Why You Need an Autoresponder for Your Online Business

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I meet various people all the time who run businesses and yet have not engaged in email marketing (Crazy, huh?!). They ask me why you need an autoresponder and to explain what it actually does!

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I know a lot of you may be surprised by this but a lot of offline businesses don’t market themselves online very well.

This means there may be some of you who haven’t started using an autoresponder, so here we go!

What is an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder sends a series of prescheduled emails automatically as part of a campaign. Everything is scheduled to work on it’s own according to your own requirements. For example, when someone subscribes to your list, they may instantly get “Email 1” (which could be a “welcome” email), and then receive the next email 2 days later. After this email, you may want them to receive Email 3 a whole day after Email 2, and so on.

The image below shows roughly how it works:

email autoresponder campaign sequence

The benefit is simple: With each new subscriber to your list, you don’t need to manually send individual emails to each one, because you already have a follow up sequence ready to go. It makes Email Marketing scalable beyond what you would have thought possible.

Here are The 4 Core Benefits of Having an Autoresponder

  • The helpful value that you are providing is on complete “autopilot”. This means that sales can be made whilst you sleep! Note: This does not mean that you can’t send one-off/broadcast messages to your list. In fact, I would recommend that you constantly send broadcast messages “globally” to your list.
  • As with all Email Marketing, you can send personalised emails and address prospects by their “First Name”. This gives your emails a personal touch and compels people to read them.
  • It can be a constant source of traffic and views for your website. By having a system working on “autopilot”, you constantly have eyes on your website offers.
  • As I learnt from Dan Kennedy, some of your best customers can be the ones that have already purchased from you – You can then “upsell” other products, services and upgrades. With an autoresponder, your current customers can receive further products and information on autopilot.

What is the Best Autoresponder Service?

So, now we have assesed why you need an autoresponder, it’s important to choose the right one. Well, there are quite a few to choose from within the market. I personally use and endorse Aweber which is one of the most popular Email Marketing systems around. You are able to control (to the highest detail) what happens in your follow up series. You also have the “Broadcast” option for sending manual emails to your post. It really can do everything. Check out the review I did of Aweber here where I explain all of the best features.

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Hopefully that explains why you need an autoresponder if you are involved in Internet Marketing. I’d even argue that “offline” businesses can benefit from one.

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