Uno Premier Review – Not For Me Personally!

uno premier reviewIt’s very unfortunate when I get pitched by people on my own mailing list for the latest “shiny” new ground floor business opportunity!

But yes, it happened again.

I was pitched about this new mlm/network marketing company (Uno Premier).

So I decided to do some research on it.

Now, I am NOT promoting this and this is a completely unbiased Uno Premier review unlike a lot of the reviews you will read.

I have done an investigation to find out about the company history, products and compensation plan.

So you can read this review and decide if you resonate with the company or not.

If you prefer to watch video, you can watch my YouTube video below:

Watch my Uno Premier Review video on YouTube

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What Is Uno Premier?

This is a spin off company that launched in October 2014. Apparently it was a pretty decent launch as well.

It’s originally a “spin off” from the primary company which is simply called “UNO” and this company formed in the Philippines 8 years ago.

The company was founded by William Barbo who has a long track record working within the network marketing industry According to the company, he has been in the industry for around 18 years or something like that.

Having said this, I couldn’t find much information when I researched him on Google.

So, watch out here.

It also looks like some investment has been made with the technology side. And specifically, there is an app available for Uno Premier.

The company makes some big claims.

They say they have apparently produced lots of millionaires, 800 Philippine millionaires apparently!

However, same as before: I couldn’t find anything to back up these claims from my research.

The products and opportunity seem to be open to people in Dubai, Pakistan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nigeria and many other places as well. Suffice to say, it’s a global and international company.

I’ve also heard that they have a UK event planned.

What Are The Uno Premier Products?

After doing some research on the official website which is, I finally got to discover what the products are.

Basically, there are 3 different products detailed on the website.

These are:

– Sante 8 Berries – A definitive supplement that is meant to give you all your required nutritional needs.

– Pro Cardio – This is meant to improve your HDL, LDL, triglycerides and many more health benefits.

– Nutrifab – This is basically a slimming/weight loss product. Apparently it detoxes and loses you weight simultaneously.

Now, the slightly worrying thing is that I couldn’t find out the Uno Premier products cost!

Bit strange!

And then I discovered that you can only get the products if you buy the packages which could be from around $300-$3,400

Seems crazy expensive to me!

Having said that, I’ve heard that the packages include slightly more products than the “lonely 3” that are detailed on the Uno Premier website.

Yeah, so apparently there are more products including Grapeseed, Fitright, Magic Cream, Kryptorganic, Juice, Coffee and lots more!

I wonder why these aren’t under the Uno Premier brand.

Me = confused!

Note: Ok on closer inspection, it looks like the other products are under a different brand and are sold re-sold by Uno Premier.

Mystery solved! lol

uno premier products

What Is The Compensation Plan Like?

Ok, so from closer inspection on YouTube, I see that the Uno Premier compensation plan is quite leveraged. I saw a really good presentation on YouTube that showed it off!

And this is a good thing.

Within MLM/Network Marketing, being able to gain residual income from the compensation plan is important.

From some videos I saw on youtube, I can see that it’s powerful for the right people.

Of course, you still to take action and get out there recruiting!

Uno Premier Review – What Are The Package Costs?

The package costs are really quite pricey for what you get, like I mentioned before.

Take a look at the packages below:

– Platinum – $309
– Premier – $925
– Premier Elite – $1741
– Global Premier – $3404

As you can see, the prices are quite steep for the packages.

At least the logo of the company looks pretty cool!

uno premier marketing plan

Is There An Uno Premier Scam?

I get this question all the time when a new mlm company launches or there a big hyped pre-launch of a network marketing company.

People will of course ask if there is an Uno Premier scam!

Now, the company probably isn’t a scam.

However, it was slightly worrying that I couldn’t find information about the company owner.

And I couldn’t find a wiki/Wikipedia page or anything.

So just be careful.

My recommendation is to approach with caution as the products are being re-sold and there is not enough information about the company history and it’s founder.

Whatever you do, I recommend going through my free training series below that will help you learn how to make money without having to recruit or doing lots of networking!

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Not only that, but it will also help you learn how to market.

And learning how to market will of course help your recruiting.

This applies to whether you decide to join Uno Premier or another opportunity. It’s important because business opportunities can get very saturated. For example, there is currently a company in pre-launch called GotBackup and it already has lots of people promoting it like crazy. See my review I did here that explains more about the madness!

This is important because I notice that there was no training within Uno Premier for producing a solid marketing plan for success!

Big omission there!

But in the training series, I also show alternative “online business models” so you can learn how to make money without chasing down friends and family to recruit!

By the way, the training series is completely free and there are certainly no upsells or whatever when you opt-in.

And I have lots and lots of testimonials from my happy students who are using the training to build their home business.

So it’s definitely worth checking out.

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I hope my Uno Premier review has been helpful for you.

I won’t be joining because I already make great money through my own methods.

If you want to learn what they are, feel free to grab my free training series.

Or, if you really want to join Uno Premier then make sure to learn how to market and position the products and opportunity.

Have you joined Uno Premier?

What has been your experience?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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