What Exactly Is MLM Attraction Marketing?

mlm attraction marketingIf you’ve been in this industry for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of MLM Attraction Marketing and wondered what exactly it is. Also, maybe you’ve wondered if it’s the reason that some people achieve Network Marketing Success whilst other people “work really hard” but don’t get any results to show for it.

The bottom line is that there are lot of people working “very hard” on growing their MLM Business but it just “isn’t working“. Maybe you can relate to this?

I see people all over Facebook that are working consistently at promoting their capture page/s and looking very desperate.

It isn’t that those tactics don’t work (over time), but they “don’t work well“. They are also the opposite of attraction marketing.

Is MLM Attraction Marketing The Secret To Success?

There isn’t any “magic button” solution that will make you a top earner, but there is a clear strategy to success and this is MLM Attraction Marketing.

It is essentially about providing value to people, helping them solve their problems and becoming the hunted rather than the “hunter”.

It’s very powerful but it takes time to get going and it also requires consistency. You need to go to work on your business each day thinking of how you can “serve people” rather than how you can “sell to them”. This will naturally “attract” people to you so the selling won’t be an issue! 🙂

MLM Attraction Marketing is one of the best kept MLM Money Making Secrets out there. Even though it’s well publicized, there are still so many people who “don’t get it at all” and that is why they spend all their time “selling their capture pages” on Facebook.

It is the strategy that you should be headed for each and every day.

Remember this though: It is not fast!

The reason it isn’t fast is because it is mostly a “passive marketing strategy” (unlike regular prospecting which is quicker). You are creating value to people, and eventually in the future, that will pay off. You are forming a connection by helping to “solve people’s problems” and people will “thank you” by joining your team.

One of the reasons “Attraction Marketing” works so well in this niche is because “most people are struggling” (A LOT) and they need someone to help them. Even if you are providing moral support, you are helping people. See my video on Youtube here where I speak more in-depth on this.

3 Training Steps To Start “Doing” MLM Attraction Marketing?

Here are 3 Steps you can take each day to start practicing Attraction Marketing in your business.

1. Each day when you go to work on your business, think of “how you can serve people” – What problems are people having in your niche?

2. Create a piece of content every day that “solves problems” for people. This could be a Blog Post, Video or Forum Comments.

3. When you encounter people on Social Media, try and help them rather than trying to sell to them.

By the way, if you want more detail on using Attraction Marketing to get to 25-50 leads per day, grab my free “Lead Generation Blueprint” Ebook below:

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what is attraction marketingI’ve given various tips for getting MLM Leads in the past, but I highly recommend that you practice “Attraction Marketing” as it has huge payoffs! It is one of the best kept secrets because so many people forget to do it! Make sure you are not one of them!

Also, check out my MLM Tips and Tricks video below that explains some strategies that you can use:

Do you serve people every day and “attract” them to you? What is your favorite way to do this? Let me know in the comments.

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