Total Life Changes reports huge growth for customers and affiliates during Q2 2020

Total Life Changes ReviewIf you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll notice that Total Life Changes has been getting a lot of hype.

Because it’s new, it’s getting a lot of buzz and if you’re in an online business, I am sure someone will push it on you at some point.

It’s especially popular on social media at the moment.

I do want to let you know that I am NOT affiliated with Total Life Changes as a member or distributor.

My goal is to gather all the facts in one place for you so you can do your research – and it’s all here in my Total Life Changes Review.

Is Total Life Changes a legit business, or is it a complete scam?

Will I be able to build a business with it?

I tell you all about it in my Review of Total Life Changes.

Read below to find out more.

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What Is Total Life Changes?

2020 has been a rough year for all sectors of the economy, and the world of MLM has not been immune to that reality in any way whatsoever. Companies have had to find new and innovative ways to thrive during these uncertain times, and one prime example of a company finding success for doing just that is Total Life Changes.

Total Life Changes recently published some statistics for its performance during Q2 2020, and it looks like the future is bright for Total Life Changes.

The company launched a new broadcast program on May 6, called “Rosa’s On Fire.” Hosting the show is Rosa Gonzalez, who is the Director of International Relations for Total Life Changes. When Rosa opens the show, she begins with a message like this:

“I want to be able to make an impact in the world, and I want to be able to share with a million women that sometimes we need to come together. And we can share things that happen in life; sometimes we are going to share some tears, other times we’re going to share some laughs. But most importantly, we are going to celebrate; we have to celebrate women’s empowerment.”

Total Life Changes Scam

Total Life Changes also launched its Spring Back Challenge, with the event coming to a conclusion back on May 28. For the challenge, Total Life Changes affiliates were given the Spring Back Kit — consisting of a detox beverage, vitamins, supplements, and more. With all of these products, affiliates were challenged to use them to create a healthy and substantial diet. For the winners, they received a $1,000 prize!

Fast-forwarding to June, Total Life Changes also hosted its Drop Top Giveaway. With this, the company gave away a brand new 2020 Mustang GT. The giveaway was hosted on the Total Life Changes Facebook page, with another winner also getting a $15,000 cash prize.

Add that together with virtual training events and a “G5 Double Down Challenge,” and there have been a lot of things in place to help affiliates stay engaged and excited with what they’re doing.

As a result of all this, Total Life Changes added 778,474 new customers and 146,857 new affiliates — all during Q2 2020. That’s incredible growth, especially when you consider everything that’s been going on this year. Additionally, Total Life Changes has sent out 651,267 samples of its products.

Total Life Changes is absolutely on the right path with everything it’s doing, and the numbers don’t lie. That kind of growth is hard to pull-off during any period, but especially when there’s an ongoing pandemic.

Kudos to what Total Life Changes has been able to do, and going forward, we’ll be eager to see if the company can maintain this growth for Q3 and Q4. We can’t say for sure right now, but if Total Life Changes continues doing what it’s doing, we’re likely looking forward to two more quarters of growth.

Here’s to more success!

Any Truth To The Total Life Changes Rumours?

Any time a new business opportunity launches, you will always hear rumours about them being scams – so is Total Life Changes a scam?

From reading above, you might already be thinking Total Life Changes is a scam.

So, is it?

Is there a Total Life Changes scam, or is it legit?

To be honest, Total Life Changes isn’t a scam.

However, there are some red flags to be worried about, which I discuss in the conclusion.

See my tips below for helping to make money.

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And Now, My Total Life Changes Conclusion

I hope you have gained value from my Total Life Changes Review.

I have put all the details you need to know here, because all other reviews of Total Life Changes have been fairly limited with details.

If you do decide to proceed with Total Life Changes or any business, you’ll find my free training helpful – I will show you how to make money online.

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