The Ultimate Online MLM Marketing Success Guide

online mlm marketingSo many people who get involved with multi level marketing  have absolutely no idea how to market.

And that is why I am making this post.

I want you to achieve marketing success with your MLM company and not be part of the 97% who fail to get started.

Instead, I want you to get lots of leads each day and become one of the mlm millionaires.

So, let’s get started.

The Truth About Multi Level Marketing

The truth about the industry is that most people who join don’t know how to market.

They want to know just what exactly does it mean to be a great marketer?

Someone who can generate cash on demand, by getting leads every day!

And they probably haven’t checked out my free guide below:

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Now really, all it comes down to is, actually using some form of marketing strategy in your business.

It really isn’t rocket science.

Now what most people in multi-level marketing do is they follow the system (straight out of the box) and they don’t have any kind of marketing strategy.


Because most people in multi-level marketing companies have never learned anything about marketing in their life.

They come from a different background where no marketing is used; and their company tells them it’s all about prospecting anyone with a pulse.


Now if you really want a MLM marketing plan, you need to learn how to market your business, whether it’s online or offline.

If you’re marketing your business offline, you would typically use things like newspaper advertising, flyers, networking events or maybe even an MLM magazine.

Now those sorts of things are fine, but you’re going to have to pay money to do that and it will be limited to your advertising budget and also your location so you will only get local mlm leads.

So for example if you put flyers all over your home town, that will be limited to your location.

Now the healthy alternative is using the internet to market your business and the benefits to this is that you’re able to reach much more people because you’ve got a global

How do you market on the Internet?

There’s lots of ways.

You can do things like blog posts (see below for help with this), you can shoot videos and essentially try to rank your content on the search engines in the hope of getting leads, and you really do have a global audience if you can do this.

And having content that ranks online is a leveraged way of getting passing traffic, leads and signups for your MLM business, so it’s a very strong solution to it.

Case in point, checkout a screenshot of my daily lead flow below:

leads screenshot

It’s also powerful if you have just joined one of the new multi level marketing companies as you can then work towards producing content around the company keywords. As you will be one of the first, this is a great strategy.

When your skills improve, you can also move into online advertising which includes things like solo ads, ppc and banner advertising.

That’s great for when you’re ready, but don’t dive in too soon.

You won’t be marketing like Jonathan Budd straight away!

Now, how exactly do you have MLM marketing success on the internet?

Well I’ll split this into three things really.

1. Start with a single Traffic Strategy – You need to choose a single traffic generation strategy and stick to it.

So not deviating from lots of different things but sticking to it for a prolonged period of time.

I recommend 90 days or 90 days to 6 months.

If you don’t develop any kind of consistency with your traffic generation method, you will never see any results. This goes for everything in life. If you started learning the Piano, you wouldn’t get great results within 2 weeks.

This is obvious.

2. A mentor and training – So this will mean you find someone who is achieving the results that you want.

Let’s just say that you want to use video marketing to get more leads.

You should then reach out to someone who already is doing this, an MLM Coach for example who generates leads using video.

Speaking of which, I do this myself so feel free to grab my guide below that gives the full scoop:

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Or, buy some form of product that teaches the skill.

You need to invest in training and mentorship to develop your skills.

You need to buy a product from someone who has mastered that traffic generation strategy, or you need to get coaching from someone who has mastered that traffic generation
strategy, because until you do that, you’re simply acting like an amateur.

So that’s the second point which is to get some good quality training from someone or some product.

3. Keep Running With It (Don’t stop) – There’s no rocket science to it. You just need to keep working consistently hard at it.

Don’t expect microwave results and just carry on with your marketing strategy until you gain traction.

Carry on until you’ve reached that tipping point that creates the leads, traffic and signups for your MLM opportunity.

Carry on doing it for a prolonged period of time and you will see success.

Now, in terms of the best traffic generation that I use.

Let me tell you about getting lots of leads for your business through blogging.

Why You Need A Blog For Marketing Your Business Opportunity

Let’s face it.

A blog is useful for all aspects of internet marketing.

Whether you are marketing one of the top network marketing companies, a direct sales opportunity or your top tier business, you absolutely should have a blog.

And the reason you need to have a blog is because people will not take you seriously if you don’t have a blog.

And they need to see you as an authority for you to get leads and signups.

It also allows you to target people who you want to target.

So, if you want existing network marketers, you can have them.

This way, you probably won’t have people who are sceptical and saying “it’s one of those pyramid scheme companies”.

Which would be an advantage!

If you’re going to go out there and get high quality business opportunity leads, which basically involves people giving away their e-mail address and getting onto your mailing list to hear more about what you offer, you’re going to have to give a compelling offer to people.

And they won’t take your compelling offer seriously if they don’t see you as someone who is producing results or who is an authority.

They also need to see you as someone who has invested in themselves and learned a lot, because it’s a very noisy world out there and there’s lots of different people to follow.

Especially on the Internet!

So if you really want to stand a chance of marketing your direct sales company or network marketing opportunity, or whatever, you need to have a blog.

Note: There are some multi level marketing companies that have specific regulations about what you can say about them (as a distributor) so I recommend you check the small print first!

Some Important Points For Your Blog

1. Your branding – The branding of your blog should be targeting someone. It shouldn’t be targeting everyone.

So you should have an idea of who you are and what your story is.

Maybe you’re a work-at-home mom for example, and you want to target other work-at-home moms who want to earn some income from home.

Or maybe you are part of a travel MLM and so your branding would be better suited to have lots of photos of exotic sandy beaches and tropical rainforests!

So that’s one of the important things about your blog is your branding.

And this is something that may take a bit of thinking to figure it out, but it’s important to brainstorm who you actually want to work with and then you can craft your blog branding around that.

I explain more about how powerful your branding is in my online home business video below. Have a look:

2. Your Compelling Offer – The second thing is, to figure out what your compelling offer is going to be, because with a blog, you need to be offering something.

Such as an “ethical bribe”

And my post here should help you with that.

So you need to understand what your compelling offer is, and this really stems from what your target market wants.

So for example, taking the work-from-home moms example, you might have a guide about “how to create income from home as a work-from-home mom” and then it’s directly targeted to them and you can look at ways of getting that kind of targeted traffic.

Or, maybe you want to keep it fairly broad and just market to business opportunity seekers.

This can work well, but just make sure that you have a fairly unique angle because it’s a very noisy Internet out there!

3. Have The Correct Expectations – Finally, go into this with the correct expectations.

With having a Blog, a lot of people think that “if you build it, they will come”, and it just does not work like this.

It’s going to take you a while to get the traction that you need to really take off with it.

So many people start an online home business and expect money to fall out of the sky.

Don’t be one of those people.

Go into it with completely the best expectations and don’t expect it to happen overnight.

Do the work, master the online mlm marketing traffic formula and you will be rewarded with the business opportunity leads that you need to grow your business.

Finally, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is “what do I blog about”?

Good question and this is something I plan to cover in-depth over time.

But, for starters, think of how you can produce content that will attract others in the industry. For example, keep your finger on the pulse for network marketing news and you can report on this.

There’s lots happening in the industry all the time, and you can leverage this to pick up lots of traffic!

More on this and other strategies in my ebook:

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the truth about multi level marketingHope the lengthy advice in this post gives you some good ideas.

Start with the marketing tips I gave, and then move onto Blogging.

Walk before you can run.

You can use blogging for anything, whether you are promoting a opportunity or one of the direct sales companies. The point is that you need to make an offer if you are running an online home business.

Don’t take shortcuts, do the work and there will be no limit to what you can achieve.

Are you following the tips I’ve outlined, and have you started your Blog yet?

Fire across a comment below and let me know what stage you’re at.

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