Wealth Generators Review – Not A Distributor!

wealth generators reviewI often get pitched various opportunities from people (even when they are on my mailing list!) and
that is what happened recently. It was actually pitched to me on facebook.

Well, I got pitched from someone who wanted me to join Wealth Generators as one of the independent distributors. And he was trying to force me to watch the presentation for Wealth Generators, a fairly new MLM company and opportunity. There was some kind of “7 minutes to $1400 a month” youtube video that really set the alarm bells off!

Now, first of all, be aware that I am NOT a distributor for Wealth Generators and this is an unbiased review and investigation of the company.

After being pitched about it, I then went and did some research to find out all about the business.

And the result of that research is my Wealth Generators Review that I invite you to read before you commit to it. I talk about how it really works! I talk about the products, results, comp plan, ranks and more. In short, I reveal the full truth about the company.

Let’s get started.

You can also see my review YouTube video below:

Watch my Wealth Generators Review on YouTube

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What Is Wealth Generators?

The company claims to “help anyone-from trading experts to those who’ve never been in the markets before – to implement a simple, affordable proven system for success that doesen’t require you to spend your days watching the market.”

So, the Wealth Generators LLC was actually launched in 2013 by Ryan Smith, Annette Raynor, Chad Miller and M.Arthur Romano. It’s a work at home opportunity.

The first problem I’ve found is that I couldn’t find any information on the founder above.

And this is quite strange and perhaps troubling because we need proof that they are real people!

The company is based in Salk Lake City, Utah, USA and the president of the company is Kevin Gull. See below for an image of him.

wealth generators scam

Kevin Gull has been heavily involved in the direct selling industry and over the years has launched over 12 network marketing companies in 10 years.

That’s a lot! Why so many?

He has also worked as a consultant and has worked with some huge companies such as iCentris, NuSkin International and Ariix to name a few.

It’s good to know some information about Kevin but like I said, it’s strange that there is little to no information on the founders.

However, after a lot of digging, I managed to find some information on Chad Miller. Apparently, he was promoted the Yoli health and wellness opportunity.

Like I said, it’s available to those in the US. Not 100% sure about other countries or languages like espanol (Spanish).

I also couldn’t find too much facebook presence but didn’t look too hard!

What Are The Products Like?

Good question.

This was the first thing I wanted to find out.

What exactly is the product line?

Well, the Wealth Generators products focus quite heavily on trading and stock market stuff to help you get results with it.

The product is essentially a monthly subscription to some trading advice and tips and that costs $49.99 or bundled as two packs for $99.99 per month.

Seems quite basic and affordable.

Apparently the trading advice originates from a company called Wealth Enginerring.

Wealth Engineering is originally owned by “founder” M. Arthur Romano and the COO is Annette Raynor.

Gosh, this is a bit confusing!

So basically, M. Arthur Romano and Annette Raynor are part of the founders for Wealth Generators and they previously started/ran Wealth Engineering which is the original source of the training.

I also discovered that the Wealth Engineering main website is “wealtheng.com” to see proof that it exists!

I got a lot of my facts and figures from Behindmlm blog so that was helpful.

Overall, it was worrying not to have information about most of the founders, but at least we know wealth generators is based in Utah.

And What About The Compensation Plan?

Ok, so like most business opportunities, recruitment is used as one of the ways of making money and getting results. A lot of reviews don’t mention this!

The other way is selling the products on a retail basis.

However, there are some companies that don’t seem to have a “retail” offering and only seem to make money through recruitment.

Typically, they tell you to put people in front of the presentation and recruit them.

With the Wealth Generators compensation plan, it works by the “re-sale” of the $49.99 and $99.95 per month subscriptions.

So, affiliates buy and then sell the monthly subscriptions direct to others. That’s the truth about wealth generators and how it operates.

And then the commissions are paid out through the compensation plan structure.

The compensation plan is a Unilevel comp plan and there are further bonuses provided for higher sales performance.

See image below of the compensation plan.

wealth generators comp plan

You Have To Qualify To Receive Commissions

Unfortunately, it seems that you will not be paid commissions unless you get results and qualify to do so!

You need to be generating at least 100 PV a month with your sales performace.

What is PV?

PV stands for personal volume and it looks like you need 100 PV in addition to three sales of the $99.99 per month product subscription.

Bit harsh that you need results to get your first commission! Not great for independent distributors of the company.

Very quickly, there are also a number of membership ranks for affiliates of Wealth Generators.

These are Copper, Bronze, Solid Bronze, Silver, Solid Silver, Gold, Solid Gold, Platinum and Solid Platinum.

What do these all mean?

It simply means you get these ranks when you generate X% more sales and your downline generates sales.

I’ve also heard that there is a coded bonus as well but I assume this is just the performance bonus being coded to you as proof that you generated the sale.

What’s the Total Cost for Joining Wealth Generators MLM opportunity

I noticed this from the FAQ I saw.

Apparently it is an initial $224.98 and then $25 annually.

Is There A Wealth Generators Scam Or Is It Legit?

You may be wondering if Wealth Generators is a scam or not.

I want to tell you the truth about the company.

Well, in my opinion, it is not (strictly) a direct definition of scam.

However, I don’t like the fact that there is no product sold
on a retail basis and it’s just a case of getting people in front of the presentation and recruiting them directly.

With some network marketing companies, there is actually a real product being sold. Like Isagenix for example. I don’t promote that company but I know they have real products as I covered in my review here.

I also don’t like that it is so cheap as a business opportunity.

You may think that is “strange”.

Why would I dislike something that is cheap.

Well, the problem is that it attracts “cheap” people, and cheap
people tend to be in the “get rich quick” mentality most of the time.

And then the goal is to recruit more “cheap” people into it and achieve higher ranks within Wealth Generators.

So, there isn’t really a scam.

However, it’s not the kind of thing I would recommend.

I also found the 7 Minutes to $1400 a month “hook” the kind of thing that would attract the wrong sort of person.

I mean it just screams of a “get rich quick” opportunity and independent distributors should never have that mentality.

This industry is not “get rich quick”.

You have to work hard.

My Wealth Generators Review And Conclusion

The other problem I see with Wealth Generators is the recruiting side.

If you really want to succeed with something like this, I recommend that you learn
how to brand yourself.

Otherwise, you could face a serious problem with saturation and people not taking you seriously.

In my free training series below, I show how to brand yourself.

And I also give some better recommendations on things to promote that will give you higher quality prospects, leads and customers. This is a more direct path to success by having people you actually want to work with!

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So, if you want to promote Wealth Generators mlm, get my free training series.

If you don’t want to promote it, I also recommend getting my free training series where I give some recommendations on higher quality programs.

I hope that my Wealth Generators Review has been helpful for you. I skipped the detail on the coded bonus but I’ll do more research on that! I’ll also try to find out if it’s available in Espanol (Spanish).

No, it’s not a scam but I think the product line is very limited (if it exists at all). At least the BBB rating is good for wealth generators.

It’s up to you whether you resonate with it or not.

But whatever you do, grab my free training series that will help you succeed.

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