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solo ads guideI get asked a lot about Solo Ads and if they actually work or not. In actual fact, they work very well for me so I thought it would be beneficial to write this brief Solo Ads Guide for anyone who is struggling.

I give step by step video training in my Free Training Series. Grab it below if you want. 😉

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What Are Solo Ads?

A Solo Ad is an email advert that is sent from someone else to their list, which they have spent time building and cultivating. In this way, the method is sometimes known as OPL (Other People’s Lists).

The idea is simple: You find someone in your niche (for example: the “Make Money Online” niche) and you pay them to market to their list. A very good place to go for this is Safe Swaps, an online community with an unlimited amount of vendors.

It’s normally arranged by “buying clicks“. Typically, you will pay for 100 Clicks for something like $50.

What you get here is 100 people clicking to your page. If you know your numbers (see below), you can calculate that you will receive X Opt-Ins if the page converts at X%.

See on the Solo Ads Guide section below for details on working out X!

Great Things About Solo Ads

It is well known as being the fastest method to grow your list, and having a large “responsive” list is seen as the most valuable asset for an Internet Marketer.

The method is also very easy to scale. If you find a vendor that delivers good quality “clicks”, you can then place a larger order. It doesn’t take long to setup an order for a Solo Ad, so you are “taking action” on getting “Opt-Ins”. This Solo Ads Guide should help you track your results and maximise your return on investment.

Bad Things About Solo Ads

Everything may seem “rosy” but it’s not as easy as you might think.

First of all, not all traffic and clicks are equal. If you purchase with a vendor who delivers “low quality traffic”, you can encounter all sorts of problems.

Solo Ads have developed a reputation for having a lot of “freebie chasers” and so the “conversion to sale” is not always that high. If you are expecting all the traffic to convert to sales for your network marketing opportunity, think again.

The skill has been to build your list through Solo Ads and “cultivate them” (warm them up) so they will eventually buy from you. This is the real skill.

Solo Ads Guide: What You Need to Get Started

You need to have a “capture page” that will convert well. There is no point paying money to send web traffic to a capture page that will not convert. It is “optional” whether you need “swipe email” copy as vendors are often willing to write accordingly to attract clicks for you.

Most importantly: You need to find a decent Solo Ad Provider. I personally recommend grabbing my Free Video Series where I explain in-depth how to find the best Solo Ad Vendors. I explain this in module 7 (Traffic Generation) of my Free Video Series below:

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How To Choose The Best Solo Ads Vendors?

There are a number of things you need to do when selecting a Solo Ad Vendor. First of all, contact them and find out the following:

  • Ask them what “niche” their list is in to make sure that they will be responsive to what you are offering.
  • Also, ask them if they use “Rotators” – I would steer clear of them if they do.
  • I also make sure to check with ask what “countries” there list is from (roughly).

On that last point, it’s very important. If you purchase a Solo Ad, ideally you want it going to countries that will produce “buyers” not “time wasters”.

If you are promoting an English product or business opportunity, then you want English speaking countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

Now, I am not saying that you do not want clicks from other countries, but you need to make sure that your offer will be seen by your target market. It’s great to get clicks from Europe but it’s not great getting clicks from lots of 3rd World Countries.

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How to Evaluate A Solo Ad Campaign?

When I run a solo campaign, I always go for 100 Clicks to start off, and this normally costs $50.

The reason I start with 100 is because it is a good round number and will give you some clear results. For example, if you get 100 clicks and 37 Opt-Ins, you know that your capture page converted at 37% – which should be a good result!

The results you need to look at to evaluate the campaign are:

    • How Many Opt-Ins did you get? – I would strive for 25%+. With the capture pages I use, I can easily get 30%-36% each time.
    • How Many Sales? – This is a tricky one because you will not always get sales straightaway. Essentially, you need to use an autoresponder sequence and broadcast messages to keep in touch with your list and look after them. They may buy in the future.

Having said that, if you get 1 quick sale from a “100 Clicks Solo Ad”, you can look at that as a success, and you can continue to use that Vendor.

  • – Use Google Analytics to track the visits to your “capture page” and see what countries they are coming from. This will show you if they are coming from your target market
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Here is How To Calculate Conversion Rate

If you are doing a campaign, and you receive 173 Clicks, and you want to calculate the “conversion rate”, here are the formulas to calculate them.

Capture Page Conversion Rate = Opt-Ins Received/Clicks   x 100

Lead to Sale Conversion = Sales Made/Opt-Ins   x100

Use those formulas above to track the Solo Ad Campaigns that you run. Try out different vendors and see what kind of numbers they produce.

solo ads training and tipsHopefully, that Solo Ads Guide and Training has given you some advice and metrics to think about when you next run a campaign. Remember that the “tracking of results” is the most important thing. If you have any other questions about Solo Ads, let me know in the comments section below and I will try to help you. 🙂

Don’t forget to grab my Free Video Training series where I explain how I make 6 Figures with my online business.

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  1. Thanks, this post is very helpfull. I have a few questions in terms of sales conversions.

    What kind of sales conversion rate do you aim for?

    The last solo ad I bought only got me 1 sale. That was a 100 click add that got me 67 optins.

    • Nicholas Pratt says

      Hi Damian,

      Well, this is an interesting point because you wouldn’t necessarily be able to expect 1 sale from 67 optins with a Solo Ad campaign.

      Normally (from other traffic sources), you would expect a 3-4% Lead to Sale conversion (front end sale). However, Solo Ads are different
      and I would expect a 1% lead to sale conversion rate, and be happy with that.

      On the 4% conversion, you can hope to get 1 front end sale for every 25 leads, but it’s different with Solo Ads because there is a lot of recycled traffic going around. That means conversions are lower, and you need to set expectations accordingly: never lead with a business opportunity. Try to lead with a free offer, and have a process for proving yourself to them. In essence, you are dealing with “cold traffic” and you need to warm that traffic up over time.

      Hope that helps. Let me know what you think.

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