uBox Review – Is This Legit Or A Scam?

ubox reviewSomeone on my Facebook newsfeed was hyping about this new MLM business opportunity called uBox.

In typical fashion, they were trying to get me to watch a presentation for uBox and “take a look”. How cheesy?

Well, I always like to know the “full story” so I have gone out to find out as much info as possible.

So, what have I found out about uBox?

Well, I reveal all the details in my uBox Review that you have before you.

Please note that I am not endorsing or promoting this business opportunity (especially after what I found out) so this review is not designed to get your commission.

This is an unbiased review of uBox so no worries there!

I have also created a video version of the review which you can watch below:

Watch my uBox Review on YouTube

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What is uBox?

Well, the first “red flag” is that I am unable to find out who the owner/founder of the business is.

Basically, the company website doesn’t reveal any information on this.

There is an “about us” link but it just redirects to “home” which is very odd.

See the image below to see what I mean.

ubox scam

So yes, the official website is “uboxlive.com” and you can see a screenshot at the image above.

The domain name was actually registered very recently: January of this year and the owner is a Hyolee Ung. This person has their address listed in California of the US.

However, the company address is:

uWay LLC
Newport Beach

That’s a bit strange because the addresses are different.

The domain name registered address is different to the company address.

I did a bit of digging to find out about Hyolee Ung, however I couldn’t find any information.

I don’t know whether he has experience in the MLM industry, Network Marketing or whatever.

He is the person who has registered the domain but it’s unclear what is formal connection is to uBox.

What is even stranger is that the “email address” used for the domain registration is for someone called Lily Ung.

On YouTube, I saw a uBox Presentation which stated that the CEO/President of uBox is a guy called Roscoe Umali, as shown below:

ceo president ubox roscoe umali

So, who is Roscoe Umali?

Well, this is where it gets interesting.

He is a well-established hip-hop artist in the US and (I believe) this is his opening into the MLM industry!

This is all fine but why isn’t it revealed on the website: uboxlive.com

Why does the “about page” redirect to the home page?

Surely the most important thing is to explain the company history and background similar to a wiki or Wikipedia page.

So, What Is The uBox Product Line?

The uBox product is essentially a streaming box and it is called (you guessed it) “uBox”.

So basically it has live TV as well as streaming entertainment.

And it’s also described as offering “more hit shows, movies, music and more to your TV.”

What about the technical requirements?

Well, apparently it:

– Runs on Android 4.2.2
– Supports 1080p Full HD Video Decoding and most video formats
– Has built in WIFI and external antenna for stable receiving

This all sounds great but there is a worrying concern (I noticed from other uBox reviews) that state that some of the content is unlicensed. This doesn’t deliver a good impression!

See image below:

ubox product

That image above was taken from YouTube where there was an affiliate doing a presentation of uBox.

Info About The Compensation Plan

So basically, affiliates of uBox can sell the uBox streaming device at $399.

And retail customers can choose to pay an extra $50 to become an affiliate which gives delivery of the affiliate program.

If you are a uBox affiliate, you can purchase at the wholesale cost of $250 and then resell for $399.

So, what is the uBox compensation plan actually like?

Well, it is a unilevel comp plan and you can see an image of this below.

ubox compensation plan

There’s also a few other bells and whistles such as a “Presidential Pool” and other things. I believe there are also coupon code things available. That is good because you can use discount code coupons to improve your conversions.

A unilevel compensation plan for uBox is a pretty good strategy. It can be powerful and leveraged.

It’s a bit different to the usual but it can be powerful. See here for more information about a compensation plan which is more aimed at “passups” (a different style altogether).

Is This Legit Or A Scam?

A few of the other reviews have been biased, but some have alluded to there being some kind of uBox Scam.

So, is uBox a scam or is it legit?

Well, it’s a bit early to tell to be honest as it’s a new company.

But for these opportunities will always have people making complaints or calling it a scam.

However, the main problem I have is the “lack of transparency” on the company website.

I had to do a lot of digging just to find some basic information about the company.

So, I do advise approaching with caution.

There is also the problem with the “unlicensed content” like I explained above.

So, because of these factors, I can’t recommend promoting uBox.

In terms of getting my recommendations on what to promote, you can grab my free training series below that should help you.

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My uBox Review Conclusion…

In conclusion, it’s too early to say whether uBox is a good opportunity or a scam.

It’s good to see that it’s got a proper product (the uBox streaming device) as there are a lot of opportunities out there where it’s simply affiliates selling affiliate memberships.

Which is frowned upon by the authorities. I recently investigated a popular opportunity called uFun which is a prime example of this.

So yes, at least uBox is a product.

However, just be very careful as I did uncover some red flags in my uBox review.

I hope this review of uBox has been helpful for you.

Please share around if you have got value and let me know if you have any questions.

Are you an affiliate of uBox?

Can you shed any light on your experience? Any complaints on your experience? Let me know your feedback.

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