Why You Need An Online MLM Marketing System

online mlm marketing systemWithin most (or all) MLM Companies, there are systems. Of course there are!

Unfortunately, a lot of these systems just don’t work for most people!

For example, the traditional system is to:

Make a list of your 40 closest contacts (Friends and Family)
Raise their curiosity about a new idea that you have
Try to get them onto a “3 Way Call” with your Upline (or) a Home Meeting
Close Them
Rinse and Repeat

This system may work for a very short while, but what happens when you run out of people to talk to?

Typically, a very “good recruiter” will close 25%, and most newbies will close only 5%-10%.

With the example above, using “offline” methods, this leaves you with between 2-10 signups, and that is if you have 40 people in your warm market who will even listen to the idea.

It doesen’t take a genius to realise that this system is difficult and limited.

Further problems arise from:

Attrition and Churn – This is very common in Home Business.

Your Downline Repeating the System – Most of the people you recruit won’t be happy with the system above and they won’t approach it with any enthuasiasm. This means they will either quit (see attrition above) or recruit badly. Both of these outcomes are bad for you and your business.

It’s because of problems like this that make an Online MLM Marketing System much more enticing.


There is a lot more “leverage” available with the Internet so it’s well worth adding it to your recruiting strategy. If you do this, you can still do offline methods (see my posts here and here), but you are not limited by just doing them, and nothing else.

There are lots of benefits to learning how to generate leads online. It gives you more “time freedom” as your automated systems (Blog, Autoresponder etc) are generating you traffic and leads. For a full guide on how to do this, you are welcome to grab my free ebook below:

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So, here are my 3 Golden Tips for getting started with an Online MLM Marketing System.

My 3 Golden Tips For Getting Started With An Online MLM Marketing System

1. Learn Traffic Generation – Whether you are a season veteran or a complete newbie, you should always be “learning” and training yourself within all aspects of traffic generation strategies and internet marketing. Because methods change often, it’s important to keep up to date with what is working. For a valuable Internet Marketing education, click here to take a look at the Daily Marketing Coach, a training and mentoring community to help you build your business on the Internet.

2. Practice “Attraction Marketing” – The bedrock of marketing online is known as “Attraction Marketing” and this is all about becoming the “hunted” instead of the “hunter“. Whilst you are reading this Blog post, this is a form of Attraction Marketing. In simple terms, it’s all about providing value and solving your prospects problems. When you do this, people can get to know you.

Remember “people buy from people”. If you want to generate MLM leads online, they need to “know, like and trust” you.

See my post here for a more in-depth look at Attraction Marketing.

In my amway.in login tips video below, I speak about how to practice attraction marketing:

3. Track your results and refine – Once you implement steps 1 and 2, you will need to track your results and constantly strive for improvement.

Remember: “If you can’t track it, you can’t control it“.

To understand how to track your online network marketing campaigns, see my post here.

automated mlm systemHopefully, this post has opened your eyes to the power of the internet and why you need an online MLM Marketing System. Thankfully, this is made easier nowadays when we training systems like the DMC to help us along.

Are you part of an online opportunity?

Or, do you market your existing business online to generate leads?

If so, let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Thanks Nick. I enjoyed the article.

    I have to agree that having an online presence is very important for mlm. It gives you the opportunity to reach out and connect with more people of a similar mindset and build a global business.

    • Hi Brian.

      Yes absolutely.

      The Internet gives amazing “leverage” and the concept of an “online business” is super powerful. Sometimes, I can’t believe how fantastic it is that I can be generating leads/sales when I am away for the weekend. This is the power of the Internet!

  2. Hey Nick, I am reading the second post of your site today…. it is great, you are giving the most valuable info always, just checked the video on post and got more ideas about attraction marketing. Thanks for that…. cheers.

    • Nicholas Pratt says

      You are very welcome multisoft, and I’m glad to hear that you have further ideas for your attraction marketing. 🙂

  3. Great article I am very impressed

    I got so many new ideas from this


    • Nicholas Pratt says

      Hey Quin.

      No problem. I’m glad that you got value from the post.

      What is your current system for getting leads online?


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