Warning: The MLM Industry Has Big Problems!

mlm industryThat’s a dramatic headline but it’s worth drawing your attention to the problems in the mlm industry at the moment.

We constantly have more mlm companies springing up and thousands joining them every week.

However, the industry has serious problems that you should be aware of before deciding to join a company. There has always been a high failure rate within multi level marketing but nowadays, the game has changed even more. It’s like a shift in the “balance of power” that you need to be aware of before making the commitment.

So, What Are The Problems With The MLM Industry?

The primary problem has been the emergence of the internet. Although, for a minute, let’s not call it a problem.

The internet allows you to reach people on a global scale, shop online, communicate across the globe and conduct research on anything.

Let’s face it. The internet is not the problem here.

It’s the MLM industry that is the problem. The phrase “adapt or die” is dramatic but really applies to this scenario.

Here are the big problems that the Internet is causing for “traditional” multi level marketing.

Online Efforts Sabotaging Your Offline Methods

When you do your usual prospecting methods such as 3-way calls, home meetings and approaching your warm market, your efforts can be diminished by the Internet.

Let me explain.

When you get a lead (offline) that is interested in your opportunity, they will do what most of us do. They will go online and look for reviews.

The problem is that when they do this, they will most likely be recruited into something else.

And this doesn’t always have to be malicious! The person reviewing the company may “lead with value” and give away a Free Ebook, and before you know it, your lead is somebody else’s lead.

Now, at this point, you may think that the other person has “poached” the other persons lead. And, you would “almost” be right.

The fact is that “poaching” customers from competitors is one of the most effective marketing practices. Just look at mobile phone companies who persuade you to switch contracts. Or, if you want a local example, take a look at the shop that decides to open close-by to an existing store, to gain traffic/footfall from the existing customers. Big brands do this all the time.

The fact is that there are now lots of us “online mlm marketers” who use the Internet to provide value-based marketing and (yes), reviews of other companies. This is a smart strategy for you to build your business. Also, if you decide not to do this, your business will be eroded away others. When your leads decides to search for a company review and gets new information, it can diminish your efforts.

Should we blame the Internet?

No, of course not. That would be silly.

It is down to you (as a distributor) to decide to go online and provide value through a network marketing blog. That will serve you well for the 21st Century!

The Huge Problem

This is where it gets even worse. A lot of these “old school” MLM’s will not even allow you to market on the Internet!

They want to keep you in the dark ages. Can you believe it?!

Therefore, you are now better off joining an online MLM company that encourages you to lead with value online.

That is the solution to the problems of the MLM Industry.

The problems of the industry are severe. To learn how to combat them, grab my Free manual below that explains how to build your MLM business on the Internet. It will grow quicker than ever!

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Also, to understand the core strategies you need to know in 2014, watch and take notes on my ACN Scam video below:

In the video above, I give the core strategies you need to know to succeed.

mlm industry overviewI hope this video helps you understand the problems within the multi level marketing industry today.

There are positives though. If you make the decision to move your business online, you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions.

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