Stargate Ltd Review – But I’m Not Promoting It!

Stargate Ltd ReviewLately, this business opportunity has been getting a lot of hype on the internet.

People are hyping Stargate Ltd all over the place, including a lot of social media.

Has someone already pitched Stargate Ltd to you?

The first thing I want to tell you is that I am NOT promoting this business in any way.

I have complied all the facts about it in my Stargate Ltd Review so you can discover the truth for yourself!

Have you hear that Stargate Ltd is a scam?

That Stargate Ltd can’t deliver on it’s promises?

I will tell you all about it in my Review of Stargate Ltd.

Let’s get started.

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Exactly what is Stargate Ltd?

On the Stargate LTD website, you won’t find any information in regards to who owns the company, who’s running things on a day-to-day basis, or where it’s physically being run out of.

The domain name for Stargate LTD’s site ( was first registered earlier this year on July 17, 2017, with the owner listed as Sergey Frolov and an address provided in Saxony, Germany.

If Frolov’s name sounds familiar, that’s because his name was recently found on the domain registration for Ensis (an opportunity I reviewed just a few days ago).

Ensis is a Ponzi scheme that offers a daily ROI of 150%, and both it and Stargate LTD receive the largest amount of site traffic from Russia.

Along with his involvement with Ensis, Frolov also owns a number of other domains that belong to HYIP schemes.

Stargate Ltd Scam

Are There Any Stargate Ltd Products?

To no one’s surprise, Stargate LTD isn’t marketing or selling a single thing to retail customers.

The one thing that affiliates have to offer is the affiliate membership itself, and this means that you won’t find any retail sales activity throughout Stargate LTD.

This is never a good sign when looking into a new MLM opportunity, as no product line typical means you’re dealing with a scam or scheme of some sort.

Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan For Stargate Ltd?

Hopping over to the compensation plan, affiliates that join Stargate LTD can invest cash to earn a daily ROI.

The daily ROI raises as you invest more money, and the breakdown for the numerous investment levels is as follows:

  • Brave — Affiliates invest between $100 and $100,000 to earn a daily ROI of 1%
  • Indestructible — Affiliates invest between $10 and $99 to earn a daily ROI of 1.5%
  • Rapid — Affiliates invest between $100 and $999 to earn a daily ROI of 2%
  • Huge — Affiliate invest between $1000 and $1999 to earn a daily ROI of 2.5%
  • Dreadnought — Affiliates invest between $2000 and $4999 to earn a daily ROI of 3%
  • Titan — Affiliates invest between $5000 and $20,000 to earn a daily ROI of 4%

Should you get to a point where you’d like to withdraw any money you’ve earned from the ROI, Stargate LTD will also include the amount of money that you initially invested.

To go along with the ROIs, affiliates also have the chance to earn on referral commissions.

These are handled using a unilevel system, and they’re paid to affiliates when they recruit someone else that also chooses to invest in Stargate LTD.

What Is The Fee To Join Stargate Ltd?

In order to start earning, you’ll need to make an investment of at least $10.

Is Stargate Ltd Truly A Scam?

If you’ve been doing your research on Stargate Ltd, you may have heard from some people that it’s a scam, and from other’s that it’s totally legit.

After reading my review, you might not be sure for yourself.

So, what’s really going on here?

Is Stargate Ltd a scam, or can you make a legit business with it?

To be honest, I am not sure Stargate Ltd is a complete scam.

However, I did find a few things to be aware of before you join, which will help you to be successful if you join.

Also, see below for help with making money online.

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Read Here For My Stargate Ltd Conclusion!

Looking through Stargate LTD’s website, a lot of the images used have been stolen from the Stargate Universe television show. One of the most noticeable instances of this is with Stargate LTD’s logo showcasing the case of Stargate as “partners” for the company.

However, as you’d expect, Stargate LTD has absolutely nothing to do with Stargate Universe.

Strange use of television show images aside, Stargate LTD is still nothing other than a Russia-based Ponzi scheme that will collapse once investment activity dies down.

This will likely be sooner rather than later considering that Stargate LTD is launching just days after Ensis, and Stargate LTD has this to say on the matter:

“The administration is not responsible for any possible loss as a result of the collapse of the System. The administration has the right to restart the service, reset any credentials when reaching the zero balance account System.”

In other words, you’re screwed if you invest cash and lose it with the hopes of making it rich.

Nothing good will come of Stargate LTD, and as such, I advise staying as far away from it as you can.

I hope you have gained a lot of value from my Stargate Ltd Review.

I have found other reviews are scant on details, so I wanted to make sure you had everything you need here.

If you do decide to move forward with Stargate Ltd, I think the info I have given here will help you.

Moving forward, you need to take care of marketing yourself, which you can learn how to do with my free training. Click below.

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