SportArb Review – Legit Or Scam?

SportArb ReviewHas someone approached you lately about joining SportArb?

This doesn’t surprise me – it’s been getting a lot of hype in the last couple of week, with people pitching it all the time.

First, let me make one thing clear – I am NOT in any way affiliated with SportArb.

I simply wanted to gather all the details here for you in my SportArb Review so you can make an informed decision.

Is SportArb truly a scam?

Does it really work like the marketing materials say it will?

Read on to find out in my Review of SportArb.

Let’s get going!

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What The Heck Is SportArb?

Looking through the official website for SportArb, I found an official registration for the company with the UK Companies House. According to said registration, SportArb was registered as Sport Arbitrage LTE in August of 2016.

The SportArb website also says that it has an official office in Birmingham, but after looking a bit further into the address that’s provided here, it was revealed that it belongs to a heap of other offices.

In fact, the address that SportArb is using is also being used by more than three hundred other companies.

There are four big executives listed on the site, and they are as follows —

  • Ronald Wald — CEO
  • Sid Clive — Senior IT Engineer
  • Mitch Stew — Customer Service
  • Andres Martin — Trader

Ronald Wald is the man that was behind the domain name registration for the SportArb website in August, 2016, and each of the four execs that I just listed all have profiles on LinkedIn. This looks good on the surface, but when you consider the fact that each profile only has Sport Arbitrage LTD listed as their job experience, things become a bit fishy.

Matters are made even more unsettling when you come to the realization that none of these four people seem to exist anywhere at all outside of the SportArb system.

This makes it very likely that all of these profiles were created at the same time and by the same person, but I was able to find one little breadcrumb of additional information.

On his LinkedIn profile, it’s stated that Ronald Wald is based out of Dresden Area in Germany. However, Wald’s nationality is listed as “British” when you hop back over to the incorporation filing with the UK Companies House.

All of this comes together to create for a whole bunch of nonsensical info, and it doesn’t create for a good look for SportArb at all.

SportArb Scam

What Can You Tell Me About The SportArb Products?

In regards to the product line that SportArb is carrying, there’s not a whole lot to see here at all.

There are zero goods or services being marketed or sold to retail customers, and this creates for a setup in which affiliates for the company have nothing more than the affiliate membership to try and sell to folks that might be interested in it.

Add all of this together, and you get an MLM opportunity in which there’s a total lack of retail sales activity. No retail sales is usually a sure sign for a company that’s operating in the MLM underbelly, and that’s likely what we’re dealing with here.

What Can You Tell Me About The SportArb Compensation Plan?

As for the compensation plan that SportArb is running, affiliates are tasked with investing bitcoin into the company in order to snatch a daily ROI that’s being advertised to them.

SportArb promises its affiliates that they can earn an ROI of 10% after just one week, but a maximum ROI rate of 90% on the daily being advertised depending on how much bitcoin you’re willing to invest.

There are six main levels of investment that you can choose to get affiliated with, and these levels start at $25 but can quickly grow up to as much as $100,000.

Choosing to invest more cash will allow you to earn a larger ROI, with payouts starting at 60% and growing up to 90%.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions can be earned on top of these direct ROI payouts, and these are handled through SportArb’s unilevel payment system.

SportArb pays down through four levels of recruitment, with level 1 earning a 7% commission, level 2 3%, and levels 3 and 4 paying a commission rate of just 1%.

Are There Membership Fees For SportArb?

If you’d like to become an affiliate for SportArb for whatever reason, the membership program itself is initially free to get started with.

However, if you’d like the chance to earn money with your membership, you’ll have to invest a bare minimum of $25 worth of bitcoin in order to get things started.

Is SportArb A Scam?

If you’ve come across a review that says SportArb is a scam while researching, I wouldn’t be surprised.

A lot of marketers will tell you something is a scam just so they can sell you something else.

So, can you trust those other reviews?

What is the truth about SportArb? Is it really a scam, or is it legit?

I would say no, not exactly. However, there are a few things in the business you should be aware of – read on to the conclusion to find out what they are.

Knowing what you’re getting into is the best way to be successful.

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What’s your Conclusion About SportArb?

All of the information that I just laid out should give you a pretty solid idea of what kind of company we’re dealing with, but just in case you need a bit more proof that there isn’t an honest bone in SportArb’s body, check out this bit of copy taken from the company’s official website —

“For how many years have you been functional?

In January 2017, SportArb platform was opened to public. Key traders were working since 2013. Administration was hired in the middle of 2016 to prepare to start accepting investments from individuals.

The platform opened an online portal at the beginning of 2017 after over 3 years of successful trading offline, and now we have started our next stage of expansion which is aimed to create a the long-term investment pool.”

Not even looking at the poorly-written English, this is essentially saying that the creators of SportArb have been able to generate this weekly ROI of 10% for more than four years at this point. If this was the case, the founders would easily be billionaires.

So, if that was the case, why in the world would they be seeking investments from other individuals?

None of it makes any sense at all, and it all results in the company operating as a Ponzi scheme.

Affiliate investment is the only identifiable source of income, and these funds are being used to pay off ROIs that are owed to existing members.

The admin(s) will earn the lion’s share of all the money that’s dumped into SportArb, and once the company eventually collapses, most affiliates will end up losing out.

I hope that you are able to use my research in my SportArb Review to make a decision.

If you do decide to become an affiliate with SportArb, make sure you take the time to learn how to market yourself.

My FREE training can help you.

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