uFun Club Review from Unbiased Non Affiliate!!

ufun club reviewSince the start of the year, there has been lots of hype about this company called uFun Club.

And I myself have been pitched it a few times.

Now please be aware that I am NOT endorsing this company or the business opportunity attached to it.

I’m not promoting like a lot of uFun reviews that are just trying to get your commission from “getting you in front of the presentation”.

I was pitched it by 3 different people (one of them even offered a bonus), so I decided to do some in-depth research to find out about it.

And you get to learn what I discovered in my uFun Club Review that I have for you.

Let’s get started.

I have also created a video review you can watch. See below:

You can watch my uFun Club Review video on YouTube

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Ok, Seriously, What Is Ufun Club?

The primary company website is “ufunclub.com”.

Quite a few people have leveled criticism at the fact that the “opportunity” side is hidden.

And this (to me) is a huge “red flag” and I imagine that the authorities would frown upon it as well!

Ok, so the official website seems to have been registered in December of 2012.

However, there is another “red flag” because the domain has been set to “private”.

Also, I couldn’t find a uFun Wikipedia page to get further info. Bit worrying here!

It looks like the business opportunity and company are based in Asia as you can see from the image below that shows some addresses listed. At least some of the uFun material is in English though!

ufun club scam

And from what I know it’s got activity in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong and lots of places! Obviously, uFun Club is international.

There’s also a lot of hype about getting in early for people in Australia, America (USA) and the UK. Don’t fall for the hype here.

Ok, now we have the supposed “inventor of the system” who is a mysterious figure called “Mr Huang” (shown in the image below).

He is described by uFun Club as a “Chinese mathematician”.

However, as lots of other people have reported, it’s difficult to find out any information on him! I saw a hangout where a guy was talking about uFun and he mentioned this point.

Anyway, see an image of him below:

ufun scam

So, this is the guy that has developed the uFun Club “special system”.

But we just know nothing about him.

Bit suspicious!

Certainly no evidence that this guy has any kind of track record within the network marketing or MLM industry!

So, who is at the helm of uFun Club?

Well, from my research, it appears that this guy called Athiwat Soonpan is at the helm.

ufun utoken scam

From one uFun presentation (Google hangout) I saw, I learnt that (apparently) he is a Thai defence force advisor.

That is one of the claims.

However, as with Mr Huang, it’s difficult to verify this or detect if either of them have any track record in the MLM industry.

Another thing: Be very wary of lots of hype that you will here about uFun because it appears that a lot of it is “smoke and mirrors”.

For example, I read on another blog post claims that the Utokens could become China’s official “recognized digital currency”.


Well, it’s difficult to believe this when there is so little information about the company and it’s staff/founders. If you only speak English then you probably believe some of the claims but be careful.

So proceed with caution.

Erm, So What Is The Product?

Well, I’m not sure whether to call it a “product” or not.

But you will hear a lot about the uToken which is being hyped as a digital currency.

But, is it really though?

In actual fact, it appears that the uToken is simply the “method” to persuade affiliates to invest into the scheme.

Basically, people invest as affiliates through the uFun Club and they purchase uTokens.

And then get other people to do the same.

Whilst I agree with network marketing and legitimate opportunities, the authorities frown upon opportunities where there is no “real product”.

So of course, I don’t recommend that you hangout with opportunities that are not completely legal.

And What About The uFun Club Compensation Plan

Like I mentioned, uFun Club affiliates invest in the packages.

And then they recruit others to do the same. They tell them how to join and make money with it.

The amount they “invested” determines their earning potential.

See below for the different investment packages:

– 1 Star – $575

– 2 Star – $1150

– 3 Star – $5750

– 4 Star – $11,500

– 5 Star – $57,500

Once you have purchased one of the package, you are also given uPoints.

So, what are uPoints used for?

Well, they are used to purchase uTokens of course!

How confusing with all these tokens and points!

So, see below to understand how many uPoints are given for each investment package:

– 1 Star – 400 uPoints

– 2 Star – 850 uPoints

– 3 Star – 4500 uPoints

– 4 Star – 9500 uPoints

– 5 Star – 50,000 uPoints

Ok, I know your head is probably spinning from all of the “smoke and mirrors” here.

But there is one final piece of information about the uFun digital currency.

Like I mentioned before, the amount you can earn is determined by your investment package.

So the maximum daily earning for each package is shown below:

– 1 Star – $500

– 2 Star – $1000

– 3 Star – $5000

– 4 Star – $7000

– 5 Star – $10,000

Ok, let’s talk about the uFun Compensation Plan.

I learned from the presentation I saw that it’s a Unilevel as shown below:

ufun compensation plan

As you can see above, with the uFun comp plan (a unilevel), the affiliate is the top of the team and gains commissions from all on the front line.

There’s also a number of other bells and whistles such as a World Pool Bonus, VIP, Resort House Investment and other hyped up incentives for your business plan! Get info from other uFun reviews about that, as they want your commission. They may even offer you a bonus as well!

At the end of the day, it’s all digital money designed to get you to invest in the scheme!

So, Is uFun A Scam Or What?

So, we have the age old question for new business opportunities.

People are wondering if the uFun Scam rumours are true or not.

Well, I’ve always been straight about this.

I always classify a scam as something where “money is taken” and no value is delivered.

In this case, it looks like you know what you’re getting yourself in for (sort of).

However, even if uFun may not strictly be a scam.

It does look illegal because there is no “real product” similar to something like Paycation or Tellus Mall which I recently researched.

In the case with this company, the uToken and uPoints are just ways of disguising the scheme.

And of course, this is frowned upon by the authorities.

So, it’s certainly possible that there are complaints and lawsuits with things such as these. And of course some people will think uFun is a scam and make complaints against it.

This always happens with schemes like this.

uFun Club Review And Conclusion

I don’t recommend getting involved with uFun Club.


It’s mainly because it’s “risky” and there is no bonus to that!

And it’s “risky” because it’s possible that it could be “shut down” by the authorities for being illegal.

After all there is no “real product”. This is a bad presentation when looked at from the outside!

And can you imagine how bad you would feel if you invested $40,000+ into something and then it got shut down?


So, what should you do?

Well, if you want to really make money online, the answer is not to invest $40,000 into something that is “very risky”.

The answer is to grab my free training series below that shows only quality methods:

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I show ways of making money online for free, and it’s legal as well!

If you want to make money online, you need a business plan and roadmap to show you the correct ways to do it.

The purpose of my uFun Club review was to reveal the different costs and risks associated with this.

The opportunity has slick compensation plans and bonuses but ultimately there is no “real product”. They make out that this uToken is some kind of currency but it’s really not at all!

And there is certainly no guarantee that this will be around forever.

So, I cannot recommend getting involved.

But I do recommend grabbing my free training series and learn how to get faster, easier and low risk results. I will give you a marketing plan to help you build your online business.

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