The Wealth Dynasty Review – Not wanting to Recruit you!

the wealth dynasty reviewIt seems that new business opportunities pop up every 5 minutes and here is another one that appeared on my radar.

Please be aware that I am not promoting the wealth dynasty as an affiliate. Of course there are plenty of affiliates out there who want your commission.

This is the findings of my research and unbiased Wealth Dynasty review for you to know the truth.

I will explain about the company background, products and compensation plan.

That way, you can make your own decision based on the facts.

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What Is The Wealth Dynasty?

The Wealth Dynasty website ( contains no informations as to whom the business is owned and operated by.

The domain owner, “Chetan Varma” registered it May 19th, 2015  at an address in Maharashtra, India.

As Varma’s MLM history is very scant, it is difficult to find anymore information on him.

But, if you would like a complete review of his company, The Wealth Dynasty, then please continue reading.

And What Products Are Being Sold?

There are no retailable products or services with The Wealth Dynasty. The affiliate membership is the only thing its affiliates are able to market at all.

Once enrolled, affiliates may buy matrix positions and receive commissions from The Wealth Dynasty.

Packaged with each matrix position’s purchase is a series of credits towards advertising. These can be used to display advertising on .

Info On The Wealth Dynasty Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for affiliates has them buy $5 matrix position. From there these are then processed through a five-tier matrix cycler.

Overall, the compensation plan looks pretty advanced but not as effective as something like iGrow which I reviewed recently.

There are two matrix sizes used in this cycler:

1- a 3×1 needing three subsequent positions to be bought, and

2- a 5×1 needing five positions

After the stipulated matrix positions have been bought, a “cycle” commission is paid to the affiliate and their position moves to the next cycler tier.

The Wealth Dynasty’s five-tier matrix cycler pays commissions out accordingly:


  • level 1 (3×1 matrix in which positions cost $5): $4 commission and position cycles to level 2
  • level 2 (3×1): $8 commission and position cycles to level 3
  • level 3 (3×1): $16 commission and position cycles to level 4
  • level 4 (3×1): $32 commission and position cycles to level 5
  • level 5 (5×1): $350 commission paid out

Below shows how commissions on referrals get paid once a personally recruited affiliate cycles out of one of the matrices:

    • level 1: $1
    • level 2: $2
    • level 3: $4
    • level 4: $8
    • level 5: $50

Cost To Join The Wealth Dynasty

Although affiliate membership is $3, they are then required to buy a $5 matrix position should they want to participate in the actual business opportunity of the MLM, ie.- receive commissions.

Thus, the actual starting cost is at minimum, $8.

Is The Wealth Dynasty A Scam Or Is It Legit?

It’s always tough when there is a business opportunity like The Wealth Dynasty where there are no retailable products being sold.

If you were to ask the authorities, they would not classify this as a legitimate business opportunity.

Unlike a lot of people, I would not say specifically that there is a Wealthy Dynasty Scam taking place. However, I don’t agree with a business opportunity where there are no proper products being sold.

And yes, a lot of people would call Wealth Dynasty a scam or pyramid scheme.

It certainly doesn’t look good.

My Wealth Dynasty Review Conclusion

“What if you can turn $5 into $410 over and over again without hardly lifting your finger?

Introducing THE WEALTH DYNSASTY Passive Cycler…”

Without exaggeration, The Wealth Dynasty offers a five-tier matrix-based Ponzi scheme by way of a common mix of a matrix cycler and advertising credits.

New affiliates pay $5 on the guarantee of a $410 ROI which is simply paid out from invested funds from other new affiliates to follow.

But Chetan Varma defends his company’s integrity as not being a scam even in the face of the clearly fraudulent essence of it:

“ is not a Hype, Pyramid or a Ponzi scheme! We sell Advertising and provide an opportunity to earn money via Profit Split and Sponsor Commission!”

One can interpret at the advertising credits as little more than pseudo-compliance. Unused advertising credits would be refundable if they were truly being sold. But rather, they are bundled with Ponzi positions.

“Can I get a refund?”


The Wealth Dynasty is never able to give refunds due to that the moment new funds are received, they are gone again as they have been used to pay commissions to existing investors.

The classic trait of all Ponzi schemes is evidenced with The Wealth Dynasty which is to say that it requires a constant flow of new investors and funds to stay alive.

Flying all the more in the face of Chetan Varma’s defense of his company is the words from the official marketing material:

“How can I decide on how much I can bank as you said before?

It’s Simple. REFER REFER REFER. The More you Refer, the More you make.”

With the slowing down in the number of newly recruited affiliates also goes down the amount of new funds entering The Wealth Dynasty. The reduction of new dollars into the system causes the cycler commissions to correspondingly slow to a complete and final stop.

Once his company is silent and dead, Chetan Varma vanishes with any remaining funds still left in uncycled matrix positions.

This is in addition to higher levels of funds created by preloaded positions which of course were created before The Wealth Dynasty was opened to the public.

So, I don’t recommend promoting The Wealth Dynasty for the reasons I’ve mentioned.

However, if you do go and promote it as an affiliate (or another better opportunity), focus on generating traffic and positioning yourself as an authority.

That is the only way you can succeed in this industry.

With that being said, I do recommend that you promote a legit business opportunity with proper products. And if you need a recommendation, let me know.

After that, you simply learn the skills required to market effectively.

And of course, you can learn those skills from my free training series below:

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The goal I set out with my Wealth Dynasty Review was to educate and inform rather than sell like a lot of the affiliate biased reviews.

Hopefully, you can now make your own mind up based on the facts laid out.


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