Traffic Hurricane Review – New Re-Boot From Traffic Monsoon Shutdown

Traffic Hurricane ReviewHas one of your friends talked to you lately about joining Traffic Hurricane?

It has been gaining a lot of hype lately, and a lot of network marketers were pushing it frequently.

However, Traffic Monsoon was shut down by the SEC after it investigated and found it to be a 200+ Million Ponzi Scheme.

So what exactly is Traffic Hurricane? Is it a clone of Traffic Monsoon?

Let me tell you in my Review of Traffic Hurricane.

Read on more to learn about it.

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What exactly is Traffic Hurricane?

In the case of Traffic Hurricane, the company’s official website does not offer any clear information in regards to the ownership or management of the company. Although there’s no written law that says all companies must list the name of the person who owns or runs the organization in question, it’s a common courtesy and business practice that’s been used throughout numerous companies.

When a company makes this information clearly viewable on their website, it allows anyone who’s interested to easily find out who’s running the operation that’s being researched. It’s a tried and true business practice that allows folks to connect a face to a company in the event that any problems occur, and it only makes sense to do this if you want to practice good business.

Traffic Hurricane Scam

So, when we see that Traffic Hurricane is withholding this information from their official website, it does leave us with a bit of a bad feeling in our gut. This isn’t to say that Traffic Hurricane has something that they’re trying to cover up, but it does make the company appear to be a bit suspicious.

If we look more closely at the company’s domain name for their website, we can easily determine that it was initially registered on August 16th of this year – 2016. Unfortunately, the registration for the domain name is currently set to a private state. As a result of this, we are unaware as to who or where this domain name was registered.

However, if we do even more research, we are able to come up with a name that is tied to Traffic Hurricane. Thanks to information that was provided by Traffic Monsoon investors, we were able to determine that someone by the name of Ernest “Ernie” Ganz is the sole owner of Traffic Hurricane.

The investor who released this information comes by the name of Sharon James. Sharon James was one of the top investors for Traffic Monsoon, and we were able to find this information thanks to a post she recently published from her personal Facebook account.

On the Facebook post, Sharon James says that “The Hurricane PLUS is here”, and that “We have an amazing owner Ernie Ganz”.

Not unlike Sharon James, Ernest Ganz was also one of the top investors and earners within Traffic Monsoon. Unfortunately for both James and Ganz, Traffic Monsoon was completed shutdown by the SEC recently and was discovered to be a Ponzi scheme that had collected more than $207 million during its time of operation.

However, just two weeks after all of this went down, Ernest Ganz was discovered to have ties to another site by the name of Traffic Monsoon Plus.

As you would probably expect, Traffic Monsoon Plus was launched to be nothing more than a carbon copy of Traffic Monsoon. And, since it was an exact copy, it operated as a Ponzi scheme as well.

And, also as one could probably expect, Ernest Ganz also attempted to deny any involvement at all with Traffic Monsoon Plus.

While Ganz may have been successful in these regards, the same can’t exactly be said for his involvement with Traffic Hurricane. Why? We’ll dive into that in just a minute.

So, just what does Traffic Hurricane consist of? When looking at the company’s business model, we can see that the company is asking all of their affiliates to put in an investment of $50. Once this investment has been made, affiliates are told that they’ll receive a return on investment of $55.

Just where do these funds come from? The answer is simple – previously invested funds from other affiliates that exist within the company.

In addition to these standard ROIs, affiliates can also make a commission through the act of enlisting more and more people to join the company’s affiliates program.

If an existing affiliate is able to recruit someone new to join, and that new addition to the company then invests at least $50 into Traffic Hurricane, they’ll be able to earn a 10% commission off of any funds that their personally recruited affiliate invests.

From what we’ve seen so far, it’s quite easy to see that Traffic Hurricane is operating very closely to that of a pyramid and Ponzi scheme. So, in an effort to cover this dirty activity up, Traffic Hurricane bundles advertising packs and credits with the affiliate program that they offer to people.

However, thanks to an investigation that was recently conducted by the SEC, it was discovered that these advertising credits held no real substance, and they were nothing more than a way to cover up the scheme-like nature of Traffic Hurricane.

Traffic Monsoon was able to gather a pretty tremendous following during its existence. Although a lot of people ended up losing money, there was also a decent number of folks that were able to make a pretty penny through the act of scamming others by getting them to join Traffic Hurricane.

So, with Traffic Monsoon now dead, these people are without a steady source of income that they once had. And, as a result of all this, they will be on the hunt to find new and similar ways to make this money once again.

How do they go about doing this though?

By joining companies like Traffic Hurricane and Traffic Monsoon Plus.

When Traffic Monsoon was finally shut down by the SEC, the company had accumulated a return on investment of well over $812.35 million. That right there is a very pretty penny to owe to people who genuinely believed that they were deserving of a commission or income from the company.

The real downside to the whole thing is the fact that only $207 million had been invested to Traffic Monsoon. While that’s still a hefty amount of cash, that’s nowhere near the $812.35 million that the company owed to all of their affiliates.

While Traffic Monsoon’s top investors were able to make a profit off of the whole ordeal, there’s no way of knowing if Traffic Monsoon ever had any real intentions of paying off their entire affiliate base.

Seeing that Traffic Hurricane is nothing more than a 1:1 copy of Traffic Monsoon, it can be pretty safe to assume that Traffic Hurricane will have the same exact fate as Traffic Monsoon.

Top investors of the company will make a profit, but the majority of the company’s affiliate and investor base will end up losing out on this deal.

While things may be going okay for Traffic Hurricane right now, it’s only a matter of time before they collapse in the same way that Traffic Monsoon did.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this Traffic Hurricane Review.

I wanted to give you this in-depth review because there have been plenty of other Traffic Hurricane reviews that don’t really give all the information you need.

If you do decide to join, I want you to be successful, so learn how to market yourself properly.

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