Yevo Review – Not Promoting The Company

yevo reviewThere is a new MLM Company that is currently in pre-launch and it is called Yevo.

Please note that I am not promoting this company. This is an unbiased Yevo Review based on my investigation and what I have managed to uncover about the company, background, product and compensation plan.

Also, just as a bit of a warning. You will see a lot of reviews for Yevo that will be biased and incentivized to recruit you. Make sure you check your facts before joining.

The company is in pre-launch and expected to go live in February 2015.

I have also produced a video review you can view below:

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What Is Yevo

Like I mentioned before, Yevo is a new MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company which means there are 2 ways of making money with the business: Selling product on a retail basis and Recruiting other distributors to do the same thing (aka: building a downline).

On the latter point, you would hope to receive a percentage of your teams sales and signups.

Normally, selling the product retail can be very competitive and difficult and the primary way of making money will be to recruit others. (which is totally fine).

Obviously, recruitment is very lucrative when done properly. Later on in the post, I reveal the best way of doing this so keep reading.

What Are The Yevo Products?

So first of all, I’m going to talk about the product line that Yevo has.

It looks like they have nutritional products primarily.

There’s not a lot of details but it looks like they’ve got a product line of a hundred common foods that provide the 43 essential nutrients.

And they’ve got different meals that cost around $4.00-$5.00 which include 50% of your 43 essential nutrients.

And apparently, all the products are made in the USA which is good to know it’s sourced nationally.

I also know that there is a unique dehydration process with several pending patents behind the products.

This is good to see as they have a USP with the product and there are patents to keep the competition at bay.

And the company also has “in demand” products that will sell well in the marketplace as well.

Yevo Review – What About The Business Opportunity?

So like with all network marketing companies, and there is also a very lucrative business opportunity to earn money by recruiting other distributors and building a team.

This is reffered to as a downline and (truth be told) is often the most lucrative way of building the business.

And I’m going to tell you about the four pre-launch packs to choose from for distributors who want to get started.

First of all, the basic starter kit is $50 which is a low entry point.

Then there is the pre-launch silver pack which is $224.

After this is the pre-launch gold pack which is $480.

And finally there is the pre-launch platinum pack which is $560.

What about different languages and nationalities?

At the time of me doing this post, they’re available in both English and Spanish.

What Is The Yevo Compensation Plan Like?

From first glance, it looks like there is a great Yevo compensation plan to leverage which is actually a unilevel hybrid with seven levels.

There are also fast start bonuses, infinity bonuses, matching bonuses and a leadership pool.

Now, I do know that the first level pays (I believe) around 25% commissions but I’m not too sure what it is after that.

At the moment, the details are a bit hazy on this because it’s still in pre-launch.

What is clear is that it looks like a very leveraged compensation plan in which you can make some nice income from!

yevo compensation plan

Is Yevo A Scam?

Like with every pre-launch of a new MLM Company, there will be people who wonder if it’s a yevo scam operation in place or not.

So, you may even be asking if Yevo is a scam, or not?

I can absolutely tell you that you’re not joining a scam.

However, there is something you need to be aware of.

Your success with Yevo (or any business for that matter) depends on your ability to generate leads.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will get too much training on this.

The traditional network marketing approach is to simply leave people to fend for themselves.

Advice that is normally given is to try and recruit friends and family.

This is an “ok” strategy for starting with the business but what happens when you have burnt through your “warm market”?

One vital ingredient that is missing from lots of companies is “online marketing” and “lead generation” training for distributors. This applies to Yevo as well as lots of other companies.

If you are in need of some training on getting leads and making enough money to quit your job, you are welcome to grab my free ebook below:

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That ebook aims to show how you can have lots of business opportunity leads each and every week to succeed with any opportunity or business model.

So, no Yevo is not a scam (at all).

The reason you may see complaints about the company might be born out of marketing frustrations, or it may simply be those who were looking for a “get rich quick” scheme rather than a business model

A lot of the time, people who join an mlm company have the wrong expectations.

They expect to make a lot of money overnight.

The point is that it requires “proper marketing” (see my ebook) like any business development.

You can’t simply go down to Denny’s and try and recruit people.

No business (outside of network marketing) can function with that strategy.

You certainly can’t have that as your Yevo Marketing Plan!

I’ve noticed that a lot of companies recently provide limited online marketing training as shown from my reviews here and here.

And I believe this is the biggest cause of complaints, and in extreme cases, lawsuits.

Distributors need the proper training and support to sign people up into their business.

Having said all this, we don’t know (at this moment) whether the company is going to do well.

You don’t know if the products will take off.

But the point is: it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a scam.

It’s got genuine products that can help people and so any Yevo scam rumors you see should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Hopefully, my Yevo Review post has given you a brief overview about Yevo, it’s products, background and compensation plan.

Whether you decide to promote Yevo or not, my Lead Generation free guide below should assist you in getting lots of free leads each day:

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Are you considering becoming a Yevo Distributor?

If so, feel free to get in touch and hope my training serves you well.


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