Worldwide Earning Review – Legit Or Scam?

Worldwide Earning ReviewHave you been paying attention to all of the hype for Worldwide Earning?

If you told me someone had pitched the opportunity to you lately, this wouldn’t surprise me. It’s making all the rounds on social media lately.

Next, I want to tell you that I am neither an affiliate or distributor for Worldwide Earning – I want to give you an unbiased opinion.

Is it a scam? Can you trust Worldwide Earning?

Read all about it in my Worldwide Earning review so you can learn the full truth!

Does it deliver on the promises in the marketing materials?

Let me explain in my review of Worldwide Earning.

Let’s carry on.

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What Can You Tell Me About Worldwide Earning?

Worldwide Earning is an MLM opportunity that exists in the niche of advertising and is being run by Ahsan Abbas and Andrea Burriesci.

The Worldwide Earning’s website shows incorporation documentation from the Companies House in the United Kingdom, and the company named in these documents is listed as, “B Solutionss Limited.”

B Solutionss Limited appears to have been incorporated in the UK on August 22, 2016, and Abbas and Burriesci are both named as Directors for the company as well. A residential address is used as the location for B Solutionss Limited, and further research shows that B Solutionss is a type of web hosting company and software development business.

Abbas does seem to be the rightful owner of B Solutionss, but aside from that, I can’t see any connection between it and Worldwide Earning.

Here’s where things get really fishy.

Although Abbas and Burriesci claim that they reside in the United Kingdom via the incarnation documents for B Solutionss Limited, this doesn’t line yup with what’s presented on the Worldwide Earning website.

There’s a contact address provided for Ahsan Abbas here, and this address is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. As for Andrea Burriesci, his Facebook profile shows that he currently lives in Mezzojuso in Italy.

As a result, the data found with the incorporation for B Solutionss in the UK is a bunch of bologna.

Neither it or Worldwide Earning has any physical presence in the country, and it’s likely being used simply for the namesake.

Moving back to Burriesci and Abbas, these two people are not strangers to the world of the Mlm underbelly.

Burriesci is also currently an affiliate for the Ponzi scheme FutureNet, and on November 25, 2016, Abbas published a post on Facebook saying that his “favorite matrix” opportunities of that year were Reality Gift, Super Matrix, BitDonix, and ZarFund.

What do all of these opportunities have in common?

They’re all bitcoin-based cash gifting schemes.

Worldwide Earning Scam

Does Worldwide Earning Offer Any Products?

Moving to the product line, there’s unfortunately nothing to see here.

Worldwide Earning does not have a single thing to market or sell to retail customers, with affiliates only able to offer the membership itself.

When someone does join the company as an affiliate, they are asked to invest money into “plans.” these plans come bundled with advertising credits, and these can be used to show custom ads on the Worldwide Earning website.

What Kind Of Compensation Plan Does Worldwide Earning Have?

On the investment side of things, affiliates are told that they can earn an ROI of up to 125%.

There are three main plans to choose from, and they include —

  • Code 1 — Affiliates invest $1 and earn an ROI of 110% that’s capped at 2% per day
  • Code 2 — Affiliates invest $15 and earn an ROI of 115% that’s capped at 2.5% per day
  • Code 3 — Affiliates invest $30 and earn an ROI of 125% that’s capped at 3% per day

Additionally, affiliates also have access to referral commissions.

Referral commissions within Worldwide Earning are paid to members who invest at either Code 2 or Code 3, and they’re handled using a unilevel system.

Level 1 affiliates (people you’ve personally recruited) will earn you a 7% referral commission rate, whereas Levels 2 and 3 will pay just 1%.

Code 1 members can earn on residual commissions as well, but they’re limited to earning just 4% on personally recited members.

What Is The Cost Of Membership With Worldwide Earning?

Joining Worldwide Earning will require you to pay $1, $15, or $30 for Code 1, 2, and 3 of investment.

Affiliates who invest at Code 2 or Code 3 are required to pay an additional monthly fee of $6.99/month, and as mentioned above, Code 1 members aren’t able to earn on the offered MLM commissions being paid to Code 2 and 3 affiliates.

Should I Be Worried About A Worldwide Earning Scam?

Every business opportunity on the web has good reviews and bad reviews – so is Worldwide Earning really a scam?

Is there a Worldwide Earning scam or is this business legit?

If I am being honest, I’d say it’s not really a scam, but there are some important points to be aware of.

Learning the business weaknesses and having a strong marketing strategy is what will make you successful.

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Conclusion for Worldwide Earning

Seeing as how Worldwide Earning isn’t selling anything at all to retail customers, the only source of money making its way into the company is whatever is invited by its affiliates.

This money is turned around and used to pay the 125% ROI that’s being offered to everyone, and as a direct result of this, Worldwide Earning turns into a Ponzi scheme.

When people catch on to what’s going on here and stop joining Worldwide Earning, the company will quickly run out of money and be unable to pay its members the ROIs or commission they’re expecting.

At this time, Ahsan Abbas and Andrea Burriesci will gather up the majority of the money invested into Worldwide Earning and make a run for the hills.

As for everyone else who joins Worldwide Earning, they’re more than likely going to end up losing out.

I hope you are finding the information in my Worldwide Earning Review helpful?

Some of the other reviews I saw had very little details, so I am hoping I gave you everything you need here.

If you’re wanting to become a member of Worldwide Earning, make sure you take the time to develop a marketing strategy.

And, my FREE training below will help you do that and make money!

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