THW Global Review – Legit System Or Scam?

thw global reviewAcross social media, there is currently a tonne of hype for this new business opportunity called THW Global Advertising.

First, I need to make it clear that I am NOT promoting or endorsing this business.

When I saw all the hype about it (and it did sound too good to be true), I then went out to do lots of research on it.

You have the result of that research in my THW Global Review before you.

Learn the full truth about this program and don’t join until you understand the full details of what you would be getting into.

I’ve also shot a video review you can watch below

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So, What Is THW Global Advertising About?

THW Global provides no information on their webpage regarding who owns or operates THW Global.

Their website, was registered on May 29, 2016, with the registration set to private.

Looking at the statistics provided by Alexa, 45.6% of the traffic to the THW Global website is from Russia, with the Ukraine coming in as the second largest source at 10.3%.

Because of this, I would suggest that the person operating THW Global is doing so out of Russia.

As I have said before, if an MLM company does not provide details about who owns or operates it, seriously consider this before giving over any of your money.

thw global scam

What Are The THW Global Products?

THW Global offers no retail products or services. THW Global affiliates may only market affiliate membership itself.

What About The Compensation Plan?

According to THW Global, you can earn ‘up to $25 per hour watching Better Than YouTube type videos.”

THW Global affiliates that recruit new affiliates earn a $5 commission when a personally recruited affiliate earns $25.

Residual Commissions

THW Global utilizes a unilevel compensation structure to pay out commissions.

A unilevel compensation plan places you at the top of your unilevel team. Personally recruited affiliates are placed directly below you on Level 1. Any affiliates recruited by affiliates on your Level 1 are then placed on your Level 2.

thw global advertising compensation plan

THW Global caps payapble commissions at ten levels, with affiliates paid $1 per affiliate in their unilevel team “for each hour they spend watching BetterThanYouTube type videos.”

How Much Does It Cost To Join THW Global?

Membership with THW Global is free, however, only people that are “over 21 with a high school diploma”  can join.

Seriously, Is There A THW Global Scam Going On Here?

Looking at all of this, you may wonder if this is just one big THW Global Scam that is going on.

And I can certainly understand people saying that.

After all, there isn’t any retail activity or a proper product on offer.

So, is THW Global a Scam?

Well, in the truest sense, it’s not a scam but there are crucial flaws.

What are these crucial flaws?

In the next section I talk about them.

However, one of the major flaws is the lack of a proper retailable product.

The authorities really don’t like this because (from a legal point of view), it looks like a pyramid scheme.

That is one of the major flaws but there are quite a few more in the conclusion.

The point is: it’s very important to have “retail activity” as well as a business opportunity. And there are plenty of other opportunities out there that are legit by having this in place. For example, I recently reviewed and tested Digital Altitude here which adheres to these principles: there are proper products as well as the business opportunity side.

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My THW Global Review And Conclusion!

Just like all other social media MLM companies that make claims they will be the next Twitter, THW Global uses the “We’re the next YouTube!” schtick a lot in their marketing.

“At YouTube they pay out mega millions to people who get high traffic of people coming to their posting.

THW Global does just the opposite by paying millions to the viewers who watch content no place content.”

Let’s break this down – why does YouTube pay content creators based on views of their videos, rather than viewers?

If you have no content, you have no viewers. This rings true for every advertising-based business model on the internet.

The creators get paid, the viewers get content.

If THW Global doesn’t pay their creators, then what the heck are they going to be showing their viewers?!

“International advertising gian needs over fifty thousands perople over the age of 21 to invest up to 10 hours weekly giving comments on commercials, TV pilot programs, movie trailers, video surveys and so much more.

Over 90% can be done from any smart phone or computer anytime/anywhere 24/7. From the comfort of your home or on the road.”

So… A THW Global affiliate has to watch advertising for an hour to get paid?

That won’t last long.

As for the rate THW Global claims:

“Most companies would pay a minimum of $1.50 a minute and sometimes more for a subscriber to watch their advertised content.”

Seriously? They are going to pay $1.50 per minute to watch ads? They must be joking.

If you’re an advertiser, you want the largest possible audience seeing all your ads – which means placing them on YouTube. This content is shown to people before, during and after their videos.

So what will THW Global be showing viewers anyway? All ads?

If they do, user engagement will drop severely, and affiliates will likely just set up their streams and leave computers running.

Do you really think advertisers will pay $1.50 per minute for that kind of advertising? Yeah, right.

Tell people they’ll make $25 per hour and probably a number of them will sit through the ads – but they definitely won’t be engaged in the content.

Right now, there are about 310,000 registered users (or so THW claims). If affiliates are paid $25, if all affiliate watch for just one hour, that’s nearly $8 Million. I don’t know too many businesses with an hourly advertising budget of $8 Million.

THW Global launched on July 4, and I think one of these things will happen:

•    All content will be taken from YouTube, and a bunch of low-quality ads will be stuck on, which pays viewers next to nothing.
•    All affiliates will be told $25 per hour was an estimate, and they should be happy with the few cents per hour they did earn
•    THW Global will make a bunch of excuses, and join the rest of the “we’re gonna be next” MLM failures

They might be able to make good use of their 300,000 email addresses for their next idea though.

Is it possible to succeed and make money with THW Global Advertising?

Well, sort of.

However, it’s not all that it appears and there are major flaws.

So, as part of my THW Global Review I just can’t recommend it.

But whether you go for this or something else, my training will help.

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Hopefully this has been more helpful than other reviews of THW Global out there which just want your hard earned money.

The main point to be made is that you need to be able to market very well to make money with this sort of program. And on that point, make sure you get well trained. My training should help.

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