume qualifier, referred to as Bonus Volume (BV), which only adds to the confusion within their compensation plan.

Direct Distributor Commission

Sisel members can earn a Direct Distributor Commission on the initial 100 BV generated by members they’ve recruited. This commissions is paid out as a percentage based off the first 100 BV that your affiliate Direct Distributors make. Each new affiliate enrolled in Sisel is placed directly beneath you. The more Direct Distributor legs you have, the higher commission percentages are paid out.

  • Level 1 – Bronze 2.5%, Silver 3%, Gold 4%, and Platinum 5%
  • Levels 2 through 6 – Bronze 5%, Silver 8%, Gold 9% and Platinum 10%
  • Levels 6 through 8 – Bronze 2.5%, Silver 3%, Gold 4% and Platinum 5%
  • Level 9 – Bronze 0%, Silver 0%, Gold 1% and Platinum 2%

The level you get paid relies on the amount of Direct Distributors you’ve personally recruited.

Master Distributor Commission

The first 100 BV is covered by the Direct Distributor Commission, with the rest of the BV covered by Master Distribution Commission. Instead of paying out per level, the Master Distributor Commission is paid on “generations.”

Fast Start Bonus

A 30% Commission on the BV amount of a newly recruited member is paid out, with 3% going to Level 2 – 5, and Level 6 and 7 receiving 4%. A sum of 10% is subtracted from the remaining amount and placed in a Fast Start Bonus pool, which is paid out to qualifying members.

Car Bonus

In order to qualify for the Sisel Car Bonus, a member is required to recruit three Master Distributors and have earned at least $2,000 for the qualifying period.

How Much To Join Sisel?

There is a $20 fee for joining Sisel as a distributor.

Seriously, Is Sisel Legit Or A Complete Scam?

We all know that there are some “proper scams” out there so it’s understandable that people assume network marketing companies are just scams.

However, they aren’t (in many cases).

Yes, there are business opportunities out there that do not have proper products. You can see one example with something like the Wealth Dynasty where there are no proper products being sold on a retail basis.

But I must admit that this business is different. You may people say that Sisel is a Scam but I do not agree with this.

Sisel International does have proper products and is a legitimate business opportunity.

See My Sisel International Review Conclusion!

Even after spending several days attempting to figure out how to explain Sisel’s compensation plan, I still feel like most people would struggle to explain to new members exactly how the commission structure works. It is unnecessarily complicated.

It appears as though the structure is built for signing people on autoship and maintaining those accounts. Even though there are a huge number of retail products, the compensation plan fails to mention retail sales.

Because of the mathematical complexity of Sisel’s compensation plan, it seems Sisel might be a victim of it’s own commission confusion.

Whilst, I don’t recommend Sisel International, you can succeed with it.

However, to do this you must learn how to position yourself as an authority.

And to do that, feel free to grab my ebook below:

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