Why Building Rapport Is Important For MLM

mlm building rapportI’ve lost count of the amount of times I have discussed this with my team.

The old classic of “building rapport”.

We all know that we should be doing it but often we forget how important it is.

There’s really no doubt about it, in mlm, building rapport is a crucial skill.


Well, how do you expect people to join you if they don’t trust you?

How do you expect them to join if they don’t perceive you as an authority?

Also, ask yourself, would you join yourself based on the value you provide.

In this post, I will give you some mlm building rapport tips for providing value so that people come to you “asking to join”.

My Tips On Building Rapport Within MLM

1. Send Instructional Content – You have to help your prospects build their business, whether they are planning to join you or not.


You need to do this because 99% of people will not join your opportunity. It would be a “waste” of an opportunity to not provide them with other help. You should promote your own coaching and products. Or, if you don’t have your own products, promote other people’s tools and training that you believe in.
In a lot of ways, this is known as a “Funded Proposal” (aka, making money from each lead to qualify them as a prospect). I have a post that explains what is a funded proposal in greater detail, so definitely check that out for more detail.

2. Give Away Something For Free – You need to give your audience a reason to become a lead, and the only way you can do this is if you have something that they want. You need a ethical bribe for them to join your mailing list.

This should be something that is “irresistible” to your target market. High quality “How To” information works best here. If you have still not created a bribe/opt-in system on your websites, see my post here that guides you through the process.

3. Over-deliver On Value – If you really want to succeed and become a mlm leader, I recommend “over-delivering” on value.

You shouldn’t just be doing it to get a lead. You should be doing it because you want to help others.

As stated in the Law Of Income, “Your income is in direct proportion to the value that you provide.”

If you provide a free guide on generating leads, I recommend making it a fantastic guide that people would happily pay for. This will increase your conversions ten-fold. If you over-deliver on value, people will not forget it and buy from you forever.

As an example of this in practice, I recently published a Blog Post called “39 Simple Ways To Generate MLM Leads” and this has received lots of attention.

In fact, see the social shares indicator for the post below:

social shares screenshot

The reason this post has gained a lot of social shares is the “over-delivered” value. Having a list of a whopping “39 Methods” for generating leads has a perceived value.

In addition to that, I also used a tool for making it go viral. See my post here for instructions on making your content go viral.

Hopefully those mlm building rapport tips give you some good ideas for getting leads and earning their trust.

Remember, always be a person of value. That is how you succeed with any business.

If you want to know specifically “How” to get lots of leads per day by generating “traffic” to your “value”, you can grab the free mlm guide below:

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That guide above is “super powerful” for getting to 25-50 leads per day so enjoy it! 🙂

One more thing, I recently made a video that speaks about some of the things in this post. See my Solavei Reviews video below in which I explain the above methods for building rapport.

how to build rapport

Have you got any questions on the tips that I have shared?

If so, please comment to let me know.

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