Success Cycler Review from NON Affiliate!

success cycler reviewThis is the latest cycler system that is doing the rounds on Facebook, and people have been blasting emails to me about it.

Let me be clear: I am NOT promoting Success Cycler and I will explain why in my review.

I was being “pitched” on it so thought I would do some research!

Learn what I found out in my Success Cycler Review below that details information on the products, comp plan, and the company background.

Be aware that most of reviews out there are simply trying to sign you up and get your commission!

So, it will be very difficult for you to get an unbiased review.

Well, luckily, I am not promoting it so I can tell you what it’s really about!

Also, see my video review below:

Watch my Success Cycler Review on YouTube.

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What is Success Cycler?

This is the first “red flag” (of many!).

If you look at the main website, you will see that there is no information on who is behind the business and who runs it.

This is very strange!

Normally, a company has to disclose who is running it on the website. Huge “red flag” there!

From my research, I can tell you that the main website (“”) was actually registered in late March of this year (2015). In fact, the precise date was March 27th 2015.

Here is the next “red flag”.

The “” domain is set to private!


So, Who The Heck Is Running This?

Well, it was tougher to find out then I would have liked.

However, it looks like a “redzlord” alias is behind the program.

You can see an image of him below:

success cycler scam

From what I read on BehindMLM, his real name is apparently “Regie Diadid” and apparently he has had a presence on Ponzi promotion forums.

What Is The Product Then?

Ok, so that’s a lot of “red flags” already.

But what products does Success Cycler actually sell?

Well, unfortunately there are no proper products that can be sold on a “retail basis”.

And this is actually illegal.

Affiliates simply sell affiliate memberships to other people which brings the model in close alignment with a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

And, you should also know that the authorities do shut down a lot of schemes that operate in this way.

What About The Success Cycler Comp Plan?

I certainly don’t recommend that you join.

However, here is the information about the Success Cycler compensation plan.

Affiliates buy a position in the matrix and this costs $25.

After this they try to get other people into the Success Cycler business opportunity.
Affiliate membership is $5 but then you have to buy a matrix position to get involved with the opportunity.

The positions go through a 3×1 matrix as part of the comp plan.

I could go on but I can’t recommend joining an opportunity that doesn’t have proper products and could get shut down tomorrow!

If you know anything about myself, you will know that I approve of legitimate business opportunities, but not illegal models where there are no products being sold.

These opportunities get shut down eventually anyway.

Or they simply run out of money.

Is There A Success Cycler Scam Taking Place Then?

People will of course say that there is a Success Cycler Scam and there is some truth to this.

However, in reality it’s just a terrible business model because it could get shut down tomorrow.

Because there are no proper products, it’s only a matter of time before lawsuits, complaints, more people calling it a Ponzi pyramid etc.

My advice is not to get involved.

And I am not saying that Success Cycler is a scam, but it does operate on an illegal business model that deviates from the industry definition of a legitimate business model.

There are opportunities I’ve reviewed (but that I don’t promote) that have proper retailable products. For example, I recently talked about Total Life Changes and Norwex. These are good examples of businesses that sell proper products that help people in some way.

So, Here Is My Success Cycler Review Conclusion!

Ok, so I have detailed all of the “facts” and now I want to give my Success Cycler Review conclusion.

This is what I think.

I can’t recommend joining Success Cycler because of:

– All of the red flags.
– No mention of who runs the business on the company website.
– No proper products making it a good target for the authorities.
– Low quality.
– Etc

Instead of joining Success Cycler, feel free to get my training below where I show legitimate business opportunities, as well as great marketing training.

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That will be far better than getting involved with this, and my training is Free as well.

I’ve tried to give the full info in my review of Success Cycler because I noticed the other reviews were very biased and vague about it.

They simply want the commission.

In reality, there are no proper products and it is very risky to join.

Stay away.

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