Zyndio ZynTravel Review – Unbiased As I Am Not Endorsing

zyndio reviewThere has recently been a lot of hype about a new business opportunity called Zyndio. I know about this because a few people have already approached me about it.

Now, be rest assured that I am not selling or promoting this business opportunity.

Yes, this is an unbiased Zyndio ZynTravel Review for you to learn all about the products, company background and more.

This is so YOU can make the correct decision on whether this is a fit for you or not.

You can also watch my video review below as well:

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Info On Zyndio Or ZynTravel

Even though the Zyndio website (zyndio.com) was registered by “Integrity Management Group” back on October 24th, 2011 at an Arizona address, there still is no information at all as to whom actually owns or operates the company.

zyndio scamThe email address used to register zyndio.com turns out to belong to Anthony Powell (pictured):

It is believed Powell owns, or at least operates the company, despite not having his name appear anywhere on zyndio.com.

At present, Powell is aggressively promoting Zyndio on Facebook where you can see him describe it as: “a ‘Mark Hughes of Herbalife’ type of business.”

Further surfing of Zyndio’s advertising show that Powell is mainly concerned with affiliate recruitment:

Anthony Powell made his name in MLM primarily with Herbalife and his main income there was created via selling leads to the affiliates in his downline.

Another result of his Herbalife recruitment and selling of leads was to have him mentioned in several FTC complaints… against Herbalife.

“It was my intent to recruit rather than to sell retail as I was told there was much more money to be made in recruiting.

Multiple calls by company President Anthony Powell urging me to do whatever it takes to get to the next level.”

In 2012, Herbalife put an end to this behavior which lead Powell and Herbalife to part ways.

Powell joined Vemma next in January 2013.

However, the FTC just closed down Vemma by accusing them of being a $200 million+ pyramid scheme.

A Receiver appointed by the court, afterwards disclosed that Powell (through his company Global Pro Systems), was mentioned in 42% of Vemma complaints filed with the FTC.

On September 6th, 2015, Powell announced that he is leaving Vemma as a result of the regulatory action against them:

This is what brings us to Zyndio…

A complete review of the MLM business opportunity with Zyndio follows below.

What Is The Product For Zyndio Or ZynTravel?

Zyndio operates a travel portal called “ZynTravel,” which they actually declare gives, “access to 65,000 resorts and 200,000 hotels worldwide, with discounts of up to 85%.”

Depending on the amount spent on affiliate membership, Zyndio affiliates receive a ZynTravel travel credit when they enroll:

  • Silver ($69.98): $75 credit
  • Gold (219.98): $300 credit
  • Platinum ($469.98): $750 credit

Details On The Zyndio Compensation Plan

The compensation plan with Zyndio pays commission to affiliates on any travel booked using the ZynTravel portal.

I’m going to give plenty of detail on the comp plan but first of all, I was glad to see it’s easier to understand than the Sisel International comp plan which i reviewed recently.

Zyndio focuses on paying their existing affiliates as well to recruit new affiliates.

Travel Commissions

For any travel that is booked via the ZynTravel portal, that affiliate will be paid a commission based on a percentage of the travel booking.

The percentage paid in commission depends on the amount the Zyndio affiliate spent on buying their affiliate membership:

  • Silver (69.98): 25%
  • Gold ($219.98): 50%
  • Platinum ($469.98): 100%

*These percentages are not calculated on the paid price at the time of booking- just the commission paid to Zyndio by third-party travel companies that actually make the booking. (Basically, a percentage of a percentage).

Recruitment Commissions

Commissions are paid to Zyndio affiliates who enroll new affiliates in to two levels of recruitment (unilevel).

The size of the commission depends on the amount a newly enrolled affiliate pays for their new Zyndio affiliate membership:

  • recruit a new Silver affiliate: $10 on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and $2.50 on level 2
  • recruit a new Gold affiliate: $40 on level 1 and $10 on level 2
  • recruit a new Platinum affiliate: $90 on level 1 and $22.50 on level 2

Residual Recruitment Commissions

A 3×2 matrix is used to pay residual recruitment commissions.

With a 3×2 matrix, a Zyndio affiliate is put at the top, directly above each personally enrolled affiliate.

Cycle Matching Bonus

A Cycle Matching Bonus is a percentage of an enrolled affiliate’s matrix cycle commissions, which is paid to two levels of recruitment (unilevel).

The percentage paid out is decided by the number of matrix cycles that the affiliate personally have been paid on.

Global Bonus Pool

Should a Zyndio affiliate create cycle commissions but not enroll three affiliates within one year of creating their first cycle commission, the funds will be placed into the Global Bonus Pool.

Only qualified Zyndio affiliates may receive a cut from this Global Bonus Pool which is distributed annually.

An affiliate qualifies for a portion of this by personally cycling at least 50 times.

Travel Bonus

This Travel bonus is a 5% bonus to Zyndio affiliates that have directly enrolled three or more affiliates. However, it is paid in ZynTravel travel credits.

For a Platinum affiliate who enrolls three Platinum affiliates within their first 15 days of Zyndio membership, they can qualify for 10% Travel Bonus.

How Much To Join Zyndio?

There are three price-points for Zyndio affiliate membership, also known as ZynTravel Club membership):

  • Silver: $69.98 plus $12.99 a month
  • Gold: $219.98 plus $12.99 a month
  • Platinum: $469.98 plus $12.99 a month

Is There A Zyndio Scam Going On?

I see it time and time again of people calling every latest business opportunity a scam.

Well, the thing is: this isn’t true.

Yes, there are a lot of scams out there. However, most of the times, when people call opportunities scams, it’s just because they don’t agree with it.

So, yes, you will see people out there that say there is a Zyndio Scam going on.

But, in reality, Zyndio has a perfectly relevant travel service for which there is a retail activity. And therefore, it’s a legitimate business opportunity. There are plenty of low quality opportunities out there that have no proper products but this is different!

My Zyndio Review Conclusion

I’ve pointed out that Zyndio is a perfectly genuine business opportunity.

Having said that, not everyone will succeed.

If you want to be successful with Zyndio (or any other opportunity), I recommend that you learn how to market properly.

You can do that from my 100% Free training series below:

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