Traffic Authority Review – Not promoting as an Affiliate!

traffic authority reviewRecently, I found out about Traffic Authority, a fairly new mlm business opportunity.

I found out from someone in my own business opportunity.

They actually gave a very polite and subtle pitch. This is someone who I’m friends with so I didn’t mind too much.

However, I was never planning to join.

And I am not promoting Traffic Authority as an affiliate – just to make that clear.

But my curiosity got the better of me, and I went out and did some research.

That means you can now gain from that research by reading my Traffic Authority Review to understand the products, comp plan and membership details.

Let’s get started.

By the way, if you prefer to watch video rather than read, you can watch my video review below:

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What Exactly Is Traffic Authority?

The American company Traffic Authority was founded by Doug Wellens, Greg Chambers and Chad Stalvey (aka- John C. Stalvey) and is run through Streamlined Marketing Systems in Florida.

traffic authority scam

Another blogger first spotted Streamlined Marketing Systems as the company behind Infinite Leverage System, which was launched in late 2014.

Their traffic packages were over $4000 with retail being unlikely, yet possible, as new affiliates were recruited by existing affiliates.

Infinite Leverage System currently calls it a “beta launch,”even though it launched last year as a fully fledged MLM business opportunity.

Question arises here as a marketing video posted on the Traffic Authority site boasts of the beta’s “total success.”

What is more, presently Traffic Authority’s website is receiving redirected traffic from the Infinite Leverage System MLM website.

The full review of Traffic Authority MLM business opportunity follows below.

What Are The Traffic Authority Products?

Traffic packages sold by Traffic Authority are as follows:

• Basic – $220
• Bronze – $440
• Silver – $660
• Gold – $1097
• Platinum – $2197
• Titanium – $4297

(The above are the same packages and prices first offered by Infinite Leverage System)

Also included in Traffic Authority marketing videos are the Traffic Optimizer tool- $27/ month and the Traffic Academy training- $97/ month.

Info About The Compensation Plan

The Compensation plan set forth by Traffic Authority is as follows:

• Traffic Optimizer tools = $20 a month
• Traffic Academy training = $50 a month
• Basic traffic package = $100
• Bronze traffic package = $200
• Silver traffic package = $300
• Gold traffic package = $500
• Platinum traffic package = $1000
• Titanium traffic package = $2000

Commission Qualification

Qualifying for commissions for a Traffic Authority sale comes in one of two ways:
1- An affiliate buys the product themselves, or
2- An affiliate sells the product three times

Before the affiliate qualifies for commissions on any sale of Traffic Authority products, all commissions will be paid instead to the affiliate who recruited them.

(The purchase of a more expensive traffic package will qualify an affiliate to earn at the lower levels)

Note: every product must be qualified for separately.

Once the new affiliate qualifies for earning commission on Traffic Authority products, they shall be paid as follows:

The commission for the first six Traffic Authority sales of any product will be shared in half with the affiliate who recruited them.

On the seventh sale this share adjusts to 80% for the affiliate making the sale and 20% to the recruiting affiliate.

Note– each product level is individually counted apart from the others.

Thus, new recruited affiliates forgo the same amounts to the existing recruiting affiliate which includes all passed up sales commissions from recruited affiliates not being qualified to earn commission.

Overall the compensation plan is pretty good. However, doesn’t quite compete with something like Oxo Worldwide which is very innovative!

How Much To Join Traffic Authority?

Membership is free for Traffic Academy, however for these affiliates commission cannot be earned right away.

The two ways to earn commission are to either sell three of each Traffic Academy tier (of which there are eight), or to buy all eight tiers on their own.

Cost Breakdown: $11,108 in total or $4,421, followed by $124/ month.

Is Traffic Authority A Scam Or Legit?

So, this is how it works in the home business industry.

You will always get people throwing the word “scam” around.

However, it’s very rarely true.

A lot of the time, people will call an opportunity like this a scam or pyramid scheme.

Whereas in reality, they simply don’t understand or agree with the business model.

So, no. There is no Traffic Authority Scam despite complaints you may hear from the silly people.

Having said all this, there are still some flaws with what is going on and that is what I want to cover in the next section.

Some Troubling Things

A Traffic Authority Marketing Video stated the following:

“Experts predict the (Traffic Authority) business to grow into a one hundred million dollar company in the first two years alone”
What should one conclude from this?

If the Traffic Academy website video’s were true about the Infinite Leverage System to the extent they would like you to think- there would not be any need to relaunch the opportunity.

In the end, Infinite Leverage System’s recruitment dramatically dropped.

The result was pass ups stopped and the scheme came to a halt.

Thus, with Traffic Authority we have the same business stocked with Infinite Leverage System’s Top Producers and an adjusted compensation plan.

However, the central problem remains with Infinite Leverage System which is a total lack of retail viability.

Traffic Authority completely acknowledges this as another marketing video says it is “obviously” easier to buy products as an affiliate to qualify for commissions, than it is to sell them to other affiliates.

Furthermore, as it was possible to perform retail sales with Infinite Leverage System, it is unclear if it exists with Traffic Authority.

The video about the compensation plan simply states to recruited affiliates (a “downline”) and not about movement of retail products.

Obviously, the lack of retail is an issue, but qualifying for commissions by having affiliates buy products takes the business model to another level with a “pay to play” element.

It means nothing that pay to play is optional as Traffic Authority openly admits that it is an easier choice. Having it follow with almost no affiliates qualifying by passing up three sales across all eight product tiers is almost completely unrealistic.

Basically, Traffic Authorities products exist only to funnel new affiliate funds to existing affiliates. It is impossible to claim otherwise without any retail sales.

In the end Traffic Authority depends on the constant recruitment of new affiliates buying in just to qualify to earn commissions from other new affiliates who turn around, recruit more and do the same.

Then when that recruitment dissipates, the scheme could die again. (possibly)

Looking back at Infinite Leverage System it would be safe to assume that happened sometime in their first six months. Revived schemes seldom are as successful as their parent launch, so it will likely happen faster on the second try.

Another Noteworthy bit is that much of the content on the Traffic Authority website has been copy/ pasted from other websites.

Example: on the “Do’s and Don’ts” page they give affiliates, that are taken exactly from Empower Network with only subtle changes:

If Streamlined Marketing Systems is unable to develop an MLM business model that envisions their affiliates actually selling to retail customers, any rebranded new business after Traffic Authority will fail just the same.

No compensation plan change can prevent that.

With more than $11,000 or $4,421 to 100% qualify for commissions in Traffic Authority, such failure will be costly.

Also, buying mysterious traffic packages can get suspicious when looking from the outside. A bit like with uFun which has faced a lot of difficulties recently for having a non existent product.

My Traffic Authority Review Conclusion

If you want to succeed as a Traffic Authority affiliate then you need some basic skills.

And it’s down to YOU, not the ground-floor opportunity.

This is what a lot of people don’t understand.

If you want to be successful with Traffic Authority, learn how to generate targeted traffic.

And most importantly, learn how to position yourself as an authority so that you can convert that traffic into signups.

The good news is that you can easily learn this in my free training series below. Enjoy!

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Hope my review of Traffic Authority has been helpful to you.

I wanted to give an in-depth look at the different parts of the business because I noticed that a lot of the Traffic Authority Reviews gave little detail and a lot of hype.

This opportunity is not a pyramid scheme or scam but you will need some skills to make it work. (as with anything). See my training series for help with that.


  1. Hey Nick, first time I’ve commented on your site. really interesting review of Traffic Authority, it’s a real time saver to take a look at independent and in depth reviews like you’ve just done rather than just head what a distributor of the company is saying! To me it just seems like the next big thing, probably one I will brush aside and too much of a distraction. thanks bro!

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