Viral Crypto Review – But I’m Not Promoting It!

Viral Crypto ReviewLately, this business opportunity has been getting a lot of hype on the internet.

People are hyping Viral Crypto all over the place, including a lot of social media.

Has someone already pitched Viral Crypto to you?

The first thing I want to tell you is that I am NOT promoting this business in any way.

I have complied all the facts about it in my Viral Crypto Review so you can discover the truth for yourself!

Have you hear that Viral Crypto is a scam?

That Viral Crypto can’t deliver on it’s promises?

I will tell you all about it in my Review of Viral Crypto.

Let’s get started.

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Exactly what is Viral Crypto?

The latest company up for our full review in the MLM world is Viral Crypto. Viral Crypto is one of the newest companies to hit the MLM scene, as it actually launched just about a week ago. That’s about as new as you can get, and the company’s admin for its official website goes by the name of Randolph Taylor.

As for Taylor’s physical location, it would appear that he is currently located somewhere in the country of Italy. That’s more than likely where Viral Crypto is being run and based out of as well, but we don’t know exactly where in Italy the operation is taking place.

When taking a look at the bio that’s provided for Taylor on the Viral Crypto website, we can see that he isn’t afraid of touting his past experience in the underbelly of the multi-level marketing world.

As per his bio,

“I had faced hard experiences in other online field like in Rev Shares, PH programs, Affiliate Marketing, Online hops, Forex selling online and a host of other different kind of opportunities.”

Unfortunately, aside from the bio that is provided for Taylor on the Viral Crypto website, there’s no other information for the man online at all. Whenever we run into a situation like this, it often results in the admin or owner for a company not physically existing at all. It’s a trend that’s often seen with Ponzi and pyramid schemes, and that could be what’s taking place here.

If we take a look at the Alexa rankings for the Viral Crypto website, we can see that 46.8% of the company’s total traffic originates directly out of India. This would suggest that India is where the company is being run out of, but this would contradict the initial inclination that it’s being based out of Italy.

Contradicting info is never something you want to have with an MLM company, but that’s what we’ve got going on here with Viral Crypto.

Viral Crypto

Are There Any Viral Crypto Products?

In regards to the product line that Viral Crypto has set in place, the company doesn’t have one at all.

Product lines are tremendously important in the world of MLM, but for whatever reason, Viral Crypto has decided that they simple don’t need one.

While omitting a product line certainly does make it easier to get a company launched, it also creates for a host of serious issues. Even though product lines may be expensive and hard to establish, they exist for a very important reason.

Product lines allow for outside money to makes its way into a company through retail sales. Retail sales occur when you have a product or service to sell to a customer, but with no product line, you have no retail sales. And with no retail sales, you have no solid source of revenue keeping your company afloat.

Viral Crypto has decided to fund their company entirely through investments they get from their affiliates, and although we see this take place all the time in the MLM industry, that doesn’t make it a good or legitimate practice at all.

Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan For Viral Crypto?

Moving to the compensation plan side of things, Viral Crypto has their affiliates gift bitcoin to one another in order to earn commissions. By gifting bitcoin to another affiliate within the company, a new affiliate will then be eligible to start getting gift payments from other affiliates as well.

These payments are tracked through Viral Crypto through the use of a 2 x 5 matrix system, and the matrix here is complete once all of the 62 available positions have been filled.

Positions see fulfillment through both direct and indirect recruitment, and having a higher level within the matrix will result in you getting a larger gift payment from other affiliates within the company.

These commissions get paid out on a basis, and if you are able to get all the way to level 5 of the matrix, you have the potential to receive payments of 3 BTC from 32 total affiliates.

What Is The Fee To Join Viral Crypto?

If you’d like to join Viral Crypto, the membership itself is actually free. However, if you’d like to be eligible to start earing cash through the matrix system that we just outlined, you’ll have to make an initial investment of at least 0.03263 BTC. This investment acts as a gift to another affiliate who’s already in the company, and the more money you invest or gift, the more bitcoin you’ll be eligible to receive from fellow affiliates.

Is Viral Crypto Truly A Scam?

If you’ve been doing your research on Viral Crypto, you may have heard from some people that it’s a scam, and from other’s that it’s totally legit.

After reading my review, you might not be sure for yourself.

So, what’s really going on here?Is Viral Crypto a scam, or can you make a legit business with it?

To be honest, I am not sure Viral Crypto is a complete scam.

However, I did find a few things to be aware of before you join, which will help you to be successful if you join.

Also, see below for help with making money online.

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Read Here For My Viral Crypto Conclusion!

Although you might expect a new company in the MLM world to bring fresh and new ideas to the table, Viral Crypto presents a cash gifting scheme that’s about as simple as they come.

When you sign up as an affiliate for the company, you are required to gift bitcoin to affiliates who already exist within Viral Crypto. This will then make you eligible to start receiving gifting payments from new affiliates who sign up, and this will continue over and over as long as people keep signing up for the affiliate program.

As if that wasn’t shady enough, we’re dealing with a company that just launched a week ago with an admin who may or may not exist. If Randolph Taylor does actually exist, then he’s been involved with schemes like this for a number of years. If he doesn’t, we’re dealing with yet another faceless company.

And, similar to all other cash gifting schemes out there, the lifeline of Viral Crypto is entirely dependent on people continuing to sign up and gift their cash to other affiliates.

Once recruitment levels begin to die down, the payments that are keeping the company alive will begin to come to a stop as well. This will result in affiliates not earning cash like they’re supposed to, and they will subsequently stop gifting money since they aren’t getting anything in return.

This process will cause Viral Crypto to go down the rabbit hole, and if you find yourself involved with Viral Crypto when this takes place, any money you’ve got invested in the company will unlikely be returned to you.

And, since all of the investing and gifting is done through bitcoin, it’s going to be near impossible to recover any funds you’ve lost.

I hope you have gained a lot of value from my Viral Crypto Review.

I have found other reviews are scant on details, so I wanted to make sure you had everything you need here.

If you do decide to move forward with Viral Crypto, I think the info I have given here will help you.

Moving forward, you need to take care of marketing yourself, which you can learn how to do with my free training. Click below.

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