What Is Your MLM Marketing Strategy?

mlm marketing strategyOk, this is a really important topic that I am going to address today.

Ultimately, it’s all about focus.

So, I would like to start this post by asking you a question: What Is Your MLM Marketing Strategy?

Why am I asking this?

There’s a lot of newbies in Multi-Level Marketing who make the “rookie mistake” of having absolutely no strategy. One week they are trying facebook, the next week they are trying something completely different like PPV (Pay Per View) and a month later, they could be Blogging or having a go at Youtube.

One of the main problems for people that are new to MLM is suffering from overwhelm!

The way to combat this is to work on 1 specific strategy for 3-6 months. Master this strategy! Give it everything you have got and hopefully get it to 10 leads per day (or more).

Later on, you can move onto other strategies. But first, you will do well to be “laser focused” instead of constantly jumping around to different methods.

You need a clear strategy! See this great post that describes what a strategy really means.

Tips For Forming Your MLM Marketing Strategy

Listen carefully as I’ve got some crucial tips to help you lay out your MLM Gameplan and Strategy.

1. Pick A Method You Like! – This may sound obvious but a lot of people choose a traffic generation method just because everyone else is doing it. Yes, you should do something “effective”, but you should also enjoy it. For example, if you like getting on camera and producing nice looking videos, Youtube will be a good fit for you. If you enjoy something, you are more likely to continue it for the time it takes to get results and traction, instead of burning out.

2. Produce A MLM Marketing Strategy Document – Everytime I have “decided to tackle something”, I have always written out a document (can be 2-3 pages) which is effectively a business plan of action for what I am trying to do. For MLM, this is no different.

Once you have decided “what” you are going to do, you can focus on the “how” and write out (in detail) a plan of action.

This can include things like:

– I will do X number of videos per day.
– I will do X number of Blog Posts per day. (This is deciding on your posting frequency)
– This will be done Monday to Friday
– I will track my results by using a spreadsheet (for example)

The point is that you need to have a plan of action for what you are going to do. You can then use this plan to figure out what your daily routine will be. See my post here that talks about the importance of having a daily routine.

If you want help with deciding what will be in your strategy, feel free to grab my free ebook below that gives the gold nuggets you need to succeed!

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3. Take Action And Don’t Stop – Sometimes, there is nothing left to do other than “take action” on your business plan and unfortunately, this is where people “fall down”. Like a speak about in this post, a lot of people will quit and not follow through with their plan. Don’t quit!

You will have days that don’t go as well as other days but you need to remember to be a warrior and carry on with your mission. The reason leaders succeed in MLM is because they have a well formed strategy that they “take action” on.

As an example, in my recent Shaklee Reviews video below, I talk about the importance of having a plan and taking action!

The tips in the video are a perfect example of having a clear strategy for getting leads for your business.

mlm business planForming an effective MLM Marketing Strategy is so important for you. It’s the difference between treating this as a hobby or a business.

When you treat this industry as a “proper profession” (which it is!), you can achive great results.

Just because you “work from home” doesen’t mean you need to have a “non business” perspective. It’s called Home Business but just make sure you treat it as a proper business.

I hope this post helps you with forming your plan of action.

Any Questions? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Great article Nick.

    It can be very distracting when you come across a good idea that may help your mlm business. Having a strategy document and task list will help you stay focused. New ideas can be put into the plan without neglecting the core tasks.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Brian.

      Yeah, I love mapping out a strategy document as it gives be good clarity on the latest campaign/traffic generation strategy.

      I also really like to “map things out on my whiteboard” as well.

      It’s like the equivalent of a mini business plan.

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