Total Life Changes Review – Unbiased And Not Promoting!

total life changes reviewThere are different methods that people use to “pitch” me business opportunities without asking.

There are facebook chat pitches and there are email pitches to name a couple.

Well, the other day, someone on my mailing list “replied” to one of my emails (that was giving valuable free training) and he said “you can make a tonne of money if you promote this”. And of course, he was trying to get me to watch the Total Life Changes Presentation!

I am NOT promoting Total Life Changes and this is an unbiased review.

After getting this “blind pitch”, I went and did some research and you have the benefit of this with my Total Life Changes Review that I have for you.

It’s also updated for 2015 as well.

You can also watch my video review below as well:

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So, What Exactly Is Total Life Changes About?

It is an international and global MLM company that sells skincare and nutrition products. There are weight loss benefits associated with some of the nutrition products as well

This is done under the “Iaso” (this is pronounced ee-ahh-so).

Apparently Total Life Changes started in 1999 (according to some sources). However, there it looks like the main branding was completed in 2011.

This is a bit strange and I thought it could be a red flag at first.

Before Total Life Changes, the products and business opportunity was marketed through SeAcai.

The CEO and founder is Jack Fallon and you can see an image of him below:

total life changes jack fallon ceo

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find evidence that Jack Fallon has worked in the network marketing/MLM industry.

Like I mentioned before, the company is very international and operates in over 140 countries such as United States (USA), Colombia, Canada, Peru, India, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Spain, Mexico and Ecuador.

As you can see, it’s very global!

What Is The Total Life Changes Product Line?

Like I mentioned, the products are split into 2 categories: Nutritional and Skin Care.

total life changes products

Here is some info on each.

Skincare Products

Ojos – Apparently this product can help reduce bags/circles around the eyes.

Pomica – This detoxes and cleanses your skin.

Iaso Oil – This sounds like an anti-ageing product as it works on your wrinkles.

Luna – And yes, this one is an anti-ageing cream for sure!

Sol – Sol is apparently a cream that protects your skin stem cells.

Nutrition Products

Café Black – So, this product is a yummy gourmet coffee apparently.

Café Delgada – This is another coffee and apparently it’s infused with Ganoderma mushroom. Sounds nice!

Tea – Apparently this tea detoxifies and assists with weight loss.

Techui – This one sounds a bit technical, something about a spirulina powder!

Latin Style Coffee – As you can imagine, this is a latin coffee product.

Nutra Burst – Apparently this is a multi vitamin.

NRG – This is great for giving you energy apparently. Sounds good!

Ok, so as you can see there is a wide range of Total Life Changes products there.

I haven’t heard any complaints about the products on message boards, forums or testimonial reviews, so I think it looks good from this standpoint.

Also, I haven’t heard about any lawsuits, side effects and health issues resulting from the products so this is good to see.

For further info on the products, I recommend checking out the total life changes website at You can login to there and have a shop around. I think there is also an extranet available. I couldn’t see email contact details though.

Some Info On The Total Life Changes Compensation Plan?

Ok, so for an mlm business opportunity like this, there are 2 ways of making money.

You can either sell the products on a retail basis. This is spelled out within the direct selling association here.

Or you can recruit other distributors into the business opportunity. They are then part of your “downline”. You gain a percentage of their retail sales and signups.

This is executed through the compensation plan (or “comp plan”) so it’s pretty important to get right!

So, what is the Total Life Changes Compensation Plan like?

Well, I will now explain a bit about the comp plan below. I did managed to find a pdf of the compensation plan which was helpful.

There are retail, residual binary, check match bonus and corporate expenses account and a car bonus available for TLC affiliates/reps.

For Commission qualification, affiliates/reps must be on the $40 autoship to be eligible to receive commissions.

With regard to the Retail Commissions, affiliates/reps/distributors are given 50% commission on the various products.

The Fast Start Bonus produces 50% commission when you enrol someone. When someone is enrolled as a new distributor, they have to place a $40 minimum order, and 50% of that contributes to the Fast Start Bonus.

The residual income is generated through a binary compensation plan structure as you can see below.

total life changes compensation plan

With a binary comp plan, the affiliate has 2 positions directly underneath them as you can see from the image above.

This is known as the “left” and “right” leg which forms 2 team.
The Total Life Changes company also offers a “Corporate Expenses Account”.

What does this mean?

Well, it’s a bit of a mystery how it is earnt.

However, they say that this gives affiliates the capability of earning “up to $1000” extra.

It’s unclear what is required to get this though.

Finally, there is a option of qualifying for a Car Bonus, however, as with the Corporate Expenses Account, it’s a mystery how you qualify from the company information.

How much does it cost to join Total Life Changes?

Well, it requires a minimum purchase of $40 like I mentioned before.

However, affiliates also have the option of purchasing “Leadership Packs”. This enables them to increase their binary commissions. And there are also ranks in Total Life Changes as well.

Seriously, Is Total Life Changes A Scam Or Legit?

You may have heard people saying there are Total Life Changes Scams at work, or even a pyramid scheme.

In reality, I can confirm that it is legitimite.

There are proper products that can be sold “on a retail basis” and this makes it a legitimite business opportunity.

Believe me, I have reviewed other MLM companies that don’t have “Retailable products” like this one here, and this is different because there are proper products that people buy independantly of the business opportunity.

Having said this, you will still hear people calling Total Life Changes (TLC) a scam.


Not everyone agrees with the business model so there will always be the potential for complaints and lawsuits with MLM companies.

Another factor is distributors with “sour grapes”.

Because there is a “low buy in” within network marketing, you get a lot of people join and they expect to “get rich quick”.

When some of them fail, they then claim that all of network marketing is a scam.

In reality, they may not have approached it like a proper business.

So don’t believe any message board rumours about Total Life Changes being a pyramid scheme or scam.

Take everything you hear with a pinch of salt.

So, Is It Worth Joining Total Life Changes?

Well, it’s worth joining.

However, be aware that recruiting can be very difficult, and this is why there is a 98% failure rate in the industry.

Also, bear in mind that you will be given limited “marketing” training.

And little to no online marketing training.

Luckily, my free ebook below will help you with that by giving you a marketing plan you can use for promoting Total Life Changes.

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My ebook shows you how I am able to generate 50+ free leads each and every day that convert into signups for my own opportunity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn my methods!

My Final Total Life Changes Review Summary

The company has legit products that are great quality. Like I’ve mentioned, there are some scam opportunities out there like this one here that doesen’t have proper products.

So, at least Total Life Changes has proper products.

However, the main way of making money with Total Life Changes will be through recruiting.

And recruiting can be tough.

To increase your chances of success, I recommend that you learn how to generate “leads” and form a marketing plan of action!

Your daily and weekly signups will be determined by your “lead flow”.

Grab my free ebook below where I show you exactly how to generate 50+ free leads per day on autopilot:

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That ebook is vital training for you if you are part of Total Life Changes or even promoting another business opportunity.

I hope my Total Life Changes review has been helpful for you in learning about the company background, compensation plan, products and business opportunity.

In 2015, this company is looking good.

I tried to make my review in-depth and updated for 2015 as I noticed a lot of reviews skimped on this area. The only area I didn’t have much info on was the ranks for the distributors.

It’s a good business opportunity so don’t listen to the complaints and scam rumours. Remember, this is the internet and everyone has an opinion to share, even if they don’t have a clue what they are talking about!

However, before you join, understand that you will need a marketing system of your own to succeed on the recruiting side.

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