How To Source Great MLM Logo And Branding

mlm logoMany times in other posts, I’ve talked about the importance of branding yourself as a leader to succeed with your MLM Business.

And part of this is having some form of MLM logo that looks fun, exciting, professional or whatever approach you are going for.

I go to a lot of different network marketing websites, mlm blogs, direct sales blogs and all that sort of stuff.

And I see lots of different branding out there.

Throughout my research and travels, I see the different logos and branding that other distributors have, and (truthfully) a lot of them are absolutely terrible, and I’m going to explain why.

Don’t Try And Design Your Own MLM Logo!

If you try to design your own logo yourself, and you’re not a graphic designer, it is going to look absolutely terrible.

Of course it is. After all, you (and I) are likely not skilled in that area. We haven’t trained for years in design.

Therefore, you need to have method of creating a brand and logo that looks professional, trustworthy and establishes you as an authority and a leader within your industry.

This doesn’t matter whether you are involved in direct sales, MLM or network marketing. The point is that you need to come across as trustworthy if you are marketing on the internet.

People only buy from those they know, like and trust.

mlm branding

How To Create Great MLM Branding

Now, I’m going to explain to you how I would create a new MLM logo and branding completely from scratch, so that you can do this for yourself.

First of all, I would say you really need to outsource it if you’re not a graphic designer just like I have done.

1. Go to and do a search for logo design.

Have a look at the ratings and try to find someone that has good reviews and feedback. You can also sort by “recommended” which I find helpful when I am looking for someone.

2. (optional) – If you are looking to spend a bit more money, in the range of ~$40 to get (possibly) better quality, I would also recommend you check out

This is slightly more expensive but worth it if you are serious about building your MLM Branding and Logo to be strong and represent you in the best light.

3. Another place you can look at it and, so there are lots of different options for you to shop around and find an outsourcer that you work well with.

What Should Your Logo Represent?

Well, this down to you but I will give some friendly suggestions.

If it’s going to be your name, it may need to be done in a certain flamboyant style, a certain color and you can communicate this to your outsourcer supplier when you give them your design brief.

Give a good design brief so that they understand what you are trying to achieve with your MLM Brand image.

design of mlm

Why Quality Matters

Your branding on the internet is very very important.

If you want to get mlm leads that actually want to join, you need to be seen as trustworthy and as an authority.

Nothing kills this faster than a bad quality logo and branding which looks like it was designed by an amateur.

Would you want to join someone with sub-par branding and logo?

Or, would you want to join someone who looks like they have invested in themselves?

If you were designing a brochure for an offline business then you would hire a professional to do a good job.

And it’s the same for online. Your branding is your form of mlm brochure and the design needs to look good!

The decision is obvious so go out there and spend something, whether it’s $5, $47 or $130 to get some good branding for your business.

If you can get some good branding done and you can be perceived as someone who knows what they’re doing, you’ll stand a much better chance of succeeding against everyone else.
I see a lot of network marketers on the internet who have cut corners.

They’ve tried to do the logo themselves and (unfortunately), it looks absolutely terrible because they’re not a trained graphic designer.

Cutting corners and to save costs and get everything for free has a damaging effect on your brand image so don’t do this.

Once you have some great branding under your belt, you will want to grow you mlm organization by learning how to generate lots of leads online. See below for my free guide:

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mlm brochure designI hope this post has given you some inspiration for developing your own professional MLM branding and logo.

Have you invested in hiring a graphic designer? Did they do a good job?

Let me know in the comments section below.

If you have got some ideas for your branding from this post then please share around with your team!


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