What Are Modern Ways To Promote An MLM Business?

what are modern ways to promote an mlm businessThis is a question I get asked a lot throughout my coaching, and for good reason! People always ask me what are modern ways to promote an mlm business? So, I will tackle that question in this post.

The industry continues to change at a rapid pace and there seems to be a constant battle between traditional and modern methods.

I make no secret that I build my business (90%) using the Internet and modern online lead generation methods.

However, I try not to be too dismissive about “offline” and traditional methods as “they still work”. The limitation with offline methods is the “time consuming” nature of 3-Way Calls, Home Meetings and general prospecting. I have spoken in-depth about the need to have an online mlm marketing system because of the limitations of traditional recruiting methods. Please see that post if you want to know what are modern ways to promote an mlm business.

In summary, I believe that you should use “Only Online” or “Online + Offline” but never “Only Offline”.

Hope that makes sense.

Anyway, in this post I want to share with you how I believe you should promote your Multi Level Marketing business in the 21st Century.

The 2 Crucial Modern Ways To Promote An MLM Business

1. Provide Value That Goes “Above and Beyond” – This doesn’t have anything to do with technology but is equally as important. For a long time, all businesses have only survived if they “provide more value” than their competitors.

This is especially true for MLM Distributors.

You need to really go above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional value to your prospects.

This will:

Prove that you are an authority. (Your prospects won’t join you unless you know what you are doing).
– Demonstrate Leadership
– Establish the “know, like and trust” that people need.
– Lower the usual “resistance” of joining a business opportunity.

The value you provide should be in the form of “training”. You should constantly be sharing the new things that you learn, and people will “reciprocate” by becoming your lead or joining your opportunity. People will also treat you like an authority if you teach them how to do something!

2. Use The Internet To Achieve “Automation” – The Internet allows you to automate the “value” that you provide. You can create videos on Youtube that act as a 24/7 rapport making machine. Once you gather leads, you can have an autoresponder system that automatically “follows up” with your prospects with a series of predefined messages.

When you have a Blog/Website that generates consistent web traffic each day, it is working around the clock to bring you leads and signups. See my post that details how to start a successful blog even if you’re a newbie.

3. The Internet Allows You To Reach “The World” – This is not an exaggeration!

I literally get leads each day from all over the world.


This is because all over the world, people are searching for help on succeeding with their MLM Business.

By using the Internet, you can reach people of all nationalities and remember that this can all be “automated”!

What could be better?!

From the points above, I recommend that you use the modern technology we have today to build your MLM Business.

On that point, see my recent Utility Warehouse Reviews youtube video in which I give some killer training on using the Internet for lead flow:

It would be a wasted opportunity not to use the Internet. Don’t make that mistake.

To learn specifically how to use the Internet to get MLM Leads, you can grab my completely free ebook below:

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That guide should help you form an in-depth understanding of how you can “automate” your business and easily generate 25-50 leads per day.

traditional mlmYou will never have to hassle you friends and family again! 🙂

I hope this post has helped you understand what are modern ways to promote an MLM business.

If any of the technical stuff confuses, let me know in the comments section below and I will jump in to help out.

If you have gained value, please comment and re-share!

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