What Is The Future Of Network Marketing?

what is the future of network marketingRecently, I’ve provided some commentary on the state of the industry and where it is going, so I thought I would take it a step further and explain what is the future of network marketing.

As pointed out in my other posts, distributors are (99% of the time) not given any marketing education whatsoever.

Of course, there is prospecting training, and this has it’s place, but it’s not marketing. It’s trading time for money.

I believe that the successful network marketer knows how to use “active prospecting” and “marketing”. However, I would say that the latter is way more important.

With prospecting, it’s effective but not as much as it used to be. If you read a well known book like Inbound Marketing, you will understand that people buy things in a completely different way these days.

In the past, TV advertising was far more effective. Nowadays, people go online far more to find reviews and analysis before making a purchase.

In addition, traditional sales has become far less effective. If you want someone to buy something from you or join your opportunity, you have to lead with value these days otherwise they will go elsewhere. They simply won’t trust you.

If you don’t have an “online leads system” in place in 2014, then I seriously do worry for your business. Even if you do introduce one of your prospects to your opportunity, they will most likely search for “reviews” of it online, and get siphoned away from you completely. Sad but true.

3 Factors: What Is The Future Of Network Marketing?

1. Distributors Will Need To Learn “Marketing” – There are so many network marketers going online each day and researching how to market their business online. The “education” of these distributors is actually “highly lucrative”. The ones who learn how to market their business and have multiple income streams will hit the leaderboards in their company.

2. Traditionalists Will Become Less Popular – Because the “old school” methods are not duplicating as well as they used to, people will simply do far less home meetings, 3-way calls etc. Instead, they will research how to do a Facebook PPC campaign that can bring in 30 leads within half a day.

These tactics will duplicate better and so people will teach this more than active prospecting.

3. Social Media Will Carry The Power – Already, over the past few years, social media has become an incredible source of getting leads and it doesen’t look like slowing down any time soon. It now goes far beyond Facebook. We have Pinterest and Instagram as powerful sources of spreading content and getting leads. I even did a post on how to use social media in network marketing that I would recommend checking out if you are new to social media.

If any of the above seems “out of reach” for you at the moment, I welcome you to start learning how to use the Internet to build your network marketing business, and grab my free guide below:

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Once you’ve learnt how to use the Internet to generate leads (from my book above), you will never look back. 🙂

You may ask what is the future of network marketing? Well, it’s completely up to you!

A portion of the network marketing world will decline but on a whole, the industry will prosper.

It will just move into a new direction, which is healthy.

I actually speak about the new direction of the industry in my wake up now video below:

network marketing future businessAre you using the internet to build your network marketing business?

If so, let me know what your favorite traffic sources are.

If you are not using the internet, tell me why. What is stopping you?

Please share and comment below!


  1. Very interesting article. I for one go looking for reviews, especially if it’s a new product or service that I’m hearing about for the first time. Think that why sites like Amazon have customers reviews with the products. To keep you on the website and increase the chance of making the sale.

    • Hi Brian. Yes, exactly. The whole model of network marketing has flipped on it’s head. We go online for information, tips and reviews. You need to be in front of your target market online when they go searching for advice. It’s all about being perceived as an authority. Hey, I recommend reading Ann Sieg’s free ebook for a full-depth analysis of how different network marketing is today with the Internet: http://fastsuccess.marketersmanifesto.com/ – That is a real eye opener

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