How To Win The MLM Money Game

mlm money gameThe failure rates are so high within the MLM Industry that there is a need for this kind of post.

To make sure that you don’t fall onto the wrong side of the fence (aka: the 97% who don’t make any money), follow this post where I explain how to win the MLM Money Game.

What is this exactly?

Well, it’s my special name for the process of succeeding in this crazy industry.

Essentially, you need to learn how you can make your MLM company work for you, and how you can make it work for your team  so you are all “collectively” able to churn out money.

I’m going to go through some different steps.

Step 1: Build Your MLM Using The Internet

The number one step is to build your business online with a lead magnet.

Now, you need a lead magnet because you need to lead with value.

Don’t have a “lead magnet”? See my post here that explains how to produce one.

If you can generate leads online (something like 10-15 Leads Per day), and more importantly, make sure that you’re generating an abundant source of leads online, you can succeed with your company and be one of the MLM Money Earners.

You need to focus on having a constant flow of new leads and recruits flowing into your business.

Need help with generating leads online, my advocare reviews video below has some good tips:

That should help. And there is also my Free guide below:

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Step 2: Teach Your Team How To Generate MLM Leads Online

The second step is to simply teach your team how to do the same thing: to use the Internet to build their Network Marketing Organisation.

This is super powerful because it means you’re going to have your abundant lead source, but you’re also going to have your team tapping into their own abundant lead source.

So, just imagine what’s going to happen when you’ve got members of your team, who’ve worked towards getting 10-15 leads per day using the internet, as well as yourself getting those same results!

What you’re going to get is duplication, and that’s one of the main benefits of Multi Level Marketing.

It’s all about about getting the MLM duplication!

Therefore, focus on teaching your team how to replicate your own online system for getting leads. Try and keep it simple.

Step 3: Carry On Recruiting and Producing To Win The MLM Money Game!

Now,you need to keep doing what you’re doing, and to keep producing results for yourself.

There are some MLM leaders, and what they tend to do is, once they’ve got the duplication of step two, they sit back, rest
on their laurels, and basically wait for their team to produce results.

The problem with this, is that you need to be a real MLM leader to maintain your success.

You need to be leading from the front.

You need to be producing.

And you need to just keep going.

You need to keep running.

It’s a bit like a race.

And if you keep running, this will inspire your team to keep going because there’s nothing worse than them seeing you not producing.

You need to practice what you’re preaching.

So, it’s very important for you to be a genuine MLM leader, and to be successful as a producer, to constantly be running ahead and recruiting.

If you do this people will naturally choose you as their sponsor.

Step 4: Have Multiple Streams Of Income

The fourth step is to promote other things beside your opportunity.


Because, once you’ve produced results of your own, you want to really market your expertise, which means you need to teach other people, from other teams or companies how to do what you do.

For example, if you have a skill within video marketing, you can show others how to generate leads with video.

You want to produce some kind of informational product, so that you can help people from opposing teams, either within the same company or from a different business opportunity.

You really want to work towards tha multiple streams of income business model.

This is because most of your leads will already have a business opportunity, but they still need the value that you can provide for them.

I speak about this in my attraction marketing blueprint themed guide below:

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mlm money earnersI hope those 4 steps help you succeed within the MLM Money Game madness!

Are you following those steps? Are you teaching duplication to your team, whilst also producing great results yourself?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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