Zennoa Review – Legit Or Scam?

Zennoa ReviewHave you been paying attention to all of the hype for Zennoa?

If you told me someone had pitched the opportunity to you lately, this wouldn’t surprise me. It’s making all the rounds on social media lately.

Next, I want to tell you that I am neither an affiliate or distributor for Zennoa – I want to give you an unbiased opinion.

Is it a scam? Can you trust Zennoa?

Read all about it in my Zennoa review so you can learn the full truth!

Does it deliver on the promises in the marketing materials?

Let me explain in my review of Zennoa.

Let’s carry on.

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What Can You Tell Me About Zennoa?

Zennoa is one of the most recent MLM opportunities to create for a lot of buzz in the industry, and when looking at the company, it doesn’t take long at all to see that this is a business that’s operating in the niche of health and nutrition.

The company appears to be run and based out of Utah in the United States, and according to the official website, there are six official founds for Zennoa.

As per the website, those founders include –

  • John Wadsworth – CEO
  • Kim Asay – Chairman
  • Joseph Wadsworth – President
  • Brad Reese – CSO
  • David Kasteler – CMO
  • Brandon Lloyd – CFO

Taking a look at John Wadsworth, the man was first seen in the world of MLM when he was serving as both the President and Co-Founder of the opportunity by the name of “Tahitian Noni.”

That company was first created all the way back in 1996, and looking at it today, it is currently going by the name of “Morinda.”

Speaking of Morinda, Kim Asay and Joseph Wadsworth were also involved with that company.

As for Brad Reese, he was serving as the official Executive Vice President and COO of the company Avisae right up until July of this year (2016).

Taking a look at an interview that took place in 2011 between John Wadsworth and the Salt Lake Tribune, Wadsworth said that Tahitian Noni went with the MLM business model due to the fact that he and the various partners that were involved “ran out of money.”

Wadsworth eventually left Morinda in December of 2015, and is now running Zennoa.

With all of that said, it’s time to look at the business model for this company to see if there’s a legitimate offering here or not.

Zennoa Scam

Does Zennoa Offer Any Products?

As I mentioned above, Zennoa operates in the field of health and nutrition. This is a market and niche that has proven to be incredibly profitable over the years, and it looks like Zennoa is the latest entity that’s trying to make a profit off of it.

After looking through their official website, it would appear that Zennoa’s current flagship product is something by the name of “Core Care.”

Core Care is some sort of capsule supplement, and according to the Zennoa website, “Zennoa’s Core Care Omega Blend is a targeted full-spectrum blend of Omega fatty acids designed to give your cells the nourishment they need to properly support your body.”

Along with this, it is said that “There is nothing superficial about Core Care. The ingredients, which include Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Berry, Norwegian Cod Oil, Cranberry and Pomegranate seed oils, are ethically sourced form the world’s best providers.”

As for its cost, Zennoa sells Core Care in a bottle of 90 capsules for the price of $59.95.

What Kind Of Compensation Plan Does Zennoa Have?

Taking a look at the compensation plan side of things for Zennoa, affiliates are paid a commission for selling Core Care. In addition to this, there is also money to be earned both directly and residually through recruitment that is handled through a unilevel system.

Something that I noticed right off the bat with Zennoa has to do with wave groupings. Zennoa rewards affiliates for building up very specific groups of affiliates that are placed in their downline, and this is something that I don’t really see that often with MLM opportunities these days.

Speaking of downlines, affiliates can earn a recruitment commission for getting someone new to join Zennoa and purchasing the company’s Success Pack for $299.

What’s worth noting here is that affiliates must first qualify for commissions by maintaining a steady PV (Personal Volume) of 150 per month. This PV is generated when an affiliate purchases products themselves and when affiliates buy products through an affiliate.

Zennoa Compensation Plan

Retail Commissions

On the retail side of things, affiliates for Zennoa can earn a commission of $10 for every bottle of Core Care that they are able to sell to a retail customer.

Recruitment Commissions

As for recruitment, affiliates can earn a much heftier commission of $50 for recruiting a new affiliate that signs up for Zennoa with their Success Pack that costs $299.

Residual commissions are also available here, and these get paid out through the use of a unilevel system.

The payment cap here is placed on five levels deep of recruitment, and each time that an affiliate joins the company by purchasing a Success Pack and is recruited by someone within the first five levels, a commission of $12.50 is sent out.

What Is The Cost Of Membership With Zennoa?

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for Zennoa, you have a couple of different options that are made available to you.

There are two starter packages that are made available to affiliates, and they include the Basic Pack for $150 and the Success Pack for $299. The former includes 3 bottles of Core Care, whereas the latter has 6 bottles.

Along with these upfront fees, there is also mention of an undisclosed annual membership fee that affiliates are subject to as well. However, it currently shows a likely wrong reading of $0/year.

Should I Be Worried About A Zennoa Scam?

Every business opportunity on the web has good reviews and bad reviews – so is Zennoa really a scam?

Is there a Zennoa scam or is this business legit?

If I am being honest, I’d say it’s not really a scam, but there are some important points to be aware of.

Learning the business weaknesses and having a strong marketing strategy is what will make you successful.

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Conclusion for Zennoa

With Zennoa, one of the standout features that the company is offering is their save groups that are present here. Although the idea of creating a downline based off of various parameters does sound interesting not he surface, there’s not enough substance here to make it a feature that’s worth joining for. The implementation appears to be quite sloppy on Zennoa’s part, and it really ins’t an easy thing to explain to prospective members at all.

Moving throughout the rest of the compensation plan, there’s clearly a strong focus on recruitment over retail sales. A commission is paid out for selling Core Care to retail customers, but the earnings are much larger on the recruitment side of things.

What’s also worth noting is the presence of affiliates needing to maintain a 150 PV volume each month. This can be satisfied by affiliates purchasing products for themselves, and if this is taking place over affiliates selling to retail customers in order to meet this requirement, an essence of chain-recruitment is present here.

It is possible to make your way as an affiliate for Zennoa by focusing primarily on retail sales and doing a bit of recruiting as well, but the commissions being offered are rather ho-hum and not all that exciting.

Zennoa isn’t operating as a dirty and nasty MLM underbelly scheme, but as it stands, there’s not a lot here to keep most people interested for the long run.

I hope you are finding the information in my Zennoa Review helpful?

Some of the other reviews I saw had very little details, so I am hoping I gave you everything you need here.

If you’re wanting to become a member of Zennoa, make sure you take the time to develop a marketing strategy.

And, my FREE training below will help you do that and make money!

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