3 Ways To Build An Online Business From Home

ways to build an online business from homeSince I read a well known book called The 4 Hour Work Week a few years ago, I’ve researched, obsessed and implemented to build an online empire. One of the goals of this website has always been to give various ways to build an online business from home. Why from home? Because it gives people freedom to spend more time with their family and make money at the same time.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 3 specific tips and strategies that have personally helped me create a full time income using the power of the Internet.

Like I said before, it all started with reading The 4 Hour Work Week.!

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3 Ways To Build An Online Business From Home

1. Don’t let the technical challenges slow you down: I often get tired of hearing the same excuses from people such as “I can’t build websites”, “I don’t know how to code” and even “I’m a technophobe”.

These are nothing more than excuses.

Starting an internet has never been easier with “done for you” systems being very common. You should know that almost of all of the top earners “do not know how to code”. They don’t how to “FTP This….HTML…CSS”. First of all, these things can be outsourced with websites like Fiverr, ODesk, Elance and People Per Hour to name just a few!

Second of all, a platform such as WordPress with a framework like Genesis is very easy to learn an effectively “done for you” – You shouldn’t be delving around in the code!

2. Solve Problems For People: If you want ways to build an online business from home then first start with the service you are going to provide. People turn to the Internet for solutions and they do this mainly through Search, Social Media and Forums. Think about your “niche” and who your target market is. Understand their problems and pain points, and create content that solves these problems.

As an example, this website helps people (primarily) in the Home Business, Network Marketing and MLM niche. That is the primary audience.
But it is also appealing to Bloggers and Internet Marketers as it covers topics that are relevant to these demographics.

Bottom line: Understand your niche and the problems that you hope to solve through your content.

3. Provide Lots Of Value: The world is a much better place when people are offering value and the Internet is no different. Once you understand your target market, you should be driven to “serve them” and help them solve their problems. This is why Blogging is so important. It gives you a chance to provide value to your niche with your website. The content that you publish will effectively last forever and give you an opportunity to earn passive income: yet another lesson I learnt from The 4 Hour Work Week!

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building home internet businessThose 3 Tips have been so important for me in building my online business from home to eventually having my own office and expanding all the time! For more information about choosing a home based business (specifically online), see my post here.

I hope that has helped you. If it has helped you, please share, tweet and “like”.

Have you started an online business from home? If so, what methods do you specifically recommend? Do you agree with what I have said?

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