What is Network Marketing?

what-is-network-marketing-post-imageThis is an important post! It seems that most people I meet want to know what is network marketing?
Some people even get confused with thinking that it’s regular Business Networking, which it isn’t.

It shares the same word with “Business Networking” but it’s actually a stand-alone industry.

Network Marketing is one of those areas that is highly subjective to each person. Some people try to call it a Scam (for very poor reasons). Other people say that it’s a Pyramid Scheme, which it isn’t.

What Is Network Marketing?

It is defined by Wikipedia as a way of a “sales force being compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit“. This is known as a “downline” of distributors and contributes towards multiple leveraged levels of compensation.

Ok, so that is a technical explanation of what is network marketing.

Here are the key factors that attracts people to it:

– You can work from home part-time or full time. The choice is yours.

– You have the chance to make far more money than a traditional job. (as in 5-Figures per month)

– You can build your own team of just the people that you want to work with.

Those are the key benefits, but I am going to go more in-depth into just how great Network Marketing is (for me!).

What I Love About Network Marketing

My success is dependant on how well my team achieves success. I work hard to help my team succeed as much as possible, to generate leads and convert consistently. This helps everyone. It also means that they can pass this onto their team, and so on.

Residual Income is being able to get paid over and over for the work that you have done “that one time”. Whether you can achieve residual income depends on what business opportunity you are part of. You really want to be part of a business opportunity that provides “monthly commisions”. Paying monthly is one of the strongest payment models in existence and that is what leads to Residual Income. If you are selling products that give you monthly commisions, you are on your path to Residual Income.

Time Leverage refers more to the team aspect of Network Marketing. Let’s just say that you work 8 Hours per week on generating leads and sales. If you “recruit Joe” into your team and he also works 8 Hours per week, you effectively have 16 Hours per week working for you, whilst you are still putting in 8 Hours. This is how Network Marketing works. You benefit from a portion of your teams results giving you time leverage.

NOTE: The reason “time leverage” is possible is particularly when “generating online leads”. Essentially, you have automated systems that generate you leads “on autopilot”. To understand how to do this, feel free to grab my free ebook below:

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– Having a System of Duplication makes all of the above possible. It’s your job as a sponsor to give your team a system of duplication for them to generate leads and recruit. I also tell my team that it’s “their responsibility” to pass on “the system” to their team. I often quote Zig Ziglar who said “You can have everything you want, if you help enough people get what they want“. This is so true for Network Marketing. You have to “duplicate yourself” so that others can do what you’ve done. Another great quote I heard once was “if you can teach them to teach, you can go to the beach” – So true!

Ok, now I will explain why some people decide to criticize Network Marketing.

Why People Criticise Network Marketing and MLM

Throughout my Blog, I always point out that Network Marketing requires real work and a daily method of operation to succeed. This is no “get rich quick scheme”.

So, picture this for a second.

Someone joins a business opportunity, and realises that a few hours are required each day to succeed and make it work. They think to themselves “I thought this was an easy way to make money” and they quit, full of frustration. After this, they go around telling everyone that MLM/Network Marketing is a Scam.

Why They Are Wrong

In reality, they are the reason why it didn’t work. There are some people in this world who are always “victims” and don’t take responsibility for their own success or failures.

This is one of the reasons why there are “critics” of Network Marketing – It’s people who tried and failed because they didn’t get in and “do the work”.

In reality, anyone can succeed if they follow a “proven system” and work it well. This is called “Success Modeling”.

Imlm team hope you now have a better understanding of what is network marketing? Just remember that it may take a while for you to get your head around the concept. If you are confused, let me know in the comments section below or contact me directly.






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