Truth Or Hype TV Funnel Review – I’m Not An Affiliate!!

truth or hype reviewThe first thing you need to understand is that I AM NOT promoting this new funnel, system or opportunity as an affiliate, and this is an unbiased review.

If you have searched for other Truth Or Hype Reviews, you will no-doubt see that 90% of them are trying to get you to join them.
(Hint: This is a new sales funnel to promote the Empower Network on the back-end which I will explain more about in this review).

Ok, so I heard all the hype about this new “system” or “funnel” and I decided to do an investigation of my own. In my Truth Or Hype Review I am going to reveal what is going on here.

By the way, from the looks of it, this whole “opportunity watch” and Holly Morgan is “pure fiction” and there to hold up this sales funnel that eventually promotes Empower Network business opportunity.

If you prefer to watch rather than read, you can watch my video review below.

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What Is Truth Or Hype?

Whoa! Good question.

I myself have been digging deep trying to find this out myself.

But I think I’ve figured it out!

So, you may have been brought to the page as shown below:

truth or hype scam

Now, what we have is a fictional person (Holly Morgan) who is portrayed as a “trusted advisor”.

In other words, you are being led to trust Holly Morgan to give you advice on picking your next business opportunity. (hint: Empower Network will be introduced later on!).

Apparently Holly Morgan is the author of something called “Opportunity Watch”.

But after doing a “background check”, I couldn’t find anything about her that wasn’t a biased affiliate “link loaded” review.

So, why don’t we look at some facts!

How do we know that this is a funnel designed to promote the Empower Network?

Very simple, if you go to the income disclosure link at

You will then be redirected to

See below:

empower network income disclosure

You can also tell it’s related to Empower Network because all of the top earners from the company are featured as testimonials and success stories on the sales page.

What Is Empower Network?

In case you don’t know, Empower Network is a very very popular MLM/affiliate program that launched in late 2012. People have joined it from all over the world including UK, New Zealand, Thailand, USA (obviously) and many other countries!

Because it has become so popular (some would say saturated), more front end funnels have been required to promote it. In fact, you can see another one of them at my post here.

Anyway, I will explain ALL about Empower later so don’t worry if you have questions about it.

Let me explain how this funnel works.

You enter your email address to “opt-in” to the next page which looks like this.

truth or hype products

So, what we here is a guy called Mars (very large guy with a shocking unforgivable  beard) who is being interviewed by the slightly “dizzy” Holly Morgan, obviously a british actress (I mean opportunity watch investigator!). lol

I’ve since found out that Mars is actually the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Empower Network and he goes on to answer Holly’s questions about the opportunity.

Later on, they are also joined by Jonathan Cronstedt who is CEO of Empower Network.

To be fair, this is a very “tongue in cheek” entertaining video.

It’s certainly not “boring” and the number 1 rule of marketing is to “never be boring”.

Ok, so what about Empower Network?

Like I mentioned before, Empower Network has become a very very (very!) popular program.

Now, it is not a scam but does operate on the model of recruitment, which means it’s “normally” required to “keep bringing people in” to make money from it.

Apparently there are over 200,000 affiliates in Empower Network.

Some people think empower network is dead. Whilst I wouldn’t disagree with this statement, it’s looking like it’s still hobbling along.

The company has suffered some setbacks in the past.

They were banned from Facebook (affiliate links were blocked) and YouTube also took down a lot of videos that affiliates were using to promote empower.

Having said this, the company has overcome these obstacles and has a leaderboard with lots of activity! They also organise events around the world that get good activity.

So I don’t think empower is dead just yet.

What Is The Purpose Of Truth Or Hype TV Funnel?

The purpose of Truth Or Hype is to operate as a clever sales funnel
which eventually leads to Empower Network.

So I will explain about the products of Empower Network.

What Is The Product Line?

Again this is a good question and actually quite a complicated one.

Well, first of all I will tell you the costs/prices for the core Empower Network products, although more have been added over the years.

Empower Network Products:

Kalatu – The Brand Station (formerly Viral Blogging System) – $25 per month

Inner Circle Mastermind – $100 per month

Top Producer Formula (formerly Costa Rica Intensive) – $500

Team Building Formula (formerly 15K Formula) – $1,000

Mass Influence Formula (formerly Masters Retreat) – $3,000

People generally buy these products in a “sequence” starting with the Viral Blogging System and going down the list.

You can only gain commissions at the level you are “positioned” at.

So, if you recruit someone and they purchase “Team Building Formula” for $1,000, you must have also “purchased” that product (and the products before it) to earn the commission.

This is known as “Pay to Play”.

Anyway, that is Empower Network.

empower network good or bad

But what is the Truth Or Hype Product Line?

Well, it looks like it’s simply 1 “Feeder Product” that is called LevelUp Training Sequence.

What is it?

Well, it’s obviously a front-end value packed training and funnel that will lead to sell you
Empower’s product line.

They also provide access to the affiliate program as a special bonus.

The cost of the LevelUp Training product seems to be a $9 trial that gives you 14 days to try the system. If you don’t cancel within 14 days, this goes to $44.95.

And they also have a money back guarantee as well in case you want to get a refund.

The product presells joining Empower and buying the products.

So, the first point of entry will be “Kalatu – The Brand Station” which is $25 per month
and then (see products above).

The total cost for all of the empower products will be around $3,500+.

And What Is Kelatu?

Kelatu (The Brand Station) is Empower network’s front-end product that sells for $25 per month.

Here’s some features:

Easy to use
Includes 20+ Automation Plugins
Integrates with WordPress
Lots of different themes

On the point of plugins (mentioned above, plugins are similar to apps), I know (from the sales video) about some of these which are:

21 Day Blogging Plugin – This is a plugin to allow you to blog easily by helping you produce the content. Apparently, it does this by asking you specific questions around the topic of your choice.

Optin Simple Plugin – Basically allows you to create opt-in boxes on your blogs very easily.

Linkify Plugin – This automatically “shortens” URLs for you and allows you to track the click stats for them.

kalatu blog

Is The Kalatu Platform Great For SEO

Ok, I have to pick on this point a bit.

Of course they claim that the Kalatu blogging platform is “great for Search Engine rankings”.

Well, thing is: Empower’s last blogging platform was not good for search rankings because it became de-indexed.

However, this could be better this time around.

Just be careful.

Truth Or Hype Review: What Is The Compensation Plan?

The compensation plan for Truth Or Hype is obviously similar or identical to Empower Network.

Because they are the same thing! Lol

Basically, you passup your 1st, 3rd and 5th signups.

For more details, checkout the sales video and I heard some rumors about a new empower network compensation plan so I’ll do more research into that.

Is There A Truth Or Hype TV Scam

Ok, so I’m sure yourself (and a lot of people) may wonder if this is too good to be true.

You may be wondering if this whole thing is a Truth Or Hype Scam.

And it’s a good question.

Well, to be honest with you. Calling it a “scam” is the wrong word.

In reality, “Empower Network” and “Truth Or Hype” are not scams.

However, they are very difficult to make money from.


It’s mainly because of saturation and “banner blindness”.

Banner Blindness is when people ignore your marketing message because they have “seen it before”.

The reason that Empower needs so many sales funnels (it’s had a lot over the past few years) is because of saturation.

And nowadays, unfortunately, it has become a very tough thing to promote.

So, just to sum up. There isn’t a Truth Or Hype Scam.

You may hear complaints from some people calling it a scam.

Or you may assume it is a scam because there isn’t a wiki page or because you read bad things on the warrior forum.

Or because you read silly “pyramid scheme” allegations on that ripoff report website. (that’s heavily slanted by the way).

But a lot of times, these complaints are from people who wanted a “get rich quick” scheme and overnight results.

So, it is not a scam. In fact, when I used to promote Empower Network, I used to see good timely payments through the eWallet!

So, if you are wondering if it’s good or bad then simply understand that it’s legit.

However, there is an “upward hill” battle in promoting it (nowadays).

So, is there a solution?

Well, I recommend 2 options for you:

1. Decide to promote something else: If you do this, you will also have to learn how to market properly.

But don’t worry because I show you how to do that in my “Free Training Series” below:

2. If you decide to promote Truth Or Hype: Then I recommend that you learn how to “brand yourself” and maket online.

If that sounds of interest to you, get my free training course below that shows you how:

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I don’t necessarily recommend joining the company.

As my Truth Or Hype review shows, it’s linked in with Empower and that is very tough to promote nowadays.

However, if you are already promoting it, I recommend you grab my free training series so you
can develop your own sales funnel and brand yourself.

Or, if you are deciding on promoting something else, my free training will help you with that as well.

Finally, if you would like a recommendation on something “legit” to promote, I give some recommendations on “Day 2” of my training series.

I hope you have found my Truth Or Hype Review helpful.

Are you a member of Truth Or Hype?

If so, what has been your experience like so far.

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