Thirty One Gifts Review – Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Thirty One Gifts ReviewHave you been hearing a lot about Thirty One Gifts lately?

There is a lot of hype happening for Thirty One Gifts, and people are pitching the opportunity all over the place – especially on social media.

The first thing I should tell you is that I am not associated with Thirty One Gifts in any way.

I have gathered all the pertinent facts about this opportunity in my Thirty One Gifts Review so that you can know the full truth before signing up.

Is Thirty One Gifts a scam? Or is it really legit?

Will I be able to make real money with it?

I tell you all in my Review of Thirty One Gifts.

Let’s get going!

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What Is Thirty One Gifts Exactly?

In the case of Thirty One Gifts, we’re looking at an MLM opportunity that’s been around for a number of years. Thirty One Gifts first launched back in 2003 by Cindy Monroe, and the company operates in the field of offering handbags and other related products to their customers.

According to records provided by Thirty One Gifts, the company has more than 90,000 sales consultants that are scattered all across the United States and even Canada. Those are some pretty impressive numbers, and it’s great to see that Thirty One Gifts has been able to expand outside of the US and into the Canadian market as well.

Taking a look at the company’s recent activities, it does appear that Thirty One Gifts had to do a bit of restructuring. The company was forced to those their production facility in Ohio due to unknown reasons, and that closure cost more than 74 jobs from people that were employed there.

This center was first opened in Ohio back in 2011, and it was promised that more than 500 jobs would be created for people in the area. Unfortunately, this never really came to fruition at all. Some jobs were created, but not nearly as many as was initially promised.

Along with the closure of the company’s facilities in Ohio, it has also been announced that more than 220 workers will soon be out of a job when Thirty One Gifts shuts down numerous operations that exist in Johnstown. However, despite these job losses, Thirty One Gifts will continue to operate in the Eastern side of the country just like normal.

These job losses don’t necessarily mean that Thirty One Gifts is a scheme or a company not worth joining, but it is info that’s worth sharing and pointing out. Restructures and job losses aren’t anything new in the world of business, and while there isn’t anything good about people being forced out of work, this doesn’t mean that Thirty One Gifts is on its way out the door anytime soon.

Tough decisions occasionally need to be made in the business world in order to be as profitable and successful as possible, and that looks to be the case here with Thirty One Gifts.

Thirty One Gifts Scam

What Will I Be Selling With Thirty One Gifts?

As I mentioned above, Thirty One Gifts is an MLM opportunity that sells a wide variety of handbags and other similar products. The company is heavily involved in the niche of women’s fashion, and this is a market that’s proven to be quite profitable from other competing opportunities.

In addition to handbags, Thirty One Gifts also sells thermals, jewelry, wallets, accessories, totes, homeware, etc.

The product line that Thirty One Gifts has to offer certainly appears to be of a very high quality with a lot of variety to choose from, but what is wroth noting is the fact that one of their products was faced with a lawsuit back in 2010.

The lawsuit was made by Miche Bag, who claimed that Thirty One Gifts was selling a product similar to theirs in the sense that it was a purse with interchangeable outer covers. However, due to a lack of evidence, Miche Bag was eventually forced to withdraw the case and pay Thirty One Gifts a total of $10,000 in order to cover the legal costs that were involved as a result of the lawsuit.

What Should I Know About The Compensation Plan For Thirty One Gifts?

As you might expect from a company like this, Thirty One Gifts is an opportunity in which affiliates join and earn money by selling the available products to friends, family, co-workers, etc.

In other words, affiliates earn money by directly selling products to people.

Direct selling is a very effective form of sales, and although it may not be for everyone, you can really make a solid amount of cash by having an outgoing personality and having some past experience in the fields of marketing and sales.

When an affiliate sells a Thirty One Gifts product to a retail customer, they’re able to earn a retail commission of 25%. However, this is just the starting rate. As affiliates progress through the various ranks that are offered to them, they can increase the amount of how much money they earn through these sales.

The available commissions and their respective rank works out as follows –


  • Director – 28% retail commission
  • Senior Director – 30% retail commission
  • Executive Director – 32% retail commission
  • Senior Director – 34% retail commission

In addition to these direct commissions, affiliates for Thirty One Gifts are also able to earn through residual commissions. The residual commissions being offered here are paid out to affiliates through the use of a unilevel payment system, and this sees that commissions are paid out as a percentage based on the sales activity of other affiliates within the company.

Similar to how the retail commissions work, affiliates can earn more through the retail commission by increasing their rank within the company. You need to have the Director rank in order to start earning anything at all, and the Senior Executive Director rank will allow you to earn the most off of other people’s sales.

What’s The Membership Fee For Thirty One Gifts?

If you’re at all interested in becoming an affiliate for Thirty One Gifts, you’ll be required to cover a membership fee of $99.

Is Thirty One Gifts Really A Scam?

If you’re like me, you’ve been researching Thirty One Gifts and you may have heard that it is a total scam.

From what you have read above, you may not be able to tell if it is legit or not.

So, is it really a scam?

Is Thirty One Gifts a scam, or can you trust the company?

I would say Thirty One Gifts isn’t a complete scam, but there are definitely some things you should be cautious of – check out the conclusion to find out what those are.

Being prepared will help you be successful. Also, see below to get my tips for making money.

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My Conclusion For Thirty One Gifts

Despite the recent restructuring that Thirty One Gifts has been going through recently, this is a perfectly legitimate MLM opportunity that is certainly worth joining if you feel that it would make for a good fit with you and your lifestyle.

Direct selling opportunities certainly aren’t for everyone, but if you feel that you have the personality and know-how to make it work, then you shouldn’t have a hard time selling these products at all. The voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit that Miche Bag enacted on Thirty One Gifts reinforces the overall quality of the product line, and while the prices are a bit high, you’re paying a premium for premium products.

The biggest challenge you’ll likely face is with other local stores in your area. They are likely to offer cheaper prices for similar products, so you’ll be tasked with convincing people that’s it’s worth paying a little bit more to buy from you.

However, as I said before, this is a great opportunity to get involved with if you think that you have what it takes. The compensation plan is extremely generous with lots of money to be earned through consistent retail sales.

Play it safe at first by only order a small number of products to sell at first, but if things start to pick up and you’re seeing a great deal of success, feel free to kick things up a notch.

Good luck!

I sure hope you have found all the information in this Thirty One Gifts Review helpful.

Some reviews may be biased or trying to sell you something else, so I wanted you to have all the details from someone not affiliate with Thirty One Gifts.

If you decided to move forward with Thirty One Gifts, you’ll still need help marketing yourself.

My FREE training will help you with that.

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