What The MLM Leaders Do Differently

what mlm leaders doDo you ever wonder what it is that separates the leaders from everyone else in MLM?

In this post, I want to delve into the mind-set of MLM leaders, their actions, what they actually are, and how you can become one over time. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, this post should be of value to you.

Let’s face it; everyone wants to become one of the leaders within their particular company.

What The Heck Makes An MLM Leader?

First of all, a leader is obviously someone who has proved themselves and earned spectacular results over time, and achieved that residual income that everybody wants.

Now, let’s remember the MLM industry does have a 97% high failure rate and so becoming a leader does require something special.

At first glance you could say this is counteractive to what we hear, because we’re often sold the dream that the MLM opportunities are for the average person.

But, if you actually look at other aspects of society, whether it’s becoming an author of a
book or getting to the position of CEO, you’ll see there’s always a high failure rate.

In society it will always take hard work and dedication to succeed at anything and this is completely fine. There has to be some kind of challenge otherwise everyone would be successful.

There are a few key points to follow for your network marketing business to thrive and Lelia Raynal describes them well in this post.

Let’s talk about how to actually become a leader within your particular MLM company.

You Need To Produce Results

Well, the point is to build a big downline and get great results like all of the MLM Leaders have done.

Your success is down to how many people you speak to on a weekly basis and you’ll find that every MLM leader has done this. They have found a system where they’re able to talk to a high amount of people every day, every week, a month to get those kinds of

Really, it’s not that they are a super-human being or a god, or anything like that.

They have simply found a system that works: generating leads and then talking to them on the phone.

Once you have a system that works, you simply rinse and repeat. The difficulty is that most people never get the system off the ground.

Or, they get their system up and running, but they don’t stick with it long enough.

I mentioned before the importance of generating leads and then converting on the phone. See below for help with the lead generation part:

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There is also further training in my origami owl reviews video below:

Think And Act Like A Business Owner

I was recently watching a video by Ray Higdon and it reminded me of the following teaching point.

With all the MLM leaders, they simply focus on building a business the right way.

I’ve spoken to a lot of network marketers before and I’ve even asked people: what do you do?

I’ve said to people, are you a business owner?

And they’ve actually replied with “oh no, I’m not a business owner, I’m a network marketer. I’m a network marketing rep.”

This proves how the mindset with a lot of people is completely wrong and that is why they are not making money with network marketing.

If you’re in the network marketing profession, you’re running a business. A proper business and you shouldn’t think of yourself as merely “a rep.” And on that note, because you are running a proper business, you should therefore form an MLM Business Plan.

You should think of yourself as running your own specific company, where your job is create profits. Your job is to create cash flow, and grow a proper substantial living for yourself. You’re not “just a rep.”

Remember That MLM Is A Long Term Marathon!

You must of heard the phrase: “If you want what others don’t have you need to do things that other people haven’t done”.

You really need to take this approach into becoming a leader of your multi level marketing company.

You need to do things that other people will not do.

Most people will give up after a few weeks or a few months but it’s like a marathon and people will drop out all the way through.

You need to take the approach that when things get painful or when things get difficult, you
need to keep going a little like when running a marathon.

Because, you should know that most people within MLM and within life in general, they will drop out along the way. It’s just what happens, people will go through a lot of pain, or maybe they’ll get bored, and they will drop out along the way, because that’s what people do.

The approach you need to take is that when things get painful, that should actually give you piece of mind and even a “boost” because you can remember that this is where most people give up.

That should give you comfort.

the mlm leaders listAnyway, I hope this post has helped in really explaining how you become a leader within the profession.

In fact, not just in MLM, but becoming a leader within anything in life.

Even within a job, if you want to become a CEO, essentially you’ve got to dig in, do the work, and do not give up.

Just do not give up.

Are you doing everything you can to follow your dreams and produce great results?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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