TruVision Health Review – I’m Not Trying To Recruit You!

truvision health reviewThis is a new MLM company called TruVision Health LLC that has been receiving a lot of attention recently .

Now, I want to make it clear that I am not a rep for the company.

And I am not “trying to sponsor” you like so many of the “biased” affiliate link loaded reviews!

I was recently “pitched” this company on Facebook so I decided to do a deep dive investigation.

You can read my findings in this TruVision Health Review of mine where I have looked into the products, business opportunity, management and compensation plan.

I have also uploaded a video version of my review which you can watch below:

Watch my TruVision Health Review video on YouTube

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So, What Is TruVision Health?

TruVision Health is a health and wellness company.

They state on their website at that they want to “encourage people to live healthier lives through our products and their lifestyle”. I think you also use that main website to sign in and gain further distributor resources as well.

This is an admirable vision as health is so important.

It’s management and company is based in Utah and the leaders/founders consist of Travis Martin, Derek Bailey and Shawn Gibson. One of these guys is the founder. Or, it may be all 3 of them!

From what I understand, Derek Bailey has had over 11 years experience in the network marketing industry.

TruVision Health is very much available to associates in different countries on an international scale.
Some of these countries include UK, US, Canada, Australia and Canada.

Whilst the website gives some good information, I was a bit surprised that I couldn’t find a wiki page for the company.

At least there is a phone number to contact them on the “contact” page though.

This is reassuring from a customer service point of view!

They also have a community called “Fitbit” which you can use for motivation and tracking your progress with other people.

Anyway, I like the look of the website and logo. Both look classy!

What Is The Product Line?

Their product line consists of 3 products.


The first one is TruFIX.

This is described on the box images as being able to “Tune up your Blood Chemistry”.

On closer inspection, it can lower cholesterol which obviously brings fantastic health benefits.

Not 100% sure about the ingredients of this product. It’s a mystery! lol

Does it work?

I’m not too sure but it sounds good!

truvision health product reviews

TruWeight And Energy

The second product is TruWeight and Energy.

This is an energy drink based.

What I like about this one (although I haven’t used it myself) is that it’s apparently based on green tea. Because I drink a lot of green tea, I know about the great health benefits so this product sounds good!

I’m sure this kind of product would be great with the weight loss as well!

After all, green tea is involved and I’ve noticed that it always keeps the weight down!

I’m not sure if green tea is actually one of the ingredients but I see it as being very beneficial if it is!

Heart And Hydration

The third product is called Heart and Hydration.

Again, this product sounds great because it can improve your heart health as well as replenish the bodies electrolytes.

Very important.

Whilst I haven’t used the products, I have only heard good things in the product reviews I’ve seen.

There have been some great testimonials and weight loss results that I’ve heard from distributors and product users alike.

It looks like they can help with weight loss, energy gain and getting a great night sleep which are all important areas to work on. I must get myself a sample of these products or have a look on ebay to see if anyone is selling! A lot of the times, with these sorts of products, I worry about the side effects! Maybe I can find a voucher code somewhere and try them out!

I heard a whisper about some essential oils products from the company, but alas, I couldn’t find out anything in my prior research.

The products look good from the weight loss point of view and I like that there is the TruVision Health Fitbit community for keeping motivated. I’ve also heard good things about the customer service.

How Do You Make Money With TruVision Health?

Basically, there are 2 ways of making money with a company like TruVision Health.

One of the ways is by selling the products on a retail basis.

The other way is to recruit people into the business and to form an downline.

Typically it takes 5-7 years to build a downline.

This can be difficult when using traditional prospecting methods and nothing else.

It’s far more effective to use online marketing tactics in addition to the traditional prospecting methods.

I’ll explain a bit more about how to do that shortly!

But yes, I’ve noticed that some other TruVision Health reviews didn’t actually explain how you make the money with the company.

What About The TruVision Health Compensation Plan?

I now want to explain about the Truvision Health compensation plan. For everyone going out there with their sponsor id, knowing about the compensation plan is essential.


Well, the primary way of making money with a business like this is “recruiting” so it’s important to know how much residual income you will get from the comp plan.

Now, it’s obviously very important for an MLM company to have a good compensation plan that gives great leverage.

The compensation plan for TruVision Health is pretty impressive.

The company gives their reps 20% of any fast start pack that’s purchased by anyone on the first level.

The second level pay is 10% and third to fourth level pay is 5%, which is really good.

Another great thing about this fast track is the weekly pay outs, but it’s only for initial orders.

So definitely worth considering joining this because of the leveraged comp plan.

truvision health comp plan

Is TruVision Health A Scam?

Gosh, it’s the same for pretty much all the MLM Companies.

I always hear talk about the company allegedly being a scam or pyramid scheme where the associates never make any money.

Yeah, some people ask if there is any truth to the TruVision Health scam rumours they hear about on Google or Facebook.

And they worry about the risks of getting scammed which is understandable. Having said that, there is normally a low start-up cost. Now, there are some companies that seem more scammy than others, such as this one that I reviewed here.

However, it remains to be seen if that is legit or not.

Still people wonder if it’s too good to be true.

Well, I want to set the record straight and provide directions on this topic.

This company does not appear to be a scam.

You may have been surfing around the internet and you may have seen complaints about the company.

For some companies, you may even seen lawsuits which is quite extreme!

Well, the reason you see lots of complaints, and in extreme cases, lawsuits, is because the companies tend to attract a lot of people who are in a get rich quick mentality.

These people are not ready to be business owners and so they don’t do the work that is required to build the business.

So, that’s why people call it a scam. They are in the “job” mentality rather than the “business owner” mentality.

But there actually isn’t a TruVision Health scam.

It’s a completely legitimate business opportunity and it’s the kind of thing you can make money with if you follow the training and take action.

TruVision Health Review and How To Succeed Faster?

I want to talk about the main problem with TruVision Health and how to get around it.

For all MLM Companies, there is typically a 97% failure rate and (from my years of experience), I’ve noticed there is a reason why the majority failure.

The problem is saturation.

Because these companies get so popular, a big problem and side effect can be saturation when so many people are promoting it.

And this can be one of the major risks with promoting a company like TruVision Health.

What is the solution to this? (you may ask?)

The solution is to brand yourself on the front end as a leader and to promote the opportunity on the back-end.

Unfortunately the companies don’t give this advice and that is why the majority fail.

Why don’t they give this valuable “marketing” advice?

It’s because the advice would  cause side effects such as “overwhelm” and therefore cause higher attrition/churn/drop-offs. I’ve seen this recently from another company review I did that you can read here.

However, the point is that when you brand yourself on the front end, you can promote anything on the back end. The majority don’t do this. They simply go out there and blast their sponsor id to everyone in sight trying to build their team.

But that tactic is even more ineffective due to saturation.

However, if you brand yourself, people can really get to know you.

This means saturation will never be a problem.

With saturation, a huge problem is “banner blindness” and this is when people stop taking notice of your marketing message. To really “close” sales into your opportunity, a lot of the time you need their phone number so you can build a relationship. So, if they ignore your marketing message, it’s never going to happen!

And don’t even think of simply blasting your TruVision Health business cards everywhere. No-one cares. It’s actually far better for you to “collect business cards” so you can close signups on the phone.

If you brand yourself as a leader on the front-end with what’s known as a sales funnel, you’ll avoid saturation forever.

Do you want to know how to do this yourself?

Well, if so, simply grab my free “Lead Generation Blueprint” ebook below. There is no cost for it and the training is fantastic!

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In the ebook, I show to make money in network marketing but I also show alternative (easier) ways to make money as well. Sign in to the training and learn how to market!

Most importantly, I teach how to brand yourself so that people are biased to buy from you or join your team!

Just look at Amazon. People buy from Amazon every day because they trust the brand.

I show you how to “brand yourself” so you have some kind of chance of making sales and signups.

Does it work?

Well it works a lot better then simply going out there and telling them about your diet!

People join those they know, like and trust. They don’t just join blindly because they like the company logo!

My guide will help if you are promoting TruVision Health LLC or anything else for that matter!

I hope you have gained value from my TruVision Health review. I’ve tried to give good information on the products, compensation plan and opportunity. I noticed that some of the other reviews lacked information in these areas.

However, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know. You can add me to facebook as well. I am a real person!

Are you part of TruVision Health?

Have you used the products or build a team of distributors?

If so, let me know of your experience in the comments section below.


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