Yunooh Review – Unbiased as I’m not a member!

yunooh reviewI noticed this new business opportunity getting quite a bit of attention recently.

So, I went out and did some research.

Please note that I am not promoting Yunooh as an affiliate.

I have taken the research to produce this Yunooh review so you understand the truth about this business opportunity.

Let’s get started.

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So, What Is Yunooh?

The Yunooh website address (“”) was purchased by a “Remmar Pidong” at an address in Quezon, Philippines on Sept. 25th, 2013. However, there is no indication as to who owns and operates the business anywhere on the website.

yunooh scamHowever, Pidong has himself is named as the Founder & CEO of Yunhooh since 2013 on his LinkedIn profile.

On his LinkedIn profile is also listed the website, Kalzada. On it advertises a “500 peso reward” to an affiliate who recruits five people. Since August 2014 he is also listed as “Team Manager” at East West Banking Corporation.

We could not find anything else on Pidong in the MLM industry, but concede this might be due to language-barriers.

A complete review of the MLM business opportunity with Mr. Pidong follows below.

What Are The Yunooh Products?

Yunooh affiliates can only advertise the Yunooh affiliate membership itself. There are no retail products or services for with Yunooh.

New affiliates may buy $4 matrix queue positions after joining Yunooh. Then, a directory ad placement that is shown on the Yunooh website is packaged together with each of these positions.

Details About The Yunooh Compensation Plan

The compensation plan starts with new affiliates paying $4 for a position in the matrix queue. Only when they recruit others to do the same do they receive commissions themselves.

A 2×1 matrix structure is used that necessitates two more positions be bought. At that point a commission of $.50 is paid.

yunooh compensation plan

It is not clear, but from there it appears as though these positions are re-entered into the back of the queue at the very end of the rotation.

How Much To Join Yunooh?

There is no cost to join with an affiliate membership, but in order to receive any commissions new affiliates are required to buy a minimum of one $4 queue position.

Thus, an affiliate membership with Yunooh is at the least $4.

Is there a Yunooh Scam or is this Legit?

A lot of the times, when you see all these scam or pyramid scheme allegations, it is because of 2 reasons:

1. The person doesen’t agree with the business model

2. The person is trying to funnel you into another opportunity (by capitalising on the keyword).

In reality, strictly speaking, Yunooh isn’t a scam or pyramid scheme even if some elements about it are questionable.

So, don’t listen when you hear Yunooh scam whispers across the internet. Take it with a pinch of salt.

One of the first things done on my research of Yunooh was to visit their Homepage and read “Business Opportunity.”

I encourage you to do the same.

If your experience resembles my own, you will see listings and advertisements for: escorts, spiritual power rings, lottery jackpot spells, money and business spells…

The logo itself looked familiar and when I went to Google it, I realized why as it is a complete rip of of their own logo!

But, they appear to be a regular queue cycler if one overlooks the blatant phony ad directory and stolen logo.

In sum, the sequence of events appears to go something like this:

1- Sign up

2- Pay $4 for a position

3- Get paid $.50 commission once enough positions have been paid for by other new affiliates

4- (Unconfirmed, but likely) that the positions are re-entered to the bottom of the queue for a second $.50 commission


The Problem:

Four cycles are needed just to break even on the original $4 investment. Then each needs an increased amount of new positions to be bought in order to move the matrix queue forward and keep the whole scheme from dying.

A minimum of two positions is needed for one position to move forward.

Four positions are needed for those two to advance and of course eight positions are required for the four… and so on.

Re-entered positions to the back of the queue are not included in this!

Commissions will stop being paid out entirely when affiliate recruitment ceases as the queue itself will stall and eventually come to a complete halt.

Once Yunooh’s model is still and dead, the remaining funds in the unicycled queue positions remain with Mr. Remmar Pidong.

My Yunooh Review Conclusion

Whilst I don’t endorse joining Yunooh, if you do get involved, here is my advice.

If you want to sign people up to this (or any other opportunity), you have to learn how to drive traffic effectively.

And you need to brand yourself (a bit) so that people know, like and trust you enough to join.

My free course below will help you develop those skills. Feel free to get the training below (it’s free).

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Hope you gained value from my review of Yunooh.

I noticed that the other reviews did not give much detail so I’ve tried to give the full info in my own review.

In summary, this opportunity is questionable but not a scam. However, to succeed, it requires excellent marketing skills.


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