What The US Government Shutdown Means For Regular People

the us government shutdownLast week, on the 1st October 2013, the US began a partial shutdown and more than 700,000 federal employees face unpaid leave. So many people are wondering what the US Government Shutdown means for them and their life circumstances.

Essentials the shutdown was caused because the two houses of Congress failed to agree a new budget. More information on the specifics can be found here from CNN.

What The US Government Shutdown Means

First of all, this is a huge deal! It is the first shutdown in 17 years and it’s already having big knock on effects. The US Dollar fell in value last Tuesday.

From the outset, we can see who has been directly affected: the 700,000 federal workers leading to national parks, museums, federal buildings and services closing down!

This is a sad situation in what is already a very difficult economic landscape.

However, as we know from past economic troubles, this will also have a knock-on effect around society and even other countries as explained by the Guardian.

In some ways, I still cannot believe this is happening, that there are lots of hard working people who currently have to go to work “unpaid”.

Some of the specific departments that are affected by the US Government Shutdown are department of defense, energy, commerce, transportation and homeland security. What is going on?

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  1. Hi Nick!

    Great post! You brought up some points that are near and dear to me. Too many people depend heavily on the economy that is current, and when it’s not good, there is lots of complaining and tough situations for folks. Creating your own economy is smart! The Business of the 21st Century explains this perfectly…nice choice!

    To your continued success!

    • Hey Lisa!

      Great to see you here (everyone, you should check out Lisa’s Blog, She’s awesome!)

      Yes, the economy is so bad at the moment, and my heart really does go out to those people. We (people like me and Lisa) are here to demonstrate an alternative route to go down: creating a home based business that gives you time freedom and the lifestyle that you really want.

      Keep up the great work on your Blog Lisa. Such fantastic value!

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