How To Take Charge Of Your SEO In 2014

take charge seo in 2014A lot of people ask me all the time “what is the SEO secret” to high rankings?

Well, have a quick think about it. The very nature of “search” means that there are only so many “top spots” to go around. Whilst it is good to believe in “abundance“, it doesn’t take a genius to discover that there are limited opportunities.

Next, let’s look at the goal of a search engine: Essentially to rank the most useful, quality and relevant content to it’s users.

That means, the search engines are constantly looking for the influences and thought leaders in any given niche.

So, if you want to take charge of your SEO in 2014, be exceptional and provide your content to the best of your ability.

That Sounds A Bit Wishy Washy. How Do I Do That?

1. Over-deliver on Value

You want to create content that over-delivers on value and makes the Internet a great place to be. As an example of this, check out Ana Hoffman’s recent colossal post on SEO in 2014. In the post, she writes specifically to her target audience and leaves the technical jargon at the door.

Instead, we have lots of actionable advice that is easy to digest. Over the past few years, SEO has been viewed as mystical, frustrating and impossible by most, but when Ana talks about the topic, it seems very achievable (even fun!). This is what her audience wants and she gives it in spades. No need for having jargon such as Domain Authority and Link Equity!

2. You Aren’t The Only Thought Leader: Build Relationships

You can also see in Ana’s article, that she links out to a lot of the thought leaders in the niche. Building relationships with others in your niche is very important. Remember that you cannot do everything alone, and you naturally boost your own content value by referring to others. For years now, link building has been about building relationships with others in your niche and promoting your content effectively as I discuss in my post here.

On a practical side, Google will see that you are not a “link hoard” and send some search engine love your way. The search engines want to rank influencers who build relationships with others in their niche: “No man is an island”!

no man is an island

3. Be Social And Bring Others

There are some people who think that the primary purpose of social media is to get “social share love” links from Google, but it’s far more than that.

Once you have created your exceptional content that over-delivers on value, you need to get out there and promote it. See my post here for a ninja trick to get more social shares from your content.

In addition to that though, just get out there to whether your target audience is, and share your content. As an example of this, I recommend joining Google+ Communities, joining some groups that are relevant to your niche and engaging in discussion whilst sharing your relevant content. See this excellent user guide from Martin Shervington to get started with Google Plus Communities.


4. Have Knowledge Of The On-Page Stuff, but Don’t Go Overboard

So, on-page optimization refers to how you use the words on the page, how many times you mention the keyword and all the other practical stuff that goes with it.

Yes, it’s still important and you should still have some form of process for each post. Just don’t live and die by it. Have it in the back of your mind but focus on your target audience. See my post here that gives the on-page checklist for each of your posts.

5. Solid Foundation – A Technically Sound Website

On a more technical front, you should have a website that delivers a great experience to your audience. Google has spoken about the importance of having a mobile responsive website and it makes sense from a business point of view. Just look at the increasing trends for mobile phone and tablet internet usage. Be on a strong foundation that is modern and optimized.

Aside from that, your website or Blog shouldn’t take long to load. We are in the days of high speed internet, and people will not wait for website that takes 6-10 seconds to load. Focus on having a strong platform that is optimized and the search engines and users will appreciate this!

Finally, if you want my recommendation on the best WordPress Website Theme that is optimized for users and search engines, see my post here.

seo foundation

Instead of viewing SEO in 2014 as this complicated “black art”, implement it according to different “blocks” as I have detailed in this post.

We have Content, Strong Platform, Social and Relationships.

All should feed into another and your SEO success will be about being a quality participant and “thought leader” in your niche rather than spammy link building.

I hope this post helps.

Any questions?

How many of these core areas are you implementing? (be honest).

Please share and comment below.


  1. Good stuff there Nick. I’m getting ready to setup a personal blog and will keep this in mind.

    Just to add to your point on having a technically sound website. Don’t forget to make your website smartphone friendly and have an RSS feed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Brian. That is great news. Let me know if you need any advice or assistance. Feel free to email me at [email protected]. Also, the reason I have strong SEO rankings is because I use a well optimized theme. Before you decide on the theme you want, see my post here: // – Also, see my other posts on optimizing your posts. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link Nick, I appreciate it. I’ll have a read through that later on and if I need any help I’ll drop you an email.

    Thanks again!


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