Tellus Mall Review – Not Promoting It!

tellus mall scamI often shake my head quite a bit when I give training to someone, and then instead of
taking action with the training, they make excuses and then try to pitch me something like Tellus Mall.

This is what happened the other day and it prompted me to research all about this business to form this Tellus Mall Review.

Now, be aware that I am not endorsing this business at all!!

It was pitched directly to me, and now I have done my research to find out all about it.

If you prefer, you can also watch my review video on YouTube below:

Watch my Tellus Mall Review video on YouTube

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What The Heck Is Tellus Mall?

It looks like the business started it’s prelaunch this year (2015).

The main website homepage is “” and this is registered to somewhere in New Brunswick, Canada.

You can see a screenshot of the website below:

tellus mall review

I’ve also discovered that the business is partnered with SocialZing and Spinding, 2 other MLM opportunities that launched in 2014.

SocialZing is a business opportunity built around social media marketing tools and Spinding had a mobile phone app product which included tokens.

Having said this, it’s difficult to see what the partnership arrangement is and these details are not given on the company website.

Anthony Leiva is the co-owner of the company (according to the “Meet the Team” page) and you can see an image of him below.

tellus mall comp plan

I mentioned before that there is a “mentioned partnership” with SocialZing and Spinding.

However, the owners of those companies, Scott Brodkorb (SocialZing) and Paul Nash (Spinding) are not mentioned on the home page, so their involvement is a bit of a mystery!

As for co-founder John Leiva, he has been involved in a number of business opportunities over the years including Biz Calling Cards, Ads2TXT, Stiforp, and Zeek Rewards.

Zeek Rewards was shut down by the authorities in 2012 for being a Ponzi Scheme!

This is not a good thing by the way and it’s important that you know these facts before getting involved.

What Are The Products?

So, what exactly are the products sold by the company?

Well, Tellus Mall have 3rd party products that are available on their home page.

They don’t actually have their own products for sale.

So, what do they sell?

Well, they sell the affiliate memberships and the cost for these memberships range between $99 and $999.

But other than that, Tellus Mall sells third-party products.

It’s laid out like as an eccommerce marketplace similar to something like DubLi although the business model
is different.

What About The Tellus Mall Compensation Plan?

I tried to do some research into the Tellus Mall Comp Plan.

However, it doesn’t appear to be publicly available which is a bit strange and quite irritating.

Personally speaking, I prefer better transparency and knowing about the compensation plan before deciding to get involved!

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Like I mentioned before, the price to join depends on the membership level and these are outlined below:

Deluxe – $99 and $29 per month

Premium – $199 and $49 per month

Ultimate – $499 and $99 per month

Ultra Professional – $999 and $199 per month

I was able to discover some stuff from YouTube videos about their comp plan.

Just bits and pieces.

It’s a matrix compensation plan and there are matching bonuses available as well.

tellus mall compensation plan









I could tell more if it was easier to find the information!

Is Tellus Mall A Scam?

This can be a tough question to answer.

But I will try to be fair.

You may be wondering if there is a Tellus Mall Scam.

Well, I personally don’t like that the company doesen’t have “it’s own” products
that it sells on a retail basis.

To an outside party, it would look like it is disguising itself as legitimite but still simply selling
affiliate memberships. And I have my own complaints for something like this.

Having said this, I don’t believe it is a scam.


A scam is when you pay for something, and you are not being given what you paid for. Obviously, this is very bad and a cause of complaints, lawsuits and whetever else is thrown at it!

In this case, there is a clear business opportunity available and it’s up to you whether you want to promote it.

So, I don’t think it’s a scam, but I would prefer to promote a business opportunity that has it’s own products that can be sold “separately” to the business opportunity.

Because that stays on the correct side of the law!

The only other red flag is that the Tellus Mall compensation plan is not publicly available.

And considering that they are planning to launch very soon, this is very strange!

Tellus Mall Review and Conclusion

Like I’ve mentioned, the business opportunity doesen’t look that great because of the “red flags” I mentioned.

However, hopefully it will sort itself out. Here’s hoping!

In the meantime, I (of course) don’t recommend it.

What I do recommend (whilst you’re here) is grabbing my free training course below.

That will show you how to promote (only quality) opportunities.

I will show you my best recommendation, but equally, I will show you how to drive traffic if you already have a business opportunity.

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Hope you found my Tellus Mall Review helpful.

It’s a shame I wasn’t able to give more information on the company comp plan.

However, it wasn’t publicly available and this (along with other “red flags”) are why
I don’t recommend getting involved.

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